Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 34: Quest Order

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 Before accepting a quest at the guild, I stopped by the weapons shop.


 My purpose is to purchase a spear.



 I decided to buy a spear because I wanted to take on the enemy from a distance, even if it was just a millimeter away since I have problems premeditatedly fighting monsters this time around.


 Can I use it? If you ask me, I can only hold and stab, but that’s fine, probably.



 I went to a weapons and armor shop, picked out a solid spear with a sturdy handle, and bought it for three gold coins.


 It was a simple spear with no decoration, and the tip was made of bronze.


 It was a cheap spear among the ones on the shelves because it was not made of iron, and if the spearhead was broken, I could simply smelt it myself and replace it with an iron tip.


 I chose a spear that had a hard and flexible handle.



 After buying the spear, I went to the guild and pulled off the request form from the quest board and brought it to the counter where Sophia-san was, in order to receive the request to defeat the Big Rat and the Big Cockroach.



 “Yes, I have recorded the request for the Big Rats and Big Cockroaches. Please bring me the subjugation proofs of the Big Rats and the Big Cockroaches and I will be able to complete the request. The certified proof of subjugations was confirmed yesterday, so may I skip repeating this?” (Sophia)



 Are you implying that you don’t want to see the illustrated pages? I understand.



 “Oh, yes. I don’t need the illustrated book, but I have something I want to set up in the sewers, so can I ask you to suspend other people’s orders for three days? I wouldn’t want other adventurers to get hurt once I set it up.” (Louis)


 “This quest, like medicinal herbs, is a constant order, but no one is taking orders for it right now, and I think it would be possible for only three days. Please wait while I get confirmation from the guild master.” (Sophia)



 Sophia-san returned and got me the approval, and she said that she would remove the rest of the requests from the quest board for the next three days. With a word of thanks, I bowed my head and took my request.



 I went to the guard house as I had done yesterday and told them that the sewers were reserved for three days because of my request and that I would be the only one to go in and out.


 The guard was very pleased with my order and told me that he would make sure to inform the guards when they change shifts.



 First, I told the guard to go into the sewers and repeated what I had just told him again, just to be sure.


 The only thing left to do now was to get to work, and today’s task was not that difficult.


 All I had to do today was to go to the places where I had set up the devices yesterday, check their effectiveness, and if I found them to be effective, I would simply expand the scale of my work.



 After entering the sewers, I used [Light] to get closer to my planned location and found four wriggling monsters.


 Three Big Rats in the front and one Big Cockroach in the back.



 I struck them one by one with the spear I had just bought.


 Although the enemy rats and cockroach can’t move, I couldn’t find the cockroach’s fatal point, so I stabbed them over and over again until it finally died.


 I used the dagger to cut off the subjugation proofs, and let Huey absorb the bodies.


 This time, however, I told Huey that if there were any magic stones, I wanted him to leave them behind and not absorb those.



 Yesterday, I thought about having Huey make boric acid dumplings, but I realized that even though it would be less efficient, I could fight with the weapons I had, so I made this trap yesterday as a test.



 My idea was to use sticky sheets.


 I remembered that there are products that catch roaches and rats using sticky sheets, and I thought that if I could make the ground similar to a sticky sheet with Huey’s sticky mucus, I could trap them in place.



 In the sewers, I had Huey spray the mucus on the places where I was sure they would pass by using rat droppings as a clue.


 I was right and hit the bullseye and caught them, but I learned that some of them had magic stones and some did not.


 It seems that it is not based on the species whether creatures have magic stones or not.



 Since this method proved to be effective, I decided to have Huey do his best today as planned.



 The sewer is made of an arched tunnel on top and the ground is a high corridor at both ends with the sewer running through the center.


 The entrance and exit of the sewer is a metal cage that is so solidly constructed that no human, Big Rat, or Big Cockroach can pass through it.


 In other words, they repeatedly breed in this sewer, feeding on the sewage that flows through it.



 I instructed Huey to create a huge sticky path 200 meters long on one side yesterday and now 400 meters long on both sides today.


 I asked other adventurers not to come in, partly because I didn’t want them to see this, but also because I didn’t want the adventurers to be attacked by rats or cockroaches when they accidentally get stuck in the sewers.



 Even though it was dark in the sewers, the rats and cockroaches were not as active as I had expected.


 I decided to go outside once the trap was completed.


 Normally, we would have come back tomorrow morning to repeat the process, but we decided to go back in at night to chase them down.


 The plan is to herd and have them get caught in the sticky trap.



 Huey and I went outside and bought some meat skewers for lunch.


 After we finished eating, we had some time to kill, so we went to the East Forest to collect Hirupo grass, before returning after dark.


 I was able to collect 50 bundles of Hirupo grass or 250 plants.



 I went back to the inn and ordered dinner.


 Today’s supper was provided by Tiger Tail’s Inn in appreciation for the jam.


 Today’s dish was Orc steak (extra-large serving) with garlic and herb sauce.



 Delicious. I was stuffed.


 After I finished eating, I thanked Nancy-san and told her that if she added today’s jam to the sauce, the sweetness would complement the meat and make an excellent sauce.


 The sauce would become more delicious when a little sweetness is added to it.



 After leaving the dining area, I stopped by the guard station once more and entered the sewers.


 I decided to have Huey drive them into the traps since I couldn’t get through because of the sticky fluid that had been sprayed on both ends of the path.



 I asked Huey to move around with a ball of light magically created by the [Light] spell over his head.


 Huey could see without the ball, but I couldn’t keep track of his work, so I decided to let him carry it with him.


 I told him that if it was getting in the way, he could send me a telepathic message and I would turn it off.



 As soon as we started working, I could hear squeaking and squealing from the back of the corridor.


 Huey seemed to be driving them away successfully, but something unexpected happened.



 The Big Rats came swimming down the sewer.



 My body stiffened for a moment, but I quickly calmed down and lifted rocks in the air after taking them out of my storage so that I could blast away rocks at any time.


 Huey was good at chasing them away, and they didn’t run to me, and the Big Rats were on their way up the aisle, trapped in the sticky liquid.



 Phew, scary creatures of the night.



 We finished chasing them away, for now, just one round, so I called it a day.


 It’s now okay to subdue them again, but I want to work at a level that doesn’t leave me tired the next day, and today I had Huey do his best, so I decided to go back to the inn and take a rest.


 I’ve got a good idea of how efficiently we can take them down.



 I left the sewers and went back to the inn after telling them at the guard station that I would come back tomorrow morning and asked them to lock the door.


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