Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 35: The First Day of Subjugating Monsters in the Sewers

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 I’ll gather my thoughts after I get into my room at the inn.


 Today’s kills included three Big Rats, one Big Cockroach, and one magic stone.


 Tomorrow I’ll just spear them, but I’d like to take them out in a short time by hitting them in the vital spots.


 The strategy was to spear the monsters that were stuck in the Mucus and take them down. After repeating the same steps over and over again, the corpses of the monsters would pile up, so I would collect the parts that proved that I had killed them and leave the rest to Huey.


 Today, I was a little surprised by a big rat that swam up to me, but if I expect that, I won’t be panicking.



 Spread Mucus drive the rats away at night kill the rats in the morning collect the subjugation proofs Let Huey absorb the rats


 I plan to spend three days in this cycle.


 I can feel the cooperation of the guild and the expectations from the guards, so I want to do the quest right and repay their trust.



 The next morning, I joined the members of Dawn Light in the dining area.


 They are taking a break from taking quest orders today. I don’t know about them, but they all looked tired.


 I offered them a jar of wild berry jam to add some color to their breakfast.


 I guess it is my nature as an ex-Japanese that I can’t make a profit from selling something I have a few bottles of.



 I followed the same procedure as yesterday and entered the sewers, where I heard a lot of squeaking and squealing coming from the back.


 I called out to Huey and went on as planned.



 Kill in the monsters in the morning and collect subjugation proof Huey absorbs the bodies spread mucus and drive them away at night.



 I spear them as Huey finishes collecting the monsters trapped in the mucus except for the proof of subjugation with this skill.


 I can now finish off a Big Rat with a single thrust, but the Big Cockroaches are still impossible to take down with a single thrust.



 I don’t really understand where their vital points are.



 If I poke it in the head, it just goes crazy and still won’t stop breathing, and the same thing happens if I poke it in the body, but maybe because it’s a bug?


 I have oil, so it might burn if I set it on fire with Life Magic, but I can’t do that here because it’s too dangerous.


 I wish I could do some kind of magic to freeze it, but unfortunately, I can’t use such magic.



 While I was poking at the cockroach, I suddenly had an idea.


 How about throwing small stones and gravel toward the cockroach’s head?


 I tried it out by throwing a few rocks and gravel into the cockroach’s head.


 Of course, I was careful not to hit the antennae, that one’s the subjugation proof.


 The moment they land, its head was blown off. Fortunately, the antennae remained.


 However, its body was twitching and I was so uncomfortable that I had to calm myself down.



 I tried to test it by changing the direction a few times.


 When I hit the body from above, instead of horizontally from the head, the head remained and the body exploded.


 It is ideal, but it is not good to have the cockroach’s bodily fluid flying around.



 I was able to reduce the amount of body fluids that were splattered and deployed a magic shield to prevent myself from being splattered by the cockroach’s body fluids.


 With this, I improved my work efficiency.


 I telekinetically blasted the stones and gravel from my side of the sewer towards the cockroaches on the other end road across the sewer.



 It took about three hours to go around and defeat all the monsters captured by Huey’s mucus.


 After another two hours of dutifully collecting the subjugation parts, I instructed Huey to absorb the bodies.


 I reminded him again to leave the magic stone for today and let him start his thing. The whole absorption flashed by like the blink of an eye.


 Unlike me, he doesn’t seem to have any hesitation in approaching the cockroaches.


 But is Huey’s stomach endlessly wide? Where have all those bodies disappeared to?



 There were 8 magic stones, 10% of the monsters had magic stones, but I don’t know if that was a lot or few.


 I stored the subjugation proofs and the magic stones in the Magic Bag and instructed Huey to spread his mucus 50 meters on one side of the passage until the back of the room like yesterday.


 We waited for the work to be completed to complete today’s monster subjugation.



 The reason I decided to stay on one side of the passage was because I thought it would be quicker to kill the monsters caught by throwing stones and gravel with adjusted power at them from the side of the passage that had no mucus.


 If today’s method was faster, I might need to change it again.



 Ehehehe, this is what I mean by improvement.



 Whew, I’m still left with a strange feeling of fatigue.


 Three days of this might be mentally exhausting.



 In my previous life, I would have taken a bath and had a drink, but now that I think about it, I haven’t taken a bath in this world.


 I heard that only aristocrats had baths in their houses…


 I’ll give it up for today, but I’ll give this some thought.



 I go outside and ask the guard to lock the door and remind him that no one is allowed to enter.


 The guard replied that he understood, and when I was about to leave, he asked me with a doubtful look on his face.



 “You don’t have anything on you, are you really able to defeat them?” (Guard)


 “It’s all right. I have them in my Magic Bag and the monster carcass has been properly disposed of. I’ll be counting on you for the next two days.” (Louis)


 “You have a Magic Bag? That’s amazing.” (Guard)


 “Well, it is no big deal—it was gifted to me—” (Louis)



 I didn’t tell him how many I killed, but I don’t have anything, so I guess I made him worry about whether I was really subjugating the monsters.



 Is it possible to handle those numbers with a party by defeating them one by one? I began to ponder.


 I chuckled and told him to lock the door, saying that he didn’t need to worry and that I was going to thin it out to a level where the night watch would be safe.


 I’m actually planning on doing that.



 Back at the inn, I wiped myself off in my room, and although I managed to keep myself clean, I remained dissatisfied.


 I really want to bathe …


 I wish I could at least use a hot shower.



 When I ordered dinner, Nancy-san offered to serve me a free orc steak again today.


 She wants me to try the sauce since it tastes even better after the advice I gave them yesterday.


 I was grateful for the steak and found the sauce to be excellent, with a modest but sweet and fruity flavor added.


 I was satisfied.


 As a thank you, I gave her 10 more jars of jam, which she gratefully accepted.


 I am glad I made it.



 After dinner, I went back into the sewers to chase the monsters away as I had done yesterday.


 Unlike last night, I was faster than Huey, and I knocked on a piece of wood about three kilos from afar, making a loud noise, and droving them out with [Searchlight].


 There were Big Rats and Big Cockroaches crawling out of the back in such numbers that the word “Horror” almost comes to mind.


 Are they breeding here? Is this a nest? It seems so.



 I decided to take down a few from the aisle that was not sprayed with mucus with rocks and gravel and I’ll retrieve them tomorrow.


 More individuals will probably be caught in the mucus and resort to cannibalism.


 I ask the guard to lock the door again.



 The guard was freaked out when he heard squeaking and the noises coming from behind, but I assured him that if they just need to lock the door, then they could leave it there until I arrived tomorrow morning.



 Back in my room, I thought about baths.


 I saw a movie about dark-skinned foreigners in Japan that said ancient Rome had public bathhouses called Thermae, and it was part of their culture.


 Was that a hot spring? Was it a heated-water bath? I remember it being interesting, but only vaguely remember the content.


 Well, I guess that’s it.



 For example, in the East Forest, it would be possible to install a drum bath somewhere on the way to the forest, wouldn’t it?


 I can’t stretch my arms and legs, but I can soak in the hot water, right?



 I check the number of ingots in storage…it’s not a reliable amount.


 It’s a bit difficult, so I think of the next plan.



 Hmmm, how about hollowing out a rock to make a bathtub?


 A large rock is in storage, but the only way to hollow it out is with a pickaxe and if it breaks during the hollowing out process, it will not become a bathtub.


 It’s not the kind of rock that could be used in that way, to begin with.



 There’s no choice, I can’t think of anything else to do, and I’ll just focus on my work for tomorrow.


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