Magic Swordsman Chapter 110: Ogre Subjugation

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 There are two monsters――



“……” (Esther)


“…Oh, Huh?” (Toru)



 —both were already lying down.



 Both monsters had been cleanly pierced through the head and had died. With this, they would not have even realized that they had been attacked.


 As a surprise attack, it was a perfect result.



(I only thought it might hit if I was lucky, but…) (Toru)



 Even I myself, who fired the arrow, was bewildered by the result, which far exceeded my expectations.



“… Well, it didn’t turn into a battle, so I know it’s going to be fine. But, after all the effort I put into preparing, I can’t help but feel a bit saddened.” (Esther)


“…Shall I call them?” (Toru)


“Stop it!” (Esther)



 As soon as I pursed my lips, Esther turned pale.


 Of course, I was joking. I wasn’t daring enough to summon monsters in a place like this.


 As soon as her breathing calmed down, we began to observe the monsters.



 The monster was an ogre, similar in shape to a human.


 It is said to be so powerful that once you are caught, it can tear you apart with its grip alone.


 It was definitely a formidable foe, with a “B” rank in defeating it.



 As if to confirm this, My level had increased by three points just by defeating two ogres.



>>Level: 33 => 36


>>Skill Points: 0 => 30



 I wonder how many of the same humanoid monsters, goblins, I had to defeat. I was lucky to defeat such an opponent with a surprise attack with my bow. Maybe I can do the same thing next time.



(Now that I have more points, I should get a skill as soon as possible.)



 Nesis just told me to “get skills”. Since that one is still a god, it would be better to follow her advice.



 However, I haven’t found a skill that I’m interested in yet.



(Hmmm. Does this mean it’s no good?) (Toru)



 If I start thinking about it, I’m going to get stuck here. So, I took the plunge and acquired a skill that looks decent.



>> Skill Points: 30 => 5


>> [Ad Lib Lv5] NEW



 Now if I get music skills, I would be able to play a nice improvised melody.


 I don’t think it would make sense against monsters, but improvisation has a wide meaning. If I am lucky, I will be able to do something unexpected.



 After finishing pulling out the ogre’s magic stone, Esther stood up with a shrug.



“Oh, are you sure you don’t want me to strip off the material?” (Toru)


“Oh. Ogres don’t have parts that can be used.” (Esther)


“I see.” (Toru)


“Let us leave the corpse as it is and proceed with our quest swiftly.” (Esther)


“Eh, uh, yeah.” (Toru)



 If there are no usable parts, there’s nothing we can do.





(Is it safe to leave it like that?) (Toru)



 Because I had previously left a large number of goblins as they were, I had attracted Rock Worms that did not originally inhabit the area.


 Since then, I had decided to dispose of the dead bodies of monsters properly. However, if he disposed of the ogre now, other demons might notice it.



(I can’t process it now, so maybe I’ll store it.) (Toru)



 While Esther was not looking, I secretly retrieved the corpse of the Ogre in the [Inventory].



(I can’t deal with it now. …Well, I guess I can just throw it into the Eternal Flames.) (Toru)



 While thinking about such things, I chased after Esther.





 From then on, my party climbed up the mountain, defeating B-rank monsters.


 The B-rank monsters were very strong, but it turned out that they were not impossible to defeat.



“The ogre is over fifty, while I am thirty-two. According to the law of level difference, I’m no match for it.” (Esther)



 After the first of several battles with Ogres, Esther smiled bitterly.



“But it is strange. After fighting with that demon, I don’t think the ogre is that strong.” (Esther)


“Oh, yeah.” (Toru)



 Ogres are strong. It is an unquestionable fact.


 However, when compared to an extraordinary opponent, the ogre is inevitably inferior. Thanks to this, its body is dominated by fear, and it cannot defend itself and just stiffen.



 What enables us to win over the ogre despite the difference in level is that we are able to maintain our composure. Besides, the high performance of the armor is also significant



 Esther’s boots kick in the air. She can soar to a place where the ogre’s attack can never reach.



 If she pulls them away, I will attack the ogre. The [Magic Sword] could cut the ogre as easily as cutting butter.



 Also, even though my level was inferior, my physical ability exceeded that of the ogre.


 My Basic Skills greatly enhanced my physical abilities.



 Not only me, but Esther was also unbeatable.


 Her upper slash, which accelerates in mid-air, failed to defeat the devil that appeared in the capital but was very effective against the ogres.




 The two of them were able to defeat the B-ranked demons one after another while maneuvering skillfully.



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