Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 51: Soft, Soft Bread

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 I think I’m at a level where I can open a pharmacy, maybe, after a week of visiting libraries, inns, and guilds to fill up my knowledge on medicines and herbs, including antidotes and anti-paralysis cures besides beginner, intermediate, and advanced potions.


 In my spare time, I have also made and stored about 5,000 bars of soap.


 Of the 5,000 bars, 1,000 were scented with berries and 1,000 with bay leaves.



 The yeast that I am making at the inn is getting ready to be used, so I decided to rent the kitchen and try baking bread. I had permission from the Calm Harbor Pavilion in advance and rented the kitchen and oven after the lunch hour rush.


 We had a lot of flour, so we asked Huey to make a container for kneading and a baking mold for us to work with.


 The results were superb! Of course, it is not as good as the bread sold in Japan today, but it is much better than the hard bread commonly eaten in this world.


 I mass-produced square loaves and small baguettes and put them into my storage one by one.



 I offered two loaves of bread, five baguettes, and a jar of wild berry jam to Calm Harbor Pavilion as a test, and their responses were of amazement.



“White bread, like the ones aristocrats eat!”


“Soft. It’s delicious. The berry jam goes well with it!”


“You can eat as much as you want. It smells like fresh wheat.”


“Good. So good. Delicious.”



 I gave them the same amount of bread, baguette, and jam, and as she said they ran out quickly.


 I gave the recipe for the bread to her husband, Mathew, who is in charge of the cooking, but he told me that it would take too much time and effort to make the yeast and that he would probably fail.


 But I told him that he should think about how much this time and effort would bring in customers and make them happy.



 Soon, I was able to use the magic of [Fermentation] and [Sterilization].


 It seems that I learned them in the process of making yeast bacteria, but I have no idea what the criteria for learning them are, and all I know is that the spells are part of Alchemy Magic.



 I went to Rita Apothecary and asked about [Fermentation] and [Sterilization], but she said it was most likely unique to me.


 Maybe it’s an Alchemy Magic unique to otherworld people.



 Thinking about it again, if I used [Maturation] in the process of soap making and mastered [Fermentation] and [Sterilization], I was hopeful that I might be able to make soy sauce and miso by myself.



 I remember a few years ago when my daughter was in elementary school, we bought a homemade soy sauce kit to try making soy sauce by hand together.


 I can’t quite remember how much salt to use, but I’ll try making a few and see if I can find just the right amount.



 The kit at the time was to be made from empty plastic bottles, but I substituted it with Huey’s mucus container.


 Frankly, I’m really glad Huey’s mucus is so versatile.


 Of course, I decided to make it in the outskirts of the city so as not to cause a commotion caused by the strange smell.



 When I made it with a kit at that time, I originally had to turn the PET bottle over several times a day to release the gas, but since it was impossible to turn it over and release the gas several times a day at our house, I decided to leave the lid of the PET bottle loose, but when I came home, the gas had been released all day long. There was a lingering smell wafting through the room because the gas had been released all day.


 It would have been a shame to be reported for a strange smell in a different world.



 I bought a wagonload of wheat and put it in my Infinite Storage. [T/N: Wheat? Does it really work?]


 I start by using [Sterilization] on the container, then roast the wheat and use [Fermentation] on it. Then I mix it with salt and water, then boil it and combine it with the beans ran through [Grind] before storing it in a container.


 After putting it in a container, I cast [Fermentation] and [Maturation] and strain it to finish the process.


 When I licked it, I succeeded in turning it into a soy sauce-like liquid. Of course~


 I transferred it into a small container that Huey had made for me, put a wooden stopper on it, and sealed it further with beeswax on top.


 I wish I had a plastic bottle or a screw-cap jar for this kind of situation.



 It worked well, so I increased the quantity and repeated the same process several times, and the resulting volume was about 20 liters.


 I think each of the small containers Huey made me was about 500 ml, so I made 40 bottles of soy sauce.


 I decided to keep the finished soy sauce in stock.


 I will consider selling the soy sauce once I have a chance to make a larger quantity and spread the word about how good it is.


 I will make miso the next time.



 For now, I’m going to enjoy the Jewel Boar Meat steak with garlic soy sauce and minced ginger.


 It’s so good that even Huey jumps up and down overjoyed.



 After that, I couldn’t gather any information that would help me learn new magic, so I decided to take a gathering quest to make the connection.


 I checked the quest board at the guild, but F and E-ranks were still only permanent quests.


 After 3 hours of moving from the west gate, I arrived at the gathering area in the forest.


 According to the guild information, there is no information about the appearance of C-rank or higher monsters, so it is a safe place for harvesting, but if I search for them just in case, there are certainly monsters, but their presence is weak and movements are sluggish, so their rank is probably low.



 I have been training my magic for the past few days, and it seems that my Search and Exploration Magic have become a little more precise, so that anything with hostile intent, like, monsters and people with hostile intent toward me, are indicated by a bright red spot.



 After I have pinpointed the location of the monsters, I use [Exploration] to find medicinal herbs.


 All I had to do was to continue to collect them steadily.


 After two hours of repeated searching and gathering, I was able to gather 200 Hirupo herbs.



 I decided to have lunch in an open area.


 Although it was an open area, it was in the forest, so I thought it would be bad to use fire, so I ate a baguette with jam on it this time.


 Even so, I felt it was very tasty when I thought about the hard bread I had been eating until then.


 Huey also telepathically told me that the bread was “delicious”, so it must really be good.



 In the afternoon, we continued our search and gathering and collected an additional 100 Hirupo, 150 Ampo, and 5 Cure Grass.



 When I turned around to leave, I saw a large white praying mantis twice my size standing in front of me with its sickles raised.


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