Metro Labyrinth Chapter 127.2: In The Heart Of The Dustbowl

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“Abe! Can you still move!? Do you surrender!?” (Referee)



 Immediately, I can hear the yelling of the referee from above. Come to think of it, I think.



(I wonder if I can do it?) (Shuu)


(The other hunters were not as tough.) (Shuu)



 Kure was also quite bloody, but it would be impossible to keep the windpipe open in the side, as expected.


 I really think about it. Including all the injuries I had sustained up to this point, I would have died five times if I had not been a [Master Threadweaver].



(I mean.) (Shuu)


(I’ve lost everything except my Fungal Class.) (Shuu)



 They have the level, the skill, the talent, the years of experience, the nerve, the pride, the popularity, and even the good looks. If I had not been a [Master Threadweaver], I would not have been able to compete with them to this extent, and I would not even have been able to step into the same ring with them in the first place. Well, there’s no end to the list.



(Why me?) (Shuu)


(Having this kind of power?) (Shuu)



 If I had been in another fungus profession, I would have been a mediocre hunter without much merit. I would have been a mediocre hunter without much talent or sense like Hakuou.



 In the world one hundred years ago, I was an ordinary man at heart. Even in this world, my roots would not have changed.



 Why was I chosen for this power? —a question that I have pondered countless times since I came to the surface.



“…I can… do it…” (Shuu)



 The earlier collision left me with only one hypha arm left. Gripping the lower left handle with it that was safe, I gritted my teeth and pulled out the [Rapier]. The pain is so intense that tears are oozing, and blood is spilling.



 I got on my knees with my hands on the ground. The cheers are mostly mixed with screams.



“…are you an immortal…?” (Maria)



 Hakuou also gulps and regains her posture, but her damage is also serious, and the [Axe Spear] looks heavy.



“No, well… I can die bu…” (Shuu)



 Open holes are slow to close. Feelings of fatigue and hunger all over my body. My body is starving, and at this rate, I won’t be able to fully recover.



“Then…why are you standing…?” (Maria)


“…that’s…” (Shuu)



 –I can hear them.


 From behind the cheering in the arena, I can hear the screams of the girls who are screaming to the point of exhaustion.



“…because I can’t lose.” (Shuu)



 The skin of my face is not so thick as to be able to be overjoyed with the cheat that was given to me.


 Alternatively, it would have been nice to claim that this is also a talent, but unfortunately, there is no basis for such a claim.



 But I was not humble enough to decline the offer, saying, “That’s why I don’t want it.


 In the end, the only way to overcome the wall in front of me is to climb it, using everything I have.



“Abeshuu!” (Tamiko)


“Mr. Shuu!” (Noa)




 When you take away the [Master Threadweaver] from me, is there really nothing left?



 Even if it is only five years in the eyes of the top-class seniors, there is the time I have spent risking my life to accumulate it.


 There are the bonds that I found on the surface. There are those who are more important to me than I am.


 There are those who have fought with me to the death. There is a will that cries out not to be broken.



 All of these things are connected by a single thread, and they continue here and now.



“…because I don’t want to lose.” (Shuu)



 The wounds don’t need to be closed anymore.



(Squeeze out all that’s left.) (Shuu)



 One more minute, thirty seconds, doesn’t matter.



(I don’t care what happens after that.) (Shuu)



 Something deep inside my body is released. Something like the core of your being.



(–What the hell is this?) (Shuu)



 Power pours into my trembling limbs and shaking back muscles.


 It is as if my soul itself is burning and generating heat – I have never felt anything like this before.



(An impossible power like fire–?) (Shuu)



 The hypha arm, which is almost a wreck, peels off from my back.


 Immediately, new threads are produced and spun.


 Four hypha arms, [True Ashura]. The forearms are covered in a blue-silver shimmer, [Iron Fist].



 Hakuho is stunned. The referee immediately turns on his heel and moves away. The crowd is no longer roaring, their voices shaking the arena.



“… you… you’re not human…” (Maria)



 I’d like to say it’s mutual there.



“Sorry… this time is the last time, thank you for the fight.” (Shuu)


“…yes, I’ve enjoyed it a lot, but I’ve had enough of this.” (Maria)



 The [Axe Spear] held in her hands and the [Rapier] held by the [Magic Woman]’s hypha arm were pointed at me,



“I can’t lose because I am the same. Don’t you dare to take advantage of me the Komagome Queen.” (Maria)



 Hakuou smiles with dignity.



“I thought you were a witch.” (Shuu)



 I grabbed the sand and stood up,


 Taking a deep breath,



“Ooooooo!!!” (Shuu)



 I screamed and started running.



 My hypha arms clad in [Iron Fist] flicks off the [Axe Spear] and deflect the [Rapier].


 Hakuou’s hands are down by two. The fists of the hypha arms cut through the counterattack, which has clearly weakened.


 Each time a fist slams through the blade, fragments of mithril armor scatter.



“Gaaaaaaaa!” (Shuu)



 Still, Maria howls like a beast and does not retreat a step. Her eyes widen and her teeth flare, and she is determined to drown in despair.



 Blood spurts out of her eyes and nose. It wasn’t because of my attack.


 At the same time, my [Sensory Spores] catches several shadows approaching from behind—the white puppets.


 The almost half-destroyed wreckage begins to move again, rushing in to save their master from danger.



(You can still move them?!) (Shuu)


(There is still more than one that can move!) (Shuu)



 Dolls that lost their limbs and heads come over. It is a mass operation without regard for precision movement or coordination.


 Blue and silver fists hit, hit, hit. They repel. On the contrary, I am hit but I held on, and enter the scrapping fight.



 This time, the limit is approaching. Although I was able to bring out my hypha arms by invoking my mysterious power in my gut, as expected, I am already…



 Did it stop?


 No, it’s a lie.


 You’re lying, aren’t you?



 I howl from deep inside. At the same time, my clenched fist is covered with light, [Light Blade].


 It is fired from the front, and the whole piece of mail is smashed through the rest of Hakuou’s mycelium arm. Fragments of silver and mycelium scatter.



 But–as expected of the champion. At the same time, a counter front kick punches through the wind-pierced my belly.


 I was hit squarely and knocked off my feet. The [Magic Woman], rolled over backward and gotten up and readied itself, came at me head-on in desperation.



 I grinned. Because the [Sensory Spores] caught the movement of Hakuou behind the [Magic Woman].



“Haaaaaah!” (Shuu)



 Hakuou kicked the [Magic Woman] and jumped up, brandishing the [Axe Spear].



 Before it is swung down,


 I used [Leaping] and grabbed her in the air.



“What!?” (Maria)


“–promise, Part 2!” (Shuu)



 Whether or not my murmurs reached her ears, it was time to settle the score.



“Hey, let go of—” (Maria)



 Hahuou and I entwined in mid-air.


 While entangled in mid-air, Hakuou struggling, I forcefully overturn her body. Upside down, legs up, head down.


 I grab her wrists with my lower hypha arms and her ankles with my upper hypha arms. Holding her torso with my arms around her.



“Hey, what is this!? What’s going on!?” (Maria)


“Don’t bite your tongue!” (Shuu)



 –Her head is hammered into the ground.



 Putting aside the nosebleed as the first promise, the second was meant to be a metaphorical expression. That’s why I didn’t even think about how I was going to do it before the match.



 It was just a coincidence that it came out this way.


 It was a coincidence, but that’s fine.


 It was a suitable move to conclude the fierce battle in front of a large audience.



“Oooooooo!” (Shuu)


“Aaaaaaaa!” (Maria)



 The ground comes closer. The [Magic Woman] rushes toward me with their hands outstretched to catch her, but I am not letting her escape.



 What should I name the technique? I wonder if such a technique existed in mangas.


 Well, whatever, just scream. Just do what your heart tells you to do.



“[True Ashura] Driveeeeer!!! (Shuu)


“Aaaaaaaaa!” (Maria)



 Kaboom! And a shockwave shakes the arena.



 More and more sand is pouring down.


 In the center of the ear-splitting silence, a cloud of dust clears—



 Hakuo Maria is impaled head-first in the sand.


 And I, Abe Shuu, am standing there, propped up by my hypha arms.



 Hakuou’s body collapses like a rod in a sand pit, falling on her back. The referee peers into the distance, but Hakuou remains motionless with her eyes peeled back revealing the whites of her eyes.



 I breathed desperately with my lungs which were about to collapse and put the last strength into my rattling arms.



 The hypha arms are looking quite bad. It is my own fist that I thrust into the night sky.



“A miraculous win! Match end!” (Referee)



 Along with the referee’s scream, cheers explode.



A/N: The Grand Tournament is finally over.

The finale of the “Grand Tournament Arc” is very near.


T/N: Weee! Come on, Lazy just a little more Noa and Tamiko are waiting for you.


Shuu’s character really regressed. After around half a decade fighting under Outsuka Metro and he’s acting like he’s in his first month in the new world. Old Man Uni will lose his respect. Shuu even had the “no hard feelings” catchphrase when he is about to kill his enemy. He’s just gotten way too timid and weak. I hate tournament arcs; they weaken MCs in non-martial arts series or disregard stronger previous enemies. Ouji Metro and Outsuka Metro feel so far away. I want to skip the chapters after “Sparkle’s Confession”.



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