Metro Labyrinth Chapter 162.2: Slime Raid

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~Noa’s Perspective~



“This…” (Noa)



 The rescue team and I had already made it to the fifth underground floor–the floor where Giran was believed to be confined.



 Me, Tamiko, and even Hakuou Maria were at a loss for words when they saw the scene peeking out from the shadows.




(What on earth?) (Noa)



 The entrance to the hidden passageway leading from the upper floor was blocked by camouflaged rocks, and as expected, it did not appear to have been discovered, so the others and I waited in front of it for the signal (hypha ball vibrations) from the diversion team.



 After the original scheduled time had passed, we had not heard from the diversion team, and the others and I were getting tired of it (especially Hakuou),



“–I can hear something.” (Tamiko)



 It was Tamiko who opened her mouth.


 Tamiko said she could hear noises, screams, and beast noises coming from behind the rocks as if there was a struggle.


 When I made up my mind to move away from the rock and set foot on the fifth floor–it was just as Tamiko had said.



“Retreat! Retreat to the Commander!” (Bandit)



 Humans and beasts were at war.


 The appearance of the man and the beast showed that he was not a hunter. It was a bandit hiding here.


 The beasts – the blue beast and the slime?



“Do it! Kill it!” (Bandit)


“Gaaaaaaaa!” (Bandit)



 If you look closely, you can see that the blue beasts are protecting the bandits and are facing a slime many times larger than itself. Not man against beast, but man, beast, against slime.



(What’s going on?) (Noa)



“There’s even a super-size slime… What’s going on…?” (Noa)



 If the blue beasts are the “Family” of the Commander of the “Cross Border Brigade,” what are the hostile slimes? The guards said that the beasts had long since disappeared from the metro, so where did the slime come from?



 The bandits are fighting back desperately, and the blue beasts are exerting themselves to the fullest. But the slimes were numerous, with medium-sized slimes springing up from all over the place. And giant slimes are waving their tentacles around and going on a rampage. At least here, the slime side was overwhelming.



“Dangerous squeak! Fights everywhere, squeak!” (Tamiko)



 Big fight. Are you saying that this isn’t the only place where the conflict is happening?



(What should I do…?) (Noa)



 Why are slimes here and what is happening here?


 I don’t know anything, but I know for sure that Giran is in danger.



(Should we wait for Mr. Dignified Fungal Balls and the others?) (Noa)


(Or just us–) (Noa)



“Change of plans.” (Maria)



 Hakuou said in a hushed voice to her companions behind her.



“I’ll rescue the stupid wolf by myself. I’ll snatch them away in this chaos. All of you, turn around and escape from the metro.” (Maria)



 But, Hakuou’s intimidating eyes silenced Kumagai, who was about to say something.



“Dismiss all objections, I have no time to argue. Hurry up.” (Maria)


“Ms. Hakuou, I also–” (Noa)


“You’re in the way. A hindrance. That’s it.” (Maria)



 It was short, concise, and had a compelling intensity. I gritted my teeth and still pushed through.



“…I am the great-granddaughter of Minato Tsuruhashi.” (Noa)



 Hakuou turned around and her eyes widen.



“If I’m here, even if we run into him, I might be able to negotiate with him.” (Noa)



 I have no such evidence or confidence. The last time he was there, I was almost killed along with my friends.


 Hakuou looked at me with a pensive gaze and let out a sigh.



“…Protect yourself. Even if the worst happens, I won’t take responsibility, got it?” (Maria)


“Yes!” (Noa)


“Squeak!” (Tamiko)


“Eh, Sis?” (Noa)


“Hmph, I can’t let my little sister go by herself!” (Tamiko)



 I had noticed that Tamiko on my shoulder had been shaking a little since a few minutes ago. I’m sure it’s a trauma from the past, especially because of the giant slime–



“Let’s help the old wolf and add his nose to the Strongest Carbuncle Party, squeak!”  (Tamiko)



 Even so, the tail that hung over my cheek was warm and strong.



“…Thank you, Sis.” (Noa)



 I moved my hand and rubbed her cheek.



 After seeing Kumagai and carbuncles return to the tunnel,



“Then… Let’s go!” (Maria)



 With Hakuou in the lead, the three rush into the battlefield.



“Woah, what is happening!?” (Bandit)


“Out of the way!” (Maria)



 The hypha puppets swing the [Axe Spear] to keep them in check and open up a path.



 I have a map of this floor in my head. There are only a limited number of rooms where we can lock up the hostages, we just have to go through them.



“This way!” (Noa)



 I stopped Hakuou, who was heading in the wrong direction as fast as she could, and we went to the nearest path.



“Slime, squeak!” (Tamiko)



 A medium-sized slime blocked the way ahead. And from the side, a super-sized one appeared, breaking the wall.



“Hey! Don’t go down until I am done!” (Maria)



 Hakuou plunges into a super-sized one with two puppet dolls.



“Noa! It’s coming, squeak!” (Tamiko)



 A slime creeping in. Although medium-sized, they are more than a meter tall and are not small fry. But for the two of us, who had no long-range attack options, the slime was a real threat.



“Ha!” (Noa)



 The slime is shot with [Sticky Thread] from the palm of my hand. In the blink of an eye, they are restrained… Well, not quite. It secretes a heavy flow of bodily fluids and melts them out in an instant.



“Noa! Ninja Arts Combo, squeak!” (Tamiko)



 Combined Ninjutsu. It’s a combination technique that we came up with when we were chatting some time ago.



 Tamiko’s [Squirrel Avatar] gripped my dagger, and I threw it with all my might with a yell. The Squirrel Avatar dives inside with the same momentum into a deep thrust.



 The slime that tried to fight back by extending its tentacles—*Convulsing*! After a moment of stillness, it shrunk while leaking fluids to the floor. We Sugamo sisters shared a high-five with glee, saying, “We did it!”



“By the way, what was the name of this technique?” (Noa)


“Err… ‘Squirrel Suicide Attack’?” (Tamiko)


“That’s it! ‘Squirrel Suicide Attack’ *Dancing* You did it, Sis!” (Noa)


“You guys are that excited after killing a small fry, huh?” (Maria)



 The Hakuou swiftly and gracefully approached, her hips swinging. Behind her, the super-sized enemy was pierced by many [Axe Spears] and was about to deflate to the ground.



“Easily handled a super-sized beast by herself… As expected of a top ranker…” (Noa)


“As expected of the top hag, squeak…” (Tamiko)


“Hmph, it doesn’t matter, so I’ll get back to that as soon as possible. Hmm, what happened just now?” (Maria)





 The [Knight Sword] with the [Flame Blade] was burning brilliantly.



 Grasping the handle, Giran sharply glared at the enemy in front of him–kneeling on the floor and pressing hard on his bleeding side.



“…Isn’t it bad manners to visit someone’s house with your shoes on, you mud bun?” (Tsuruhashi)



 The frowning profile of the commander who said that had lost his calm composure and was distorted in disgust.



 In front of them stood a naked man with ugly, sagging pale skin. –No, it’s something that is definitely not human.



“Isn’t it the basics of Japanese people to bring sweets when visiting? Master Threadweavers did it during that time.” (Watanabe)


“Don’t you talk about Japan, you’re how dare you talk about that you experimental beast ‘Omnipotent Elephant’.” (Tsuruhashi)



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