Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 7: Life Magic

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“It’s done.”



After announcing the completion of the product, Camus-san is comparing it on the evaluation board.


It seems that she was able to create a beginner potion with a color closer to the intermediate level.



It’s the first time I’ve seen magic as well as making potions, so I’m excited, to say the least.



“Camus-san! Amazing! Really amazing! I’m super impressed!” (Louis)


“You’re exaggerating. Making beginner potions is something any alchemist can do. It’s nothing to be excited about.” (Camus)



She answered, but her cheeks were flushed.


I was troubled by her question of how much magic I could use, especially since I wanted to experience it.


Having said that, I can’t lie, so I told her that I had never used magic before and that this was the first time I had actually seen magic.



“So that’s why you were so surprised.” (Camus)



She smiled wryly at me, but I think it’s good to be surprised and moved by something you’ve never seen before.


Everyone should convey in words if they appreciate something.



As I was helping to place the thirty beginner potions in the store’s display, Camus-san asked me if I could use magic, and she could try teaching me the bare minimum of life magic.


I couldn’t help but strain my hands as I carry the potions.



Camus-san would teach me fire and water magic.


It’s called [Life Magic], and it’s only enough to light a fire in a fire pit and to fill a tub with water.



Even so, since we were dealing with fire, it was decided to have her teach me in the back of the store just in case something happened.


She said that the first thing to do is to feel magic power rather than to produce fire or water.



“Capture the feeling of magic circulating through your body. Okay? Hold hands with me.” (Camus)



I faced Camus-san and we held each other hand over wrists.


I felt embarrassed.



“Ready? I’m going to let a little bit of magic flow, so let me know if you can feel it. If you can feel the magic flowing from me, you should be able to sense the magic flowing inside you. Now, let’s begin.” (Camus)



Oh, I can feel it.


Something warm and fluffy started to flow down my left arm, around my whole body, and then around to my right hand.


Is this magic power?



“Oh, I feel it. It feels like it’s going from my left arm to my right arm.” (Louis)


“Yes, that’s magical power.” (Camus)



I was told to let go of her hand and let my magic circulate within me, so I did.



Yes, it’s just like the chi that I learned in self-defense.


Repeat the image from the back of my head, down my spine, through my “tanden”, and out the soles of my feet. [T/N: Tanden is around the pit of the stomach or the point just below the navel.]


After concentrating and repeating it for a few minutes, I felt something similar to hot air, no, something much hotter than the warm magical power Camus-san sent as we held hands.



“Hey, what on earth are you doing?” (Camus)


“What? I tried to move the magic power of my body as you said, but…” (Louis)


“Your body is glowing! What’s going on?” (Camus)



I looked at my body and saw that it was glowing, but the glow soon subsided.


I was about to jump because I thought I was about to become a Super Sai***.


My hair wasn’t standing on end, though.


What the hell was that?



She asked me what kind of image I used to circulate my magic, and I told her the order in which I circulated my chi, which is a self-defense technique I learned in a previous life. However, in the case of Camus-san, the image she used is through her blood that flows throughout her body. She imagined it going from the left half of her body to the right half of her body.


Camus-san I think you should tell me that first.


Now, this was the result, I’m quite sure, but it seems that I could now sense magical power, so let me try again.


I was told to continue training to circulate magic power in the future.


I think it’s important to practice and train every day because it’s a step towards improvement.



Now that I was able to sense the magic power, I decided to try things out.



She said that magic is all about imagination and that you have to chant to use it.


I remembered that Camus-san whispered something in a quiet voice when she was making a potion, and then chanted the name of the spell.


I heard that there are a minority of people who can omit chanting or use magic without a long chant.


There is no need to chant out loud, but chanting out loud at a level that others can hear is a shortcut to improvement.


The basics of Life Magic are fire and water, and chanting is short.


But when it comes to offensive magic, the chanting becomes longer depending on the power, and more magic power is needed.


Camus-san can also use offensive magic, but since she uses it to protect herself, she doesn’t share the chant with others.



She seemed to be teaching me [Water] of  [Life Magic] first, so she brought a tub from inside the house.


Since it was my first time, I was told that I might only be able to get about a cup of water out of it if I tried hard enough, but that I should try to imitate the procedure.



“Thank you for the blessing of bountiful water. [Water].” (Camus)



Suddenly, a water ball appeared in the air and fell, filling the tub with water.


Oh, wow! It was amazing. Water appeared in the middle of nowhere! So, this is magic!



I was told that if you chant with the mental image of water coming out, even if the amount of water coming out is small at first, you will be able to control it with practice.



I tried the chant that Camus-san taught me, with my hands facing the tub.



“Thank you for the bountiful water. [Water]!” (Louis)



I chanted loudly and felt embarrassed when I realized that my chant was wrong.


But after a beat, water came out.



About a bathtub full of water.



With a whooshing sound, the water splashed not only on the tub, but on Camus-san and me as well, and we were swept away.



“What? What? What is with this amount.” (Camus)



Camus-san asked with a puzzled expression.


I’ve been told that a normal glass of water will only be produced, or at best a jug of water, so I imagined the amount of water in a bathtub, and this is what I got.



“Oh, maybe because I made a mistake in my chant?” (Louis)


“I don’t know…? Well, don’t make a mistake next time. Your [Water] seems to be good, so [Fire] is next.” (Camus)



She said and brought out a lamp from inside the house.


She said that it would be better to use a lamp that was easy to ignite when the fire was close, since it was often difficult to start a fire when it was the first time, and even if it started, I might not be able to control it.



With the lamp in front of me, Camus-san started chanting, and I watched her closely.



“Thank you for the blessings of great fire. [Fire]” (Camus)



The fire came from a few centimeters away from her fingers.


Although her finger was pointing diagonally downward, the fire came out straight up, like a candle, and burned into the lamp.


The magic used in daily life is not directional, and the amount of magic power can adjust the heat a little.


The water that appeared in the air earlier was also not directional.


I guess this means that sending it in the air with direction and power is attack magic.



Camus-san blew out the lamp and pushes the lamp towards me.



I thought for a moment that it would be better to imagine a strong flame since she said that it might not come out at first and that I might not be able to control it. But I thought for a moment and thought that maybe I should use a gas stove as an image, but then I thought that a lighter would also be fine. Especially with what happened using [Water] earlier. Finally, I went towards the lamp.



“Thank you for the blessings of great fire. [Fire]!” (Louis)



At the moment I finished chanting, a pale blue torch-like flame about 10 in length about 5 cm from the tip of my finger appeared.



“Woah! Waaa!” (Camus)



A strange voice came out.


As the lamp was burnt.



“What? How did you add direction on [Life Magic]?” (Camus)



I saw Camus-san shouting with her head in her hands. I think it was because while I was chanting, thinking of lighters and lighters, I suddenly imagined gas burners for searing in sushi bars and pubs.



I didn’t smoke in my previous life, and I’ll understand that gas burners in sushi bars and pubs were more visible than lighters.


However, I quickly explained this to Camus-san, who looked at me suspiciously.



“Well, maybe it’s because I imagined a candle being blown by a breeze.” (Louis)


“Is that so? But it had a blue flame…” (Camus)



She looked at me oddly when I told her that I didn’t know what the color was because I didn’t imagine it, for now, I seemed to have managed to deceive her.



I tried my best to deceive Camus-san because what happened was quite weird for her.


Moreover, I felt I shouldn’t be honest.


I’m a man who can read the surrounding, after all.

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