Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 33: Idea

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 Yeah, it’s like taking a break from bad thoughts.


 Let me change my perspective and thought process a little.



 With the weapons I have on hand, I can’t do it. Then can’t I increase what I have on hand?


 If I were to identify the basic problems, there are two of them one, the site is dark and I need lighting, and two, I don’t have access to poison.



 I am thinking that lighting could possibly be learned with non-attribute magic, but it is clear that I cannot buy any poison, so I will have to go gather poisonous plants, or perhaps Huey could make some?



 I’ll try to do what I can, but since the nature of the situation is what it is, I’d like to confirm Huey’s skills and my magic experiments in a place where there are as few people as possible.


 As the incident with Zadok immediately became a rumor, it is not a good idea to be seen using magic in the countryside, especially when people are watching other people.


 If that is the case, then it would be a good choice to stay focused on gathering information after this and then go to collect poisonous herbs tomorrow morning.



 Once again, I asked the bookstore in town if they had any books on medicinal and poisonous herbs, but they did not.


 I went to the guild and asked Sophia-san to show me a book of poisonous plants, as I was planning to collect them as well.



 “So, please show me the poisonous plants in your illustrated book.” (Louis)


 “Yes, that’s fine, but… the guild has been informed that there is no poisonous plant vegetation in the eastern forest where Louis-san is planning on going.” (Sophia)


 “Eh? No poisonous herbs are growing there?” (Louis)


 “Yes, I do. As I said, there has been no information collected in the East Forest in the past few years. We do have information on what has been collected in the West Forest, but I think the West Forest is a place where people of Louis-san’s rank would go to die.” (Sophia)


 “I see. I understand. Thank you very much for your valuable information.” (Louis)




 I thanked her and asked her to show me the illustrated book page for future reference, and I committed it to memory for now.


 Nevertheless, it turned out that things were not going as planned again.



 I decided to think about the future over a cup of tea at the cafeteria within the guild house.



 I ordered tea and hard bread.


 I ate the hard bread with wild berry jam that I had made for lunch today. Delicious.


 I gave Huey the same thing and got a telepathic “yummy”.



 While I was taking a break after pouring tea down my throat, an idea came to me.



 After all, when you get stuck, a good idea will come to you after taking a break, right?



 I went to the guard station again to check the sewers.


 I asked him to unlock the door, and when I went deeper into the room, I tried to see if I could use the Lighting Magic.


 When I cast [Light] with the image of an LED bulb and the color white like daylight, a brightly glowing ball of light appeared about 30 centimeters above my head.



 Good job! did it!



 It’s useful because it follows me all the way above my head wobbling directionlessly as I move around, but I’d like to try something else to know if I can use it.



 Then cast [Searchlight].



 Well, the light ball became more powerful, but the light had no directionality.


 In other words, it was like 60 watts of brightness became 100 watts.


 Oh, was the unit of measure lumens? Come to think of it, I memorized the units, but I didn’t remember how many lumens 60 watts equates to.


 Oh well. Anyway, I knew that the searchlight needed to be improved so that the light would be directional.



 Next, I asked Huey.



 “Huey, can you make acid, but can it be something like boric acid? It’s the kind of acid that makes bugs so thirsty and they can’t digest it when they eat it.” (Louis)


 (I don’t know what it’s called, but I can make something just like that.) (Huey)



 With that, he drizzled the liquid down the corridor.


 Amazing. I was really impressed by Huey’s ability and usefulness.



 “Oh, it’s all right. I was just asking if you could make something similar.” (Louis)



 I tell him this and flush the corridor with Life Magic [Water] and pet Huey.


 Then make sure the sewers are solid.


 I finished checking again, then I did another test and went out.


 I received the request from the guard and told them I would come back again tomorrow and had them lock the door.



 Today I decided to make a solid image for [Light] in my room and, if possible, improve [Searchlight] as well.


 Unlike Psychokinesis, these spells don’t make objects fly, so it’s great I’m able to practice in my room.



 I now have full control of [Light] while in my room.


 I tested it by moving all over the room and I was able to keep it above my head without any problems.


 The duration and brightness of the light ball can be adjusted so it is always there in my room at night.



 I was also able to make [Searchlight] directional by using the image of a lighthouse’s searchlight.


 It is hard to measure its brightness because I’m in a room, but I think it can illuminate as far as a real lighthouse if I make the light strong enough.



 In a stroke of playfulness, I moved the light to hit Huey, and Slime Light was created.


 The pale blue light spread throughout the room, which was beautiful and interesting, but it was getting late when I noticed the time, so I hurried to the dining area to eat dinner and then return to my room.



 It was still too early to go to bed, so I took out the dagger I had made with Blacksmithing Magic for the first time and tried to remake it again.


 Of course, I put the dagger that Jupiter-sama had given me next to the dagger to solidify my image of it, and then I performed Blacksmithing Magic.


 The dagger shook just a little and it seemed closer to the dagger that Jupiter-sama had given me.



 Does it now have a cutting edge? Is it at the level of the daggers sold in the town’s weapons shop? I felt like it was about the same size as before.


 It had been an imitation of my dagger, a dagger counterfeit, but now it felt like a real dagger.


 This one can probably cut.


 Above all, I am surprised and glad to be able to do blacksmithing without a blacksmithing workshop.


 Tomorrow, I have some things I want to buy at the weapons shop, so I’ll have them take a look at the dagger transformed by this Blacksmithing Magic.



 In the morning, I get ready and go to the cafeteria.


 I eat the hard bread I ordered for breakfast with the wild berry jam I made yesterday.


 It is delicious.


 I feel happy when I eat good food.


 Polly catches me putting jam on the bread and asks me a question.



 “What is that red stuff?” (Polly)


 “It’s a jam I made from wild berries. It’s delicious, especially on bread.” (Louis)


 “Can you let me have a slice while I get you a second loaf?” (Polly)


 “Okay, sure.” (Louis)



 With that, I offered it to her with jam on top.


 Polly’s eyes snapped open after taking a bite and she froze, staring at the bread.



 “Polly? Is there some problem?” (Louis)


 “This is… sweet! Mom! Come here!” (Polly)



 Nancy-san came running.



 “What? Polly, it’s the morning rush.” (Nancy)


 “Here, try this first. It’s sweet.” (Polly)



 Having said that, I offered my bread with jam that I was about to eat.



 “You shouldn’t ask customers for their things.” (Nancy)



 After saying that, she took a bite of the bread, chewed, and swallowed it, and her eyes were wide open, and she froze.


 She’s doing exactly the same thing as Polly.



 “You, see? Isn’t it sweet? It’s tasty, isn’t it?” (Polly)



 The rest of my bread with jam is torn in half, and the two of them shared it and popped it into their mouth.


 After making an audible swallow, Nancy-san starts to talk.



 “Le-Ley-san where was it sold? Can we buy some of it? If you have any left over, will you sell it to us?” (Nancy)



U-umm what was that? I mean, you even got my name wrong, you know?



 “Well, it’s not for sale because I made it for my own consumption. I can’t give away a lot, but I can give away 10 of them…”, I then put 10 jars of jam on the table.



 The jars were kept in the [Infinite Storage], so they were still freshly made.


 Nancy-san grabbed me by the shoulder and pulled me uncomfortably close.



 “Thank you. For how much will you sell me these jars? I’ll pay you in a heartbeat.” (Nancy)


 “How about you pay me this for… oh, yeah, how about a dinner for next time?” (Louis)


 “Eh? Is that fine? It would be a big help to us, though. No, no, no, thank you.” (Nancy)



 With that, they snatched 10 jars and ran off.


 That was fast.


 I just noticed that they seemed to have forgotten to bring me my other loaf.


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