Mid Boss Chapter 87: Sand Alraune

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 The petite Sand Alraune turned her back on us, her twin tails dancing in the wind as she glided across the sand.


 Then, in a fluid motion, she returned to the circle that surrounded the hero.


 Then one of the five Sand Alraunes—a relatively tall Sand Alraune with her hair tied behind her laughs.



“Oh my god, Mamira! You have to stop talking to tourists! You can’t even be a guide! I’ll kill the Hero in armor today!” (Tall Sand Alraune)


“I’m kidding, where in the desert would I even show them? Besides—” (Mamira)



 At the center of the vortex created by the five Sand Alraunes, the hero held her spear and lowered her posture.


 She was in a thrusting stance again—as soon as they sees this, the Sand Alraunes all hold their palms toward the hero.



“—I’m the one who will kill the hero in armor.” (Mamira)



 Immediately after, thin things attached to their arms… Thorny-vines, like organs, popped out, and in the blink of an eye, the whole body of the female hero was restricted.


 As expected, we can’t take our eyes off their attack.



“Cool! What’s that!? Narugoa-san, what’s that!?” (Kyuuketsu)


“That… is the armor reacting to the magical power of the Sand Alraunes? But I’ve seen such equipment… bufu!” (Sergeant)


“Narugoa! Oooh, that little! She called me an auntie!? I’m not even 200 years old yet! I’m far from 200 years old!” (Alraune)


“A-Alraune, *hah*, my neck, my neck…!”


“Wai—Al-san, if you don’t stop, Narugoa-san will die.” (Sergeant)


“Shut up!” (Alraune)


“Bufu!” (Sergeant)



 Sergeant who bravely brought himself between me and Alraune was only gifted a slap. Immediately his body was squashed and he was splattered everywhere. Rest in peace.


 Then one of the Sand Alraunes, Bob Cut, is glancing at our exchange from afar.



“Haha, what’s with them, they’re funny, right?” (Bob Cut => Robbie)


“Ro-Robbie… Don’t get distracted… we’re fighting…” (Aero)


“Don’t be so serious, Airo, they’re funny, did they know that they were attacked by a hero in armor?” (Robbie)


“Human children are weird, but… are they really just sightseeing? They are probably wandering monsters.” (4th Sand Alraune)


“Ugh, strays! Jobless! Gross! And they are a group! A group of NEETs! Haha!” (Robbie)


“Robbie! If you mess up too much, Mamira will take credit today!” (Aero)


“–It’s too late.” (5th Sand Alraune)



 The twin-tailed Sand Alraune slid across the sand like a bullet, her posture especially low.


 She is spearheading the restrained female hero at a tremendous speed and thrusts out with her spear in hand.



“Ha!” (Mamira)



 A sharp thrust that does not look like it came from a low-ranking monster hits the armor of the female hero, scattering sparks everywhere.


 The female hero resisted with all her might, and it seems that the damage did not penetrate the armor.


 The twin-tailed girl, called Mamira, clicked her tongue.



“It’s still as hard as before… but this is the best you could do…!” (Mamira)



 Without a moment’s delay. Mamira held up her other hand—then a fierce aura radiated from her weapon.


 A scorching flame, something different from magic, touched the armor of the female hero wrapping her whole body in a blink of an eye.



“—-Shi!!” (Hero)



 Unable to resist, the female hero began to thrash around, and Mamira smiled with a triumphant smile.



“Aha! Good! I made the decisive attack!” (Mamira)


“Darn, really, she really took all the credit, this Mamira…” (Robbie)


“Armored Hero, this is your end, huh…?” (4th Sand Alraune)


“She’s done but I’m surprised at the fact that she’s still able to rampage this much.” (Aero)



 The writhing female hero with her whole body wrapped in flames, and the Sand Alraunes surrounding her.


 It was a strange sight.



 In my opinion, the level of the armored female hero is around 30, while the average level of the Sand Alraunes is less than 10.


 Normally, no matter how many squads they have, they wouldn’t be able to match the hero.


 However, they have won by making full use of their mysterious weapons.



 …No, that can’t be!



“—Don’t let your guard down! She’s still able to move… Let’s go!!!”


“Eh?” (Everyone)



 The Sand Alraunes and the others look back at me with a dumbfounded voice.


 At the same time, the female hero wrapped in flames suddenly hugged herself, curling in a ball, then began to shake…


 At this point, Mamira notices something unusual.



“Something is wrong! Everyone move back!” (Mamira)


“Wh-what Mamira! Did you get scared!? We are almost done with defeating the hero in armor…!” (Robbie)


“Because it’s too easy!” (Mamira)



 Called her companions as she leaped away.


 The Sand Alraunes retreated back not knowing the reason… shortly after that something happened.



 From the arched back of the armored hero, a thin thorn-like protrusion appeared.


 It’s not just one or two of them.


 Like a porcupine, countless needles popped out covering her whole body, tearing off the thorny vines, and even extinguishing the flames from her whole body.



“Impossible!?” (Robbie)


“I’ve never seen that attack pattern before…!” (Aero)


“How disgusting! Is that really a human? Hey!?” (4th Sand Alraune)


“–Everyone get ready! It’s not over yet!” (Mamira)



 In front of the astonished Sand Alraune, the female hero covered by needles began to shake.


 Then, in the next moment, the innumerable needles growing from the armor flew in all directions.



“Anything goes this damn b*stard!” (Mamira)



 The Sand Alraunes immediately took a defensive stance with their arms crossed.


 The Sand Alraunes’ equipment reacted to their action, creating a wall of light in front of them, repelling the barrage of needles.


 Well, if that’s what you mean by “anything goes…” then their armor is pretty good, too.

What is the principle behind this—no, this is not the time to be thinking about it!


 Needles are also heading towards us!



“Everyone! Protect yourself!”



 I deploy my [Thousand Hands] protected them.



“Okay!” (Kyuuketsu)


“Yes sir!” (Sergeant)


“I got it!” (Alraune)



 Each of us takes a defensive stance.


 Kyuu-chan’s transcendental physical abilities would allow her to dodge the rain of needles, not to mention the fact that Sergeant is immune to physical attacks.


 And it should have been easy for Alraune to protect herself by growing cacti and other things from the ground like before.





“……eh!?” (Alraune)



 As the rain of needles approached us at arm’s length.


 I saw Alraune showing a very surprised expression while holding her hand on the ground.


 There is only a quiet sea of sand at her feet, and not even one of the buds, let alone a cactus, grows.


 —For some reason, she showed no sign of manipulating plants to defend against the attack.






 Faster than a thought, I send one of my [Thousand Hands] in front of Alraune.


 But not in time.


 The needles were already closing in on her…



“–It can’t be helped at all.” (Mystery Woman)



 What I heard was the voice of a woman who I had seen from somewhere.


 And the rain of the needle that was about to fell on Alraune, was gathered and decayed by her [Claw] that she swung down…



“Eh……?” (Alraune)



 Alraune slowly raised her face, confused by the scene.



 A woman stood in front of her.



 A strangely dressed woman.


 In the burning heat of the desert, she wears a white coat over Chinese clothes and a distinct hat.


 I should also add that she has a mysterious tag stuck to her forehead.



 But the strangest thing is her skin complexion.


 Under the heat of the Tarkan Desert, her skin is surprisingly pale, like a… corpse.


 She also has huge claws attached to her arms, and silver hair that puffs out, just to name a few of her features.



“I’ve never seen a needle shoot in all directions, it’s a behavioral pattern I’ve never seen before. Yes, yes.” (Mysterious Woman)



 She murmured to herself, but on the other hand, my subordinates were speechless about her extremely powerful presence.


 But not to me, because I know her.



“You are……!”


“Huh?” (Mystery Woman)



 When I raised her voice, she turned around.


 Her sharp canine teeth glinted in the sunlight.



“So child? Do you know of me?” (Mystery Woman)



 I don’t just know you, you are…



“A former colleague…”


“Hmm?” (Mystery Woman)



 The name of the woman who tilted her head curiously is—Lei Fang.


 World Pillar 9th Floor Guardian, the Keepers, Lei Fang the Wise, level 93.



 She is an undead mad scientist who died for her quest and was revived as a Kyonshi. [T/N: Kyonshii or Jiangshi or Chinese Hopping Zombie. If you watch Shaman King Lee Pai Long is one of them. Google-sensei knows a lot of them.]



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