Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 56: What’s Next and Rocket Stove

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 After signing a contract and settling my lease at the Sinker Trading Company, I bought a bed, a futon, a dining table and chairs, and other furniture at the company and brought them to my new house.


 There was a possibility that these items could be stolen by thieves, but I decided not to worry about what I could replace them with.


 If the furniture was also stolen, I could only laugh at the situation.



 While relaxing on the bed in my new house, I thought about what I had done so far and what I could do in the future.



 My goal was to earn a living and learn and practice magic, and I think I am doing well in terms of earning a living, in other words, earning money.


 I think I am doing well in terms of earning a living, that is, earning money. With the development of entertainment products, scented soap, soft bread recipes, and the sale of deli bread, I will be able to make a living even if I quit my career as an adventurer.



 However, while I continue to train in magic every day, I have made slow progress in mastering non-attribute magic.


 And since a blacksmith who is well-known in the Royal Capital has never seen a blacksmith using magic instead of skill, I expect that blacksmithing magic is either out of date or very rare.



 Alchemy magic, too.


 As Rita said, “What you and I can do is different.”


 If it is not possible to learn by training, but different people can learn different things even if they have an aptitude for different attributes, then Rita-san is right, and the [Fermentation] and [Sterilization] that I am able to do are unique magic only for me.


 There may be other kinds of magic that belong to alchemy, but I haven’t seen any significant progress…



 From now on, let’s proceed with business on a regular basis and give priority to quests where I can make progress in learning magic.



 I had originally planned to do quests in the morning and spend the afternoon blacksmithing and doing alchemy, but I have learned that the only way to learn blacksmithing and alchemy is through trial and error, so I will devote more time to quests, testing magic that comes to mind, and learning from magic used by others.



 Now I just need to eliminate the inconvenience of doing quests.



 Since I often do quests in the forest, I can’t use fire, so I eat only ready-made food, but if I had a stove, I could cook locally and eat freshly cooked food.



 Well, I have cooking utensils such as pots and pans, and a stove would be very convenient if it were similar to camping, but I don’t have a cassette stove…



 Oh, a stove is difficult to carry around, but a rocket stove would work.


 A rocket stove is a stove with a built-in chimney, and in the old days, you could sometimes see people making their own rocket stoves out of aluminum cans when camping.


 The chimney caused a difference in atmospheric pressure, which increased the intensity of the heat, and thus the stove was called a rocket stove, which triggered my hazy memory of the stove. In recent years, with the advent of lightweight gas stoves with strong flames, such stoves are no longer seen, but I am sure there are still some who know of them.



 I decided to make a rocket stove from an iron spear in my workroom.


 I transformed the iron spear into a J-shaped cylindrical chimney, surrounded it with stone blocks, and asked Huey to harden it with adhesive liquid.


 This will allow for stable cooking on site when we are out on our quest.



 Next time, along with the quest, I would like to make time to get some ores.



 For a few days, I continued my gathering quests, increasing yeast at home, making my own seasonings, and occasionally finding and reading magic books in the library.



 In the meantime, Hank-san’s store was thriving, and he reported that the soft bread was getting regular buy-up orders from two noble families, orders for a thousand pieces of soap, explosive demand for Reversi, and even E-sugoroku was selling quite well.



 Robert-san was told that the soft bread, as he sees it, is expecting new orders from another noble family that has had the opportunity to dine at the noble house that received the order.


 He said that the “showier” the aristocrats are, the more they want to compete with the other aristocrats who are using the finest products.


 Although they are troublesome people, it is nice to have them spend money.



 I heard that Hank-san’s store had to hire one more employee because of the line for their low-priced deli bread, as well as orders from the aristocrats.


 I heard that they are actively developing their prepared bread products. If they can come up with new flavors and move to the main street, they will sell even more.


 I wish them the best of luck.



 One morning, when I showed up at the guild, I was approached by Rosa-san, the receptionist.



“Louis-san, your rank has been raised by your recent harvest of materials, so please lend me your card.” (Rosa)


“Huh?” (Louis)


“The defeat of Big Flower Mantis before was a big point for you, and after that, you delivered a number of medicinal herbs and antitoxin herbs a little more than other adventurers, and your rank has been raised in recognition of your achievements.” (Rosa)


“I see. Thank you.” (Louis)



 I thanked her and handed her my guild card, which was rewritten in about a minute, and my card was marked with rank E.


 I went to the quest board again because the quests I could receive from the quest board were up to D. The Tiger’s Roar members were looking at the board at the same time.



“Why don’t we take this one about subjugating a Rock Hopper Horned Rabbit?” (Vinnie)



 Vinnie had just peeled off the quest form from the quest board and asked Alan.



“Are we going to take on a subjugation today?” (Louis)



 I asked, and Vinnie and Alan both turned around.



“Oh!, Louis, it’s been a long time. I was just telling Alan that we were going to take on a Rock Hopper Horned Rabbit.” (Vinnie)




“A Rock Hopper Horned Rabbit?” (Louis)


“Yes, it’s a horned rabbit, but it’s very fast and hard to kill, but you can buy its meat, fur, and horn for a lot of money, and I hear its meat is delicious.” (Vinnie)


“Can I take that too?” (Louis)


“Well, let’s form a temporary party and take it together. Isn’t it okay? Alan.” (Vinnie)



Alan nodded and replied.



“I’ll take it with you. We made a promise with Louis that we would take a quest together.” (Alan)



You did indeed promise.


If it was a quest that the Tiger’s Roar was going to accept, there would be no problem for me to join him.



“Well then, let me join you. Please.” (Louis)



Vinnie says, holding the request form in her hand.



“It’s decided!” (Vinnie)



Alan and I went to the reception counter to get the paperwork in order to form the temporary party and move on.


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