Magic Swordsman Chapter 134: King of Gods, Earlerio

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“Thank you.” (Toru)


“(But be careful. That sword seals their own abilities when attacking a lower-ranked opponent. In exchange, when attacked by a higher-ranked opponent, it seals the opponent’s skills one by one. It’s a fiendish Sacred Treasure.)” (Nesis)


“Ah, so when you cut her arm just now, [Complete Enhancement] was sealed.”



“(That’s right. Besides, the [Magic Sword] can attack souls, but she uses the souls of others she holds as a shield.

 If you attack her multiple times, you can reach her soul somehow, but by then, you won’t be able to move. That’s why you can’t defeat her. If it’s me, even if the skills are sealed, I can move with just my divinity, and I can also purify many souls at once. Hey, so what do you say, why don’t you leave it to me?)” (Nesis)



 In fact, even if the [Complete Enhancement] skill, which has a strong boosting effect on overall status, is sealed, we can still move as before thanks to my other skills. But if a few more combat-oriented skills are sealed, combat should be affected.



 If Nesis controls my body, I can move as before, regardless of the sealing of my skills. If I only wanted to defeat Amy, it would be most appropriate for Nesis to do this.



“I think it’s time for the humans to kick the can down the road. It would be embarrassing to make gods travel to the mortal world every time a problem arises in the future.” (Toru)


“That’s an admirable attitude. But will you be all right?” (Nesis)


“Maybe.” (Toru)


“Maybe, huh…” (Nesis)


“Actually, there’s something I want to try, and I also want to ask something.” (Toru)


“(Something you want to try… Oh!)” (Nesis)



 Just as Toru was about to ask, he completely regained control of his body.


Nesis never dreamed that her connection to my body would be cut off, despite the Divine Descent using the strong connection being a “Servant of Nesis”.



 Nesis is one of the Six Gods of Eargard. It is unprecedented for a god to be deprived of control by a human.



(No way!) (Nesis)



 Nesis looked down at Toru from a little higher position, looking quite satisfied.



(Oh, I see. I wasn’t the only one who bet on Toru, I am, the God of Destiny…) (Nesis)





 After regaining control from Nesis, I lightly checked my body.


 I wondered if there was any pain anywhere from a god forcefully using my body, but apparently, there was no sign of injury.



“(I’m using it, so I’m sure it’s fine!)” (Nesis)



 I can even hear Nesis sniffling in my head.


 I’m not sure if it’s ethical to use someone else’s body in the first place, but I’m not going to argue. 


 I caught Luka squarely and opened my mouth.



“This is the second time you’ve done this. Why do you keep attacking Finlis?” (Toru)


“I’ll start from this. First of all, I am not Luka, I am Amy. I am an offshoot of the King of Gods, and I took over Luka’s body.” (Amy)


“Amy…” (Toru)



 When I heard that name, I was taken aback.



“Watch out for Amy.” (Lily)



 It was the name that the adventurers who had become the Wraiths had mentioned. It was also the name Lily warned me about.



 —Kill them and don’t hesitate.



 I brace myself and open my mouth.



“Amy, why are you aiming for Finlis?” (Toru)


“It’s to revive the King of Gods. Erlerio is a very merciful god. In fact, he is the god of creation who created this world together with the six pillars of Eargard. And yet, he was sealed deep underground in Finlis by the Six Pillars of Eargard during the War of the Gods. It’s terrible, isn’t it? Creating the world and then sealing him up when he is no longer needed because he is in the way…” (Amy)


“(No, it was because he was dangerous that we had no choice but to seal him up—)” (Nesis)



 Nesis refutes Amy’s words in my head.



 Even if she raises her voice there, it will not be conveyed to the other party. It just makes my head throb. I frowned at her and pressed against my temples.



“The King of Gods controls time and space. He is so powerful that he can heal the souls of all human beings in all time and space. When my god returns, the world will be filled with happiness.” (Amy)


“Happiness?” (Toru)



“Yes. The world is too polluted. It is because people were cursed the moment, they are given physical form.” (Amy)


“Cursed?” (Toru)



“If you have a body, you will surely grow old. If you get injured, it hurts, and if you fall ill, you suffer. If you don’t have money, you will be anxious about tomorrow, and if you don’t eat, you will be hungry. People are always afraid of physical death, which may come at any time. Eight hardships pass, but eight more come. The reason people suffer is because of their physical bodies.

 —This is the true nature of the curse. But once the cursed body is gone, the soul regains its original purity and is free from all suffering. This is true happiness.” (Amy)


“Haa…” (Toru)



“The King of God, Erlerio, has the desire to save all souls, without prejudice. He will remove every stain from the world and give true happiness to every soul! All souls will be freed from suffering and welcomed into the Promised Land.” (Amy)



 I was somewhat dismayed by this déjà vu of a line. It seemed that such tactics existed everywhere in every world.



“So, what exactly are you going to do to free us from suffering?” (Toru)


“Of course, I kill them all. Oh, I’ll kill all of you so that you don’t suffer, so please don’t worry.” (Amy)


“(You see, it’s not like it’s on Eargard, you know?)” (Nesis)



 I nodded inwardly at Nesis’ words which echoed in my mind.


 It’s absolutely true.



 It is not a mortal’s way to kill in order to release people from suffering, and of course, to kill them quickly so that they do not suffer.



“You said that the god Erlerio will save all souls, but what will happen to the souls you used?” (Toru)


“……” (Amy)


“Ha. I knew it.” (Toru)



 All souls are supposed to be saved, but it is contradictory that the souls used to seal my movements and the souls stored in Amy’s body are not included in the target of salvation.



 In other words, for the realization of their own justice and the fulfillment of their cherished desire, it doesn’t matter how many people suffer.



 There is nothing more unreliable than the love and mercy of those who hold such an ideology.



“Well, you don’t seem to sympathize with my ideals.” (Amy)


“Of course, I don’t.” (Toru)



“Well, why is that? Hmmm, you’re not convinced even now. Why have you been made a servant of Nesis and the others? You are supposed to be the vessel of the King of Gods.” (Amy)


“……what?” (Toru)



 Hearing Amy’s muttering, my jaws dropped.




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