Mid Boss Chapter 24: Meeting

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~3rd Person Perspective~



 There is a monster that is feared by a certain nomadic tribe of elves, known as “Crawlers”.


 Its official name is Alvina Gecko.


 Its average level is 23.



 It has low intelligence and looks like a gecko.


 However, due to its huge size, it can swallow a sheep whole.


 It is said that it is a regular occurrence for new adventurers to mistake him for a dragon, which becomes a source of laughter among their friends.


 Anyway, that’s how big he is



“Kishiiii!” (Crawler)



 The crawler roared in front of its prey.


 A sound showing off that he is at the top of the food chain in the grasslands.


 To it, it meant, “Thank you for the meal”.



 But as it turned out, it was its last words.



“Kii!” (Crawler)



 With a squishing sound, the crawler “split”.


 A flash of lightning struck it between its eyes and its belly—a lateral slice appeared.


 The man shouted as he watched the mass of flesh crumble in the grass.



“–Really, this magic sword is so good!” (Hero)



 A young man, who has pointy reddish-brown hair, says happily. Then he swung off the blue blood sticking to the blade.


 The sword he picked up was certainly a magic sword.


 The blade, which is darker than black, has probably sucked in countless blood.


 There’s a single word to describe it, terrifying.



“Look at it Elma! I split it in half!” (Hero => Jilheart)


“Wow! It’s amazing Jilheart!” (Elma)



 A young swordsman with his nose turned up— Elma, a healer/priestess girl applauded Jilheart.


 There is no other person with them.


 They are what you consider as a two-person party of a swordfighter and a healer.



“If we have this sword, even a dragon is nothing! Dragon, dragons!!!” (Jilheart)


“Then, our long-sought dream home in a prime location in Ludenburg is within our reach…” (Elma)


“We have half a year to “play”!” (Jilheart)



 At that time, he didn’t miss the fact that Elma’s mouth twitched.



“That’s right! We can relax and live together! But before that, we need our own home…” (Elma)


“If we defeat a dragon, the first thing we do is call our old friends and have a drink at a bar! I will foot the tab! Everyone will be happy!” (Jilheart)


“First, my home…” (Elma)


“Then it’s decided, first let’s conquer this dungeon! Let’s quickly capture it and make money! Let’s go Elma!” (Jilheart)


“……Okay!” (Elma)



 Jilheart raises his magic sword high and triumphantly heads for the Bewildering Forest.


 And Elma follows him with a tired look.


 The image was soon interrupted here.



~Narugoa’s Perspective~



“-Sorry, my mana is already at its limit!” (Nymph)



 Nymph, the water spirit who was projecting the image of the hero party on the surface of the water, said, “I’m exhausted!”


 We slowly look at each other.



“A single blow to Alvina Gecko…” (Owlbear)


“Is there a person in the Bewildering Forest who has a higher level than that gecko…?” (Elder Boar)


“And that magic sword… isn’t the kind a small dungeon-like ours can handle…” (Arachne)



 Owlbear, Elder Boar, Arachne, and I several monsters (employee) whose names I don’t know are gathered here.


 In the unprecedented situation of the invasion of the Hero Party, they gathered on the shores of the lake in a hurry, but their expressions were quite despondent.


 When it comes to Owlbear… it looks like he’s about to foam in the mouth.



“Nymph! This is too little information! Try harder!” (Owlbear)


“Huh, no, [Far-sight] is really exhausting.” (Nymph)


“This is no time to be talking like that! We’re in danger of losing the Bewildering Forest!!!” (Owlbear)


“But still…” (Nymph)



 Nymph was bewildered by the distraught Owlbear.


 The other employees are also wondering what to do.


 …… I can’t really take in this sight.



“That’s not necessary, Owlbear.”



 In response to my remarks, eyes focused on me all at once.



“Hoot! Why is it so! Determining the enemy’s strength is one of the basics…” (Owlbear)


“That’s why I’m saying it’s enough.”


“What did you see there? What can you tell from that scene alone…” (Owlbear)


“–The man is a level 34 magic swordfighter, the woman is level 29 … no, a level 28 healer.”



 Owlbear looked at me with his already wide eyes getting wider.


 The other monsters (employees) too.



“Well, how can you tell that from that shot observation alone?!” (Owlbear)


“How would I know? Because in the first place we need to discuss a dragon’s market price.”



 If we have an abacus, I can come up with more reliable numbers, so excuse my mental calculation.



“Ludenburg is a prosperous port city, and if you want to settle in a prime location over there, the reward for slaying a dragon is certainly enough.”


“Why do you know the market price of a human’s house!?” (Owlbear)


“Because it can be used to make a prediction to some extent, in addition, he said that if they defeat a dragon, they can play and live for half a year. If they get half a year to relax from the reward of a dragon subjugation, they are living a pretty good life. The last deciding factor is the sword.”


“The sword?” (Owlbear)


“Oh, Alvina Gecko has a poison sac in his belly, not a lot of poison, but there is a risk of blinding if it gets to your eyes. The man was clearly slashing without damaging the poison sac. Hunting it is proof that he is used to it, and we can figure out their approximate level and profession by looking at the two of them.”



 “Oh!”, A voice shouted.


 Aside from the employees (monsters), Owlbear, why do you also look surprised?


 If you’re a mid-level boss, you should have at least this level of observational skills.



“The average level of the monster is 30, according to Arachne, which is about right. Good observation.”


“Oh, really?” (Arachne)



 Arachne whispered shyly.



“That was the first time I was praised at work, so I’m a bit embarrassed…” (Arachne)


“Well, I don’t care about that! Our desperate situation remains the same!” (Owlbear)


“… Hey, read the mood, you dumbass Owl!”


“How widespread is that nickname? Oh no! It doesn’t matter! What matters is the recommended level of the dungeon…!” (Owlbear)


“Eight, right? If we look at the current state of this dungeon, we can roughly predict… That healer woman can capture this place solo.”


“Well, if you know that much…!” (Owlbear)


“-But there are two opponents, so there is a chance with that.”



 The people of the Bewildering Forest buzzed at my remark.


 However Owlbear, the beak breaks and he spewed out words.



“Oh, can’t you add! Two people are stronger than one!” (Owlbear)


“You don’t need to add or subtract. The more enemies you have, the less trouble you’ll have…… I have a plan.”



“… Narugoa-san, what is it?” (Elder Boar)



 Elder Boar asks me calmly.


 Then I noticed that the other employee (monsters), was also staring at me intensely.



 …… Originally, I shouldn’t be meddling with other dungeons.


 Moreover, I am a retired Mid-Boss.



 However, if nothing is done, the Bewildering Forest will definitely be captured.


 What if that happens, aside from Owlbear, who is in charge. There is the other employee (monsters) who will be sacrificed.



 Then there is one thing to do.


 This is my chance to make up for that mistake.





“What?!” (Owlbear)



 I called out his name, his eyes are swimming with panic.


 And I declare.



“–From now on, in order to repel the level 30 hero party, I will give you some advice as to your senior, you are the one who will give the instructions to your subordinates.”


“……………… Hoot?” (Owlbear)




 Owlbear’s head shook as he made a confused reply.






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