Metro Labyrinth Chapter 137: Three Letters 1

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 Today is Tuesday, August 27.


 There are two reasons why I still came back to Sugamo without being able to visit Mr. Giran.



“We’re home.” (Noa)


“We’re home, squeak.” (Tamiko)



 The two girls have just returned from a dinner errand. Apart from their bags full of food, they were carrying large paper bags. They quickly retreated to their bedrooms, leaving the two men waiting in the living room, starving.



“Thank you for waiting.” (Noa)


“Thank you for waiting, squeak.” (Tamiko)



 The sliding door opens with a bang, and the two girls are showcasing their new look. Kure and I replied with an applause.



“I never thought the day would come when an ordinary hunter like me could wear mithril equipment…” (Noa)




 What Noah is wearing is an under-armor with shoulder straps that glitters and shines silvery white (a camisole in the old days). It is woven with mithril alloy fibers, and although it is a little heavier than normal underwear, it is said to be much more resistant to cutting than normal chain mail. According to the craftsman who was in charge, “The fangs of wild beasts will be easily repelled.”



 The material mithril was a reward from the Xolotl tribe in the depths of Ouji. When we returned to Sugamo, Kono introduced me to a blacksmith who could handle mithril, and I ordered armor for Noah and Tamiko. The first reason for our return to Sugamo was to receive the finished product, which took about two months to complete.



“By the way, how does it feel?” (Shuu)


“It’s not bad at all. It feels light and breathable. It’s still hot, but I think I can wear this. If my chest gets any bigger than this, it might become a problem.” (Noa)


“Really? I see…” (Shuu)



 By the way, just this suit cost me a million yen, so I want them to wear it with care. I want them to wash it gently when doing laundry.



“Huh? Tamiko…” (Shuu)



 What I ordered for Tamiko was a hood with a metal headband that was also made of mithril alloy. Since the concept is “kunoichi,” the cape is matte, and the fabric is black. The ears are exposed for scouting, but it matches the Catoblepas cloak to create a completely heroic look.



 I did not order the body armor because of the hypha shell, and I don’t remember ordering the one that is worn at her waist.



“This Kunoichi squirrel is perfect, squeak! Nin-Nin!” (Tamiko)



 Saying that, she pulled something out of the leather sheath.



“A short sword… is that right?” (Shuu)


“Nissqueak!” (Tamiko)


“You mixed it up.” (Shuu)



 The blade has a rhombic shape, and the same matte finish as the metal headband. The fact that it is silvery white means that this is also made of Mithril. The length of the blade is about 2.3 cm, the size of a figurine accessory, but when I pinched it with my fingers, I can see that it is extremely sturdy. This rustic metal feeling is quite edgy.



 Still, it is surprising that Tamiko is interested in weapons. As a self-proclaimed “lady,” it seems that she had a yearning for fashion and dressing up, but I had no idea that she had secretly ordered something like this.



“But can you even use that? Wouldn’t it be faster to attack with your front teeth?” (Shuu)


“This is a must, squeak. The path of a kunoichi needs this! Shaa!” (Tamiko)



 I don’t want to throw it away, but it sticks into the half-eaten castella on the dining table.



“There was some leftover mithril, so we had the blacksmith make it without telling anyone, even Mr. Shuu. I wanted to surprise you, and you seem to be quite surprised.” (Noa)


“Well, I’m certainly surprised.” (Shuu)


“By the way, the extra cost was 500,000 yen.” (Noa)


“Surprises like that are bad for the heart.” (Shuu)



 I don’t want them to throw months’ worth of rent for a castella pick easily.



“You gave both of them… Shuu, is there something for me?” (Kure)


“You also received various rewards from the Xolotl.” (Shuu)


“I’m saving up for the future Kure Dojo, also I need to get my wedding present ready.” (Kure)


“I hope a good person will pick you up. Let me know if you need a cardboard box.” (Shuu)


“Wouldn’t it be nice to have a pure white wedding ceremony? It seems that a pure white dress is common in Sugamo, but what does Shuu like? If you’re free next time, let’s go to out and see what it looks like.” (Kure)



 I lead the houseguests to a tent in the garden and start preparing for dinner. Today I’m making a stew with tomatoes, mushrooms, and chicken.



“The rest is Mr. Shuu’s Hihiirokane.” (Noa)


“But… When will it be…” (Shuu)


“The money transfer is at the end of this month, right? Once the money is ready, all we have to do is wait comfortably.” (Noa)


“That’s right.” (Shuu)


“Abeshuu, smell the flowers, squeak.” (Tamiko)



 That’s right.


 Old Man Uni’s horns were given to the mayor of Sugamo for the treatment of his daughter, Hagumi. The reward was to be paid at the end of this month, on Friday the 30th to be exact. This is the second reason for Sugamo’s return.



 Even after deducting taxes to be paid to the guild and the city, the amount is still about 24 million yen.



 Today is Wednesday, August 28.


 In other words, two more days.


 The day after tomorrow, my Sugamo Bank bankbook would be lined with eight-digit numbers.



 An accomplishment that would have been unthinkable in the days of the old era. I could never have imagined how much overtime I would have to put in to reach it.


 I hope this will allow me to live my life only looking forward this moment, as it is just around the corner.


 Just thinking about it makes the muscles in my cheeks relax. Drool and nosebleeds alternately appear.



 As I stroll along the busy street, I feel like saying to each person on the street, “Hey, I’m happy.”


 I might even forgive them if they suddenly hit me on the head from behind (I’m not saying I would do it).



“–Oh, I found you. Mr. Abe.” (Voice)



 He didn’t hit me, but he called out to me.



 It was a young man in a hunter’s jersey with a wooden sword on his waist. His long hair, tied back, was green with white mesh, and he was wearing a blue happi coat with the government emblem.



“Oh, erm, Yoshitsune? Mr. Yoshitsune?” (Shuu)


“Yoshitsune is fine. Mr. Abe is older than me, and your level is also higher.” (Yoshitsune)



 With that smile on his face, he was so perfect that I couldn’t get jealous.


 He is a genius swordsman who overwhelmed Kure in the Grand Tournament. He is Kang Yoshitsune, the younger brother of the strongest hunter in Japan.



“May I have a moment? I have something I’d like to discuss with you in private.” (Yoshitsune)


“Huh?” (Shuu)


“It’s at the request of the Governor of Tokyo.” (Yoshitsune)





 On the way to the office, I felt people glancing at my back, or rather, my buttocks.



“…Is this the ‘most beautiful butt in the world’ that is what that person was talking about…” (Yoshitsune)


“Huh, what?” (Shuu)


“No, it’s nothing.” (Yoshitune)



 We enter a small park in the central district and sit down on a bench side by side. I left a space for one person in case this guy was the same kind of guy as Kure.



“Sorry for calling you all of a sudden.” (Yoshitsune)


“It’s no problem. Rather, I forgot to say thank you. Thank you so much for helping Tamiko and the others at that time.” (Shuu)



 After the Grand Tournament, Yoshitsune and the Governor of Tokyo immediately returned to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Headquarters. He had been wounded quite seriously, having had his sporangium gouged out, but instead of being hospitalized at Sugamo, he was going to be treated at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Headquarters. So, I did not get a chance to talk to him or the governor of Tokyo.



“Even so, I too was saved by Mr. Abe. I still have a lot to learn.” (Yoshitsune)


“Are your injuries healed?” (Shuu)


“Yes, that’s right. I’ve become a so-called single-ball guy, but I don’t have any particular problems in my daily life or in battle. If that’s the case, I can even stand with Mr. Abe here.” (Yoshitsune)


“No, no, hahahaha.” (Shuu)


“Hahaha.” (Yoshitune)



 I didn’t miss the glint in his eyes for a moment. In other words, he is the same kind as Kure.



“I would like to talk with Mr. Abe more, but… I have to finish my mission first.” (Yoshitsune)


“Mission?” (Shuu)


“Yes.” (Yoshitsune)



 Yoshitsune’s hand goes into his chest. Is it just my imagination that even such a casual movement looks sophisticated without any opening?



“My mission is–” (Yoshitsune)



 What he took out were three envelopes.



“These three letters are to be handed over to the appropriate recipients. And one of them is for you, Mr. Abe.” (Yoshitsune)


“I see…” (Shuu)



 Before I could swallow the story, one of them was in my hands.



 It was a plain, white envelope. But there is a “1” circled in the corner on the back. It is also sealed tightly with wax. Stamped on it is the national emblem: twelve wings and a tree.



“Who is this from?” (Shuu)


“From His Excellency.” (Yoshitsune)



 A letter from the Governor of Tokyo. This soft envelope suddenly feels heavy.



“Excuse me, can you read it here?” (Yoshitsune)


“Oh, yeah… Of course.” (Shuu)



 I peeled off the wax seal with trepidation. The envelope and the letterhead inside are perfectly normal, with no holograms appearing or letters dancing around on their own.



“Eh… Ah, do I have to read aloud or something?” (Shuu)


“Okay? Ah, yes. If I can confirm what Mr. Abe read, it’s okay.”



 It’s not like it’s too strangely written to be hard to read. This is also a very ordinary character, like a high school student writing a report for an assignment.



“Dear Sir, I hope that Mr. Abe is in good health in the lingering summer heat.



 This is a custom that has become obsolete in today’s world, so I dared to try it. It’s a pain to do, but it’s nice to do it once in a while.



 Well, thank you very much for the wonderful time we had with the Light Blades the other day. I am very sorry that I left Sugamo without fulfilling my promise. I myself wanted to have a long talk with Mr. Abe. …I promise that I will visit Sugamo on occasion in the near future. I look forward to seeing you again.


 I’m very sorry that I couldn’t meet Mr. Abe’s expectations.



 I would like you to send two letters from me, the Governor of New Tokyo, to each of the recipients. In other words, my main task is to transport and escort the letters and the envoy, Kang Yoshitsune.



 The destination is Nakano in the western region of Shin Tokyo, the so-called ‘Nakano Forest’. It is the largest village in the center of Nakano and is home to the Carbuncle Tribe, who have a friendship agreement with us, the ‘People of the Thread’—-” (Shuu)




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