Magic Swordsman Chapter 129: Complete Victory

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~3rd Person Perspective~



 Making full use of his fine sword, Amy hunted down Aaron and the others.



 At just the base level, Aaron and Graf are head and shoulders above her. Intuitively, it would be a difference of twenty from Aaron and ten from Graf. Despite this, Amy had the upper hand in the battle.



 She was steadily increasing the number of wounds on Aaron and Graf’s bodies. The gap that should have been clear at first is slowly closing.



“… Kuh, what the hell did you do!?” (Aaron)



 Aaron groaned as he blocked the attack.


 At first, Amy couldn’t even recognize his attack. But now she was able to dodge attacks even without seeing it.



 The reason for such a big change is her Sacred Treasure.



 This rapier, which she obtained by defeating the devil, is endowed with a special ability. It applies a curse that randomly seals the opponent’s skills when attacked.



 Those two would have immediately noticed something was wrong. But they would never have dreamed that their own skills had been sealed.



 Unlike the two who continue to attack even though their skills have been sealed, Lily is still in the back, trying to control her breath.


 Amy has sealed one of her skills as well. That was when the [Holy Ray] grazed her cheek.



 Without this thin sword, Amy would have been destroyed in an instant. Or she would have been trapped up without being able to do anything.



 It is because of the effect of the Sacred Treasure that Amy is able to dominate the battlefield.



(It was worth the painful attack.) ()



 She was thankful that Lily’s magic was only a graze, but Aaron cut her left arm and Graf crushed her head.


 If this body belonged to an ordinary adventurer, the battle would not have long ended no matter how many Sacred Treasures she had. But Amy’s current body belongs to a priestess of Forcels.



 Luka had practiced high-level Healing Magic Law. Thanks to this, Amy was able to perfectly recover from the injuries from the attacks.



 Of course, it was not an unconditional recovery. To heal Amy’s wounds, an enormous amount of mana was required. Amy compensated for that mana with the souls she had in stock.



(I used five souls just for that recovery. I have to make up for that, don’t I?) (Amy)



 She has to defeat Aaron and the others and get their souls. If she could get Lily’s or Aaron’s body, there would be no one to stop her.


 However, to take over their bodies, she would have to meet very strict conditions.



(Well, it will be impossible to take over their body.) (Amy)



 Slowly, Amy is cornering Aaron and Graf.


 Sometimes, she deliberately missed evading Aaron’s and Graf’s attacks. She evades to take a little damage. Then, the curse of the Sacred Treasure was activated.


 Little by little, Aaron and Graf became slower and slower.



 No matter how high their level is, without skills, they are just people. Ten minutes into the battle, Aron and Graf crawled on the ground and could not get up.



“Oh, no. Is it over already? Where did all that pre-battle bravado go?” (Amy)


“Kuh… You’re sealing our skills, aren’t you!?” (Aaron)


“Well, is that your guess?” (Amy)


“Don’t play dumb with me. I can see it even if you try to hide it.” (Aaron)


“Hmm.” (Amy)



 Amy folded her arms and snorted. Aaron has the skill [God’s Eye], which is the origin of his title. So, it seems that he peeked at his own and others’ skills.



 However, he realized it a little too late. Sealed skills persist until the user dies. As long as Amy is around, they will never be able to fight properly ever again.



 But Amy’s purpose lies elsewhere. If she doesn’t move on to the next step, they may get in the way.



“This rapier can seal the opponent’s skill.” (Amy)


“As I thought…” (Aaron)


“I knew there was something wrong with my muscles.” (Graf)



 Aron and Graf each had a bitter expression on their face. With the two people, Lily’s complexion did not change.



(Somehow, I feel like the attackers’ existence feels wrong.) (Amu)



 So far, she has only one dealt a single attack. She should have only been able to seal one skill.


 Since the curse is random, no one knows what skill was sealed. If the magic skill is sealed, there is no room for Lily to counterattack because she is unable to fight a melee battle.



 —but if an unrelated skill is sealed and they are hiding the fact that they can still fight, then…



(Something is wrong.) (Amy)



 Lily is an unsettling factor for the show that is about to begin. She planned to kill her quickly. Thinking so, it was when Amy took a step forward.


 From far away, she felt a strong and familiar presence.



 Instantly, her body stiffened with a strong sense of fear.



“This……” (Amy)



 Cold sweat runs down her back. She has no doubt. That boy is behind her now.


 But it’s too early for that. There’s no way that the space-time magic that she activated by consuming many souls can be removed that easily!



(So, how did you come back so early…!?) (Amy)



 Amy turned around awkwardly as if she were a tin man that had needed more oil.



“What the hell is this?” (Amy)



 There was the appearance of a God’s Servant (Toru) who manifested his [Magic Sword].



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