Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 31: Testing Non-Attribute Magic

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 Today, before returning to the town, I decided to test the magic circulation training and Non-Attribute Magic that I heard about yesterday, that is, whether I can use the Support Magic that I heard about.



 I left the dense forest and walked for a while in a place where the sun shone.


 I asked Huey to be on the lookout for my surroundings as I walked out into the open, so I did the magic circulation training.


 After doing the same training as before, I used life magic to bring out a lump of water and divide it, and I was able to control up to 20 pieces.


 I was able to do twice as much at once, but I did not let up and continued to control 20 pieces as carefully as possible over time.



 The basic training ended here, and from here we tested whether I could use [Support Magic] based on yesterday’s information.


The three supports I heard were: [Accelerate Arrows], [Fortify Defense], and [Physical Enhancement].



 I don’t have any arrows, so I’m going to try it with stone gravel.


 I usually think of fixing a stone in the air, moving it in a trackless manner, and then throwing it.


 I changed the image to one that was more powerful than before, not using the image of a crossbow ejecting an arrow, but instead, a rock from a catapult, a bullet from a gun, or multiple stones blasted simultaneously like in a shotgun.



 I was taught that image is important in magic, so just by changing the image from projectile to shooting, the power will increase, and I will add acceleration to it.


 But what does the image of adding acceleration look like?


 I recall an image of adding acceleration in a previous life.


 There it is! A car turbocharger.


 It’s an engine that uses exhaust gases to turn a turbine to compress air and send it to the engine.


 The turbocharger was installed in many cars because it increased engine output and improved fuel economy.


 Recently, cars have been shifting to hybrids, so I guess this technology has been reduced in size.



 Yeah, let’s give it a try.


 The first step is to change the image to a bullet shot.


 The target was a nearby tree, the stone was fixed in the air, and the stone was shot while rotating like in the image of a bullet leaving the pistol barrel. That now made a hole in the tree.


 This alone is a considerable increase in power, and the killing power is so high that it makes me sweat nervously.



 In the second step, the stone was fixed in the air in the same way, but compressed with magic power instead of air, and when it is shot with the image of applying turbocharging it with magical power, the stone released a growl as it flies and hits the tree I previously shot at. The moment it hits the trunk of the tree, it burst and was scattered everywhere.



 Oh, oh, this is very dangerous!



 The speed and destructive power are many times higher than when I imagined a throwing action.


 If I used this on anyone who tangle up with me like Zadok, I bet it would make mincemeat out of him.


 If you can do this with a fist-size rock, if Ido it with a bigger rock there won’t be any trace of the tree left.


 I recognized that it might be good when attacking large monsters, but I needed to be careful when using it.


 Phew… if this is the first Support Spell, I’m scared of the next ones.



 Well, let’s go to the next one.


 I can’t imagine Fortify Defense, so I will try Physical Enhancement first.


 This could be done with the image of improving my cardiopulmonary capacity and strengthening my muscles.


 It was quite easy to use [Physical Enhancement] for myself.



 When I ran lightly, I felt my speed double or triple.


 After applying the Physical Enhancement, it is possible that fatigue or muscle fiber damage may cause my body to become immobile, so I should verify this by using it when there is no danger.


 And if I am in combat, it might be effective if I use it only for a moment, but can I control the duration of time I can use it


 This is a bit of a difficult ability for combat from someone with martial arts experience.


 Simply put, it is difficult to imagine power.


 It would be better if it were at the level of a bicycle with an electric assist, but if it were twice or three times as powerful, it would be like putting a large motorcycle engine on a bicycle, and I don’t think I would be able to move around properly.


 It is easy to imagine the impact of a blow becoming a cat punch with no force behind it.


 I realized that I need to practice getting used to this, such as improving my physical ability to run when moving.



 And lastly, I’d like to try Fortify Defense…


 Can I imagine forming a shield made of magic power?


 I tried imagining a “Magic Shield” as I cast, and it was actually quite easy.


 The size is about a meter in diameter, and I don’t know how strong it is, or if it is as strong as bulletproof glass.


 To be clear, I am too scared to even test it.


 To test a person using a sword or spear would lightly slash or lightly stab it.


 I am afraid to try it against a bow and arrow, a stone thrown, or other flying weapons.


 What if I thought it was like bulletproof glass, but it was just like ordinary glass? I might die.



 I know that to fortify my current defense, it would be better to imagine something more solid than just a magical shield, but if its standard strength can’t be confirmed, what’s the point of strengthening it further…



 I tried to get myself together and at least solidify an image, and gathered all the images I could remember regarding protection, and the only words I could recall were “Ironclad Defense” and “Barrier”.


 I think I have terrible memory and poor imagination.



 Putting aside my own poor imagination, what does it mean to strengthen this magical shield?



 Do I have to increase the strength to the limit, or layer them to make it stronger?


 As I recall, bulletproof glass is multi-layered.


 I also think windshields of automobiles were also double-layered glass with plastic sandwiched in between.



 Then, let’s try to see if we can make it multi-layered.


 Bulletproof glass is supposed to be a layer of tempered glass-polycarbonate-tempered glass.



 Ah! I realized that both bulletproof glass and car windshields are multi-layered by combining different materials, but the magic shield is only made up of my magic.



 Let’s rethink this for a bit.



 I thought that “barrier” might be a good word because it’s short and easy to remember, but the only thing I can remember is the Photon Power Barrier from the anime with the giant robot.


 But that was supposed to be based on fictional energy called Photonic Energy.


 Hm? Is that still okay since this one uses unknown energy called magic power?


 But all I can recall is the name and nothing more.


 The name has a strong impact, though.



 Next, let me think about the objects and things that can be imagined with “Ironclad Defense”.


 The only image that comes to mind is that of a ball not passing through a team game such as baseball or soccer.



 Hmm, no. I should distance myself from the words and images of my previous life.



 It should protect myself from being attacked by others in this world.


 One is from punches, kicks, slashes, etc. And the other, which I almost forgot, defend against magical attacks?


 So it is still necessary to think in multiple layers, and at least two layers are needed.


 The magic shield I built based on my attack is of course a shield for physical protection, but what about a magic attack using an attribute?


 The Fire Attribute would be using magic power to release fireballs, Water launches water arrows, the Wind would be wind blades, Earth would send stone bullets, and so on.


 Is there any attack that strikes with magic power itself? With this in mind, I executed an image of molding magic power into the shape of an arrow and shooting it as a test



 I tried to create an arrow of magic power out of the blue, just like making a Water Ball, and perhaps because there was no physical shape, a formless arrow was created.


 I aimed it forward like Water Ball, and because it was an arrow, I shot it in an instant, as if it was shot from an arbalest.



 With a whoosh, the arrow flew forward more than 100 meters and disappeared from sight.


 It did not explode, but it was the moment when the magic arrow could be used.


 I don’t know how effective it is because it disappeared, but I realized that it could be used as a long-range weapon with a little more imagination.



 I’m now considering using the magic shield… wouldn’t this create a synergy of both offense and defense by combining both the shield and the arrow?


 It’s getting a little interesting.



 I’ll deploy a regular magic shield on the inside and make it multi-layered by imagining a surface with a very short magic arrow close together on the outside.


I tried to make a multi-layered shield with a circular shape of about 80 centimeters, which is smaller than a meter, but the shape of the arrow is not obvious… or rather, distinctly distorted.



 The magic arrow will be launched when the shield receives an impact.


 I instruct Huey to try to hit the stone against the magic shield.


 I warn him not to hit me just in case.


 The stone was released from Huey and hit the magic shield, but the arrow only flew out about 10 cm and was not ejected.



 I tried two or three times, but it was the same, so I decided to think again.


 Maybe, but I don’t think I can make the most of this idea right now.


 I’m not giving up on the offensive and defensive shields, but the strategy is to have more options available to me now.


 I’d like to make a shield with a combination of offense and defense after I learn how to use magic a little better.



 I’m going to rethink and take the method of killing the impact by catching the attack with multiple arrows instead of ejecting them.


 I made a shield that catches attacks using the arrows but does not shoot them.


 However, I think a spherical shape would kill the impact better than an arrow shape, right?


 I’ve heard that a toothbrush with spherical bristles is less likely to damage the gums.


 I would try to deploy the first layer of the first magic shield and 4 to 5 layers of small spheres of magic on the outer second layer.


 With water spheres, the limit was 20, but with small spheres of only magic power, it seems I can make even more than 1,000.


 I don’t think the magic spheres are as accurate as the number of spheres, but that’s okay for now.


 I gave Huey instructions to release the stone and tried it out, and generally, as I imagined, the stone was caught and fell on the spot with a plop.



 I imagine firmly and deploy the original magic shield, before improving the magic shield.



 The sphere is more clearly spherical than before, but the size of the deployed sphere is one size smaller.


 The first layer of the shield is as large as a riot police shield, and the second layer of the shield made from a collection of spheres is about 30 centimeters in diameter, with four to five circular layers.



 I have Huey throw stones.


 Off the core of his body, the stones are released in a pile onto the place where they hit the first layer of the shield.


 The shield of the outer second layer instantly moves toward the stone, stopping it perfectly and allowing it to fall.



 I tell Huey to throw the stone straight at my body this time, at the speed at which it flies.


 The distance between me and Huey was only about three meters.


 Since he is a slime, it is difficult to read his movements.


 Without any preliminary movement, the stone flew from Huey at quite a high speed, but the second layer of the Magic Shield caught it all and it fell.



 I remembered that I had improved my defense by being able to use the Magic Shield, but I hadn’t gone into the effectiveness of the magic to fortify my defenses at all … but I can’t compare the two.



 I could compare the effectiveness of Psychokinetic boost and Physical Enhancement because I had some grasp of the abilities I was already using, but there was no way to compare Magic Shield because I have never used it, only until now.



 Oh well.


 Let’s shelve the [Fortify Defense] for now.


 I can strengthen it with a bang when I get the chance.


 Let’s just let it go that there are many things that I don’t know the standard or can’t compare.



 I finished what I wanted to do today, so I decided to run back to town using the physical enhancements I had learned.


 It took me less than half the time I had taken in the morning to get back to town.


 Moreover, I felt almost no fatigue, so it seems that my worries when I learned this magic were unfounded. 


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