Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 64: Wind Fairy and Spirit Light

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A/N: This one is short.


 All the children shouted in surprise at the sight.



“”””Ehhhhh!?”””” (Children)



 Was there a child who still couldn’t get a decent meal? I looked at the child who jumped into the place, but they were only about 30 cm tall, and not a person, right? A puppet? A monster? What are they?



  I lifted the child who jumped into my arms, holding her under the armpits with both hands.


 Is that… Tinkerbe**? A small child in flowing clothes…that’s all I could describe them.


 Frederica and the others were surprised by this.



“He touched the fairy!” (Frederica)


“Is it true! I can’t even see her?” (Child)



 E? This? A fairy? I can lift them just fine, you know? Is it this one?



“Frederica, I’m sorry, can you explain this to me?” (Louis)



 I said, but the one who answered me was the fairy I lifted up.



“I am a Wind Fairy, I used to come here sometimes to see the children. It’s been a while since I’ve smelled so good, I couldn’t resist jumping in.” (Wind Fairy)



 I’ve heard the expression “a voice like chiming bells” but this is what it sounds like. It’s a pleasant, cool voice that seems to echo directly into my head. Hmm? I think Huey said something similar before…



“You really are a fairy. What do they mean when Frederica exclaimed when I touched you?” (Louis)


“Fairies are usually invisible to people and can’t be touched, but maybe it’s because they’re full of light.” (Wind Fairy)



 I don’t have the gist of it, but to summarize what I have heard, it seems that my body emits a light called [Spirit Light] in human language.


 This light apparently smells very good and is pleasant to spirits, fairies, and other similar creatures.


 I asked her if I could do anything special with the light, but she was talking vaguely and didn’t give me any answers.


 Fairies are usually not touched even if they are seen, and though she seems to have materialized because she was too close to the Spirit Light, she apparently would become translucent when she moves away from me.



 I don’t know what the spirit light can do, but I said goodbye to the Wind Fairy and turned around to everyone, all four of them approached and spoke to me as soon as the Wind Fairy disappeared.



 Frederica then asked me.



“Hey, what did that fairy say?” (Frederica)



 Eh? Am I the only one who could hear their words? It seems that I was the only one who could talk to her.



“She said she was a Wind Fairy.” (Louis)


“Wow! You’re amazing, you are able to talk to a fairy! Wow!” (Frederica)



 Frederica and the others brought me here as thanks for the meal because they could see the fairy here, but they were surprised because I caught them.



 We couldn’t see the fairy anymore, so I said we should return to their rooms, and when we got back, I handed the children to Lina-san.


 “What happened?” Lina-san asked. I could only reply that they showed me a beautiful zelkova tree. The children will probably tell Lina-san.



 What kind of expression do I have on my face after being involved in something like this?


 I can only say that my feelings are complicated.


 No matter how conscious I was of it, I was doing it with the intention of being charitable, so there might have been some condescending words or attitude in there somewhere. I also thought that donating money might only be exploited by the caretaker.



 I’m not good at this kind of thing.



 If you want to reduce the number of orphans, there are other ways to get involved, such as working to find foster parents, and if you want to raise the standard of living for orphans, you could consider becoming an official who creates systems for that.


 There are many things you can do if you really think about those children.



 No, but let’s not think about that now.


 I haven’t seen much of this world yet.



 It would be better if I could look at other continents and find out where, in what country, I would be able to live comfortably.



 If you can’t even take care of yourself, how can you take care of others?


 First of all, I need to build a foundation for my life.


 Putting all my thoughts on the shelf, I went to the outskirts of the city, took a bath, and went home.


 Normally I feel refreshed after taking a bath, but today I felt a little down.


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