Mid Boss Chapter Chapter 31: With the Best Companions

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“Oh, I can’t do it, I’m sorry…” (Alraune)



 Alraune hips collapse.


 She’s staring at a point on the ground with a look like it is the end of the world.


 Next to her Kyuuketsu has rubbed her back.



“So Al-chan are you in pain, do want my special rock moss juice?” (Kyuuketsu)


“Are you planning on killing me …?” (Alraune)


“… Isn’t Al-san the one who planned this? But now you’re crushed like this.” (Poison Slime)


“Shut up Slime! Even you guys agree to… urp… ugh…” (Alraune)


“Oh, Narugoa-san, don’t look here, she doesn’t look her best.” (Poison Slime)



 —It was an unbelievable sight.


 Of course, it’s not about that Alraune finally breaking down.


 But, that they are all here.



 Owlbear said that the shortest distance from here to the Cave of Silence would take three days.


 It took only a night… how much effort did that take?!


 No, no! Before that…!



“Why are you here…!?”



 Alraune, who was crawling on all fours like a dog, glared at me.



“You don’t even realize!? We noticed you’re about to do something by yourself again. Since we notice, we came here you know?” (Alraune)


“We’re talking about Narugoa-san, so he’s thinking he shouldn’t rely on us anymore, right Narugoa-san?” (Slime)


“What…!? How do you know!?”


“Well, are you really asking that Narugoa-san…” (Kyuuketsu)


“Anyone will notice if you have that look on your face!” (Alraune)


“You mean anyone!? Then you guys…”



 I look at their expressions.


 All three of them were silently shaking their heads.



 —I cannot believe that!


 I thought my ability to not be noticed was one of my strengths!


 Otherwise, they wouldn’t have rushed here so quickly!


 Oh, I feel like my face is going to catch fire from so much shame!



“… Narugoa-san, did you really think we weren’t aware of it?” (Poison Slime)


“This guy has always been like that! He’s always been that way! He notices everything about other people, but he doesn’t know anything about himself!” (Alraune)


“Oh, Al-san, you’re sounding like an old woman!” (Poison Slime)



 Poison Slime exploded in a large pop, after being slapped by Alraune.


 Kyuuketsu shifts slightly to the side and hesitates to approach the scattered blobs.



“Anyway! I’m here to help Narugoa! You’re welcome!” (Alraune)


“Oh, you guys are already not my subordinates…!”


“-So what!? All three of us today are on leave… What! There is no reason for you to tell me how to spend my holidays!” (Alraune)


“What all three of you are on holiday!? It’s terrible if three executives of the dungeon are absent…!”


“Even at this moment…!? Ugh, no more! I don’t know what to do with you!”



 With that said, Alraune hugged my body.


 I feel her warmth surrounding my whole body.


 A floral scent tickles my nose.


 It calmed my mind immediately.



“… We didn’t come to help because you were our former boss …Because it’s you, Narugoa the Thousand Hands… We’re here to help. Rely on us a little, you workaholic!” (Alraune)



 —Because of me.


 It was one of the kindest sentiments I’ve heard, in every way, shape, or form, here and possibly forever.



 Poison Slime has finally regenerated and is smirking at me.


 Kyuuketsu smiling gently, cheerfully at us.



 …… Oh, I’m definitely an incurable idiot.


 I’m alone, and I’m sick of the loneliness.


 But I know now.



 —I’m not alone.


 Because they are here.


 They aren’t family, much less colleagues nor do they gain any benefit, they just wish to help me in the purest sense.


 There is a bond between us that did not disappear even after a century.



 Even in my second life, I was surrounded by the best friends that I could trust from the bottom of my heart.



“…… what are you doing…?” (Luciera)



 Luciera didn’t want to accept this.


 Luciera’s shoulders are shaking even ash she was trapped.


 Behind her eyes was an unmistakable, dark flame of hatred.



“What the f*ck… sharing a bond with friends? It’s not even a trending topic, it’s no longer popular or fashionable…!” (Luciera) [T/N: WTF? Oh, she’s crazy! Right, I forgot the yandere tag.]



 The earth rumbled in response to Luciera’s anger.


 She is seriously pissed.



 However, the three, including Alraune, steadily stared at Luciera.



“Hmm, she’s the mastermind no matter how you look at it… What’s that with that outfit!? You harlot!?” (Alraune)


“I don’t think Al-san can say that about other people, but… oh no, don’t hit me again.” (Poison Slime)


“What a skinny physique! How terrible! I’ll tell you the wonderfulness of health directly to your body!” (Kyuuketsu)



 Three people are ready for battle.


 It seems to be playful, but the fighting spirit that overflows from the whole body is real.



“You guys ruined Senpai…! I will never forgive you! —[Third Wisdom – Words]!” (Luciera)



 [Words], one of Luciera’s unique [Three Wisdoms].


 A magical spell woven from the compressed Origin Language and looking at it, a grand strategic-class spell is made.


 Once it is completed, there is nothing you can do about it.



 But that’s only when it’s completed.



“–This is my turn! I’ll show you how healthy my lung capacity is!” (Kyuuketsu)



 Kyuuketsu stepped forward and inhaled.


 —It’s coming.


 Alraune and I quickly covered both ears.


 And Kyuuketsu exhaled with a roar.


 The roaring was at a loud volume that my ears are ringing even as I forcefully hover my hands.


 The effect is —to completely cancel any magical chant, [Cancellation].



“What…!? My magic is…!?” (Luciera)



 Kyuuketsu’s roar causes Luciera’s magical formula to collapse from all corners.


 Magic cancellation wasn’t its only effect.


 Kyuuketsu chimed afterward, “Oh, it felt good!” With a bright expression on her face.



 By the way, Poison Slime, who has no hands to hold his ears, has already exploded and is now waiting to be regenerated.



“… you’re looking much better, Kyuuketsu.”


“Thanks to Narugoa-san! Oh, and I don’t really like how you are still calling me Kyuuketsu, so please call me Kyu-chan too!” (Kyuuketsu)


“Oh, I understand, Kyu-chan.”


“What!? Kyu-chan how unfair!” (Alraune)





 I turn to Alraune.


 She cleared her throat bashfully.



“Well, nothing! I wonder if you can also just call me Al…” (Alraune)


“—[Second Wisdom – Tools]!” (Luciera)



 Interrupting her words, Luciera activates her next talent.


 Did Alraune just blatantly pout at the danger of this extraordinary ability?


 The next moment, a huge trident appears just above Luciera.



“This trident can kill even gods! You can’t prevent it especially with a small-fry monster like you! Quickly disappear!” (Luciera)



 At Luciera’s signal, the trident is thrown like an arrow.


 The high-speed flinging of sacred treasures—I would be terrified if I was a monster, especially if I took a blow from one.



“I’m next!” (Poison Slime)



 Here, Poison Slime has just finished taking his time.


 He wriggles and quickly transforms into a gigantic form that I had to look up to see his top.



 And he received Trident with his gelatinous body.



“Haha! I’ve killed one… of them…?” (Luciera)



 Luciera’s scream of joy was interrupted partway.


 The reason is that Poison Slime, which should have been pierced by the Trident, was still wriggling.



“Oh, I’m sorry, I’m physically exhausted.” (Poison Slime)



 Immediately after Poison Slime said in a bland tone, the god-killing Trident was digested without a trace.


 At the same time, Poison Slime shrinks and returns to his original size.



“On top of that, it’s not good eating a sacred treasure that seems to be harmful to your body.” (Poison Slime)


“Are you okay? Want some rock moss juice?” (Kyuuketsu)


“Narugoa-san now is the time! Let’s all go for it!” (Alraune)


“Why are you ignoring me?” (Kyuuketsu)



 Even though that wasn’t the case-I laughed when I saw their interaction.


 I’m totally out of sorts.


 I feel like an idiot for worrying too much that wrinkles have formed between my brows—



“What’s this…! How can this be!? Why can the small-fry monster compete with me!? Me, from the Pillar of the World. A floor Guardian, a Keeper. That’s it right! I’m even Level 94! How…!” (Luciera)


“I’ve never even heard of it. What dungeon is it in? I’ve never heard of it, what dungeon is this crybaby employee from? Moreover, we’re employees (monsters) of the Great Labyrinth, the Cave of Silence, how can we lose to someone we don’t even know?” (Alraune)


“What’s this…! I don’t know what it means! I… I’m…!” (Luciera)


“–My ex-subordinates have become strong, Luciera”



 Luciera turns around with a dismayed look.


 … Oh, how pathetic.


 She’s like me a Guardian from the Pillar of the World just like me. As a result, I continued to protect my place alone in case of a disaster that might come at any time.


 So we know nothing.



 ―Although I have companions now, and how wonderful it is.



“Well… I will never admit it! I’m strong! —[First Wisdom – Primordial Flame]!” (Luciera)



 Luciera raises her hands above her head purify a massive purifying flame.


 It’s the primordial flame that burns everything down.



“Hahahahahahaha! It’s bad you’ve made me serious! I’ll turn everything to charcoal! Everything!” (Luciera)


“Fire! Fire!” (Alraune)


“Oh, Al-san calm down!?” (Poison Slime)


“Hmm… I’m not Al-chan, but that looks dangerous…” (Kyuuketsu)



 The purifying flames above Luciera swell with explosive fire, and it is comparable to a tiny sun.


 The surrounding is being distorted the extreme heat, and the vegetation around Luciera turns to charcoal.


 Truly this was like her.



“What you think, Narugoa-san?” (Kyuuketsu)



 Kyu-chan asks.


 Her expression wasn’t that of fear, she trusts me completely.



 —Jeez! What a good former subordinate!



“—Here’s the plan, I will use my [Thousand Hands] to give Alraune all kinds of enhancement spells. She will use [Flower Chant] and [Magic Enhancement], and overpower it with a huge advanced water magic spell.”


“That’s rather simple! You heard it Al-chan!?” (Kyuuketsu)


“I understand it! It will be over with a single blow!” (Alraune)


“I wonder if she’ll be okay…”



 Strangely enough, I didn’t feel like I was losing.


 I didn’t know that the presence of a trusted friend would be such a huge pillar of emotional support.


 I am still inexperienced.



“Now, let’s go Alraune!”


“Yes!” (Alraune)



 I manipulated the [Thousand Hands], and Alraune scattered flowers, and start preparing using [Flower Chant].


 Luciera’s [Primordial Flames] finally swelled to the limit, and she was ready to let it go.





“Eh……?” (Luciera)



 Luciera’s voice reaches my ears.


 After that, her gigantic [Primordial Flame] shrank quickly—and eventually disappeared.



 Our eyes were nailed to a certain point.


 —To a single sword clad in white light that is protruding from her belly.



“What’s this……?” (Luciera)



 A bubble of black blood flowed from Luciera’s mouth.


 She slowly looks behind her.


 Soon we saw the existence of a “Man” behind her, as she collapsed.



“—Yeah, it’s been 100 years since then, Dia…” (Man)


“Yo-you are…!” (Luciera)



 The sword was pulled from her back and Luciera collapsed like a puppet with its strings cut before she could finish her sentence.


 This reveals the figure of the “man” holding the bloody holy sword behind her.



“Huh, what’s the matter? What’s with the gasping fish expression?” (Man)


“You are……!”



 He carries the bloody holy sword on his shoulder and licks his tongue.


 I remembered the sword.


 It is the same as the one that the hero Bernhard, who I once defeated, had—



“–I am the reincarnation of the brave man, you crybaby…” (Man => Bernhard?)



 –Rigat looked down on me and cackled happily.






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