Magic Swordsman Chapter 19: Request Report and Rank Up

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When the sun was beginning to change the hue, I postponed the herb collection quest and left the forest.

Getting out of the forest I bring-out the meat skewers I bought this morning from my inventory. A wild dog appeared again, perhaps attracted by the smell of meat skewers.

However, it still probably remembered me, or it was just looking at me from a distance.

Watching the wild dog whining like “kuun” while drooling saliva makes me feel like I’m a terrible person.

However, the opponent is a wild dog. Not a pet dog. If I get bitten and get sick, it will be the end of me.

Rabies, in particular, causes sure death when it progresses. I shouldn’t let a wild dog approach me just because it is cute. I hardened my heart and finished the meat skewers.

When I arrived at the gate of Finlis, the guard waved his hand and approached me.

“Oh Toru, welcome back” (Guard)

“Hello.” (Toru)

“You seem safe. I suppose you got some herbs. So how was your first quest?” (Guard)

“I was able to collect some, but I’m not sure if it is enough.” (Toru)

“Oh, yeah. Yeah, it seems that a lot of Silver Wolves have been seen roaming a lot recently, but you seem to be okay.” (Guard)

“Silver Wolf… is it “dog-like” in appearance?” (Toru)

“It does look like one I guess.” (Guard)

The smiling guard suddenly turned and focused on me while looking a bit ominous.

“Did you see one?” (Guard)

“Yes, I saw them quite a bit.” (Toru)

“Oh wow. It is good that you survived…” (Guard)


The guard looked unconvinced.

He was quite astonished because Toru is currently dressed in normal clothes and has no armor equipped.

It is common sense to fight these wolves with proper equipment. But I look unarmed

However, I have  [Magic Sword].

I haven’t used it recently but if one of those wolves attacked me. I wouldn’t hesitate on slashing them and killing the wolves.

However, others who do not know the existence of [Magic Sword. It seems that I just went there unarmed and unprotected.

For adventurers, an armor is like a suit for office workers.

Even if you are saying “I am working for a company” but you’re wearing Steteco shorts. Nobody would believe you. [T/N: Steteco/Suteteco are something like pajamas or clothes you wear at home]


(Maybe I look like someone suspicious. I should probably have some kind of equipment on me?) (Toru)

“Well, were you doing the quest with Esther?” (Guard)

“No. I’m doing something else from Esther. We’re not at a party.” (Toru)

“Oh, I thought she’s the reason you’re safe.” (Guard)

The guard scratched his head.

“Were you once an adventurer?” (Toru)

“Yes” (Guard)

“There are some dangerous places, so I’m relieved if I can have a party… but no, it’s a troublesome thing to say. It’s a terrible idea.” (Toru)

I thought about it, Esther is a beautiful woman and his senior in adventuring. Nobody wouldn’t want her as a party member.

But I’m a lost person, someone whose abilities are considered sub-par, an “inferior”. This is why I refused to party with Esther. Me partying with her would only bring trouble.


“Hmm. Maybe when we meet, we should discuss finding a suitable partner for her.” (Toru)

I purchased some hemp sacks at one of the shops along the road.

After entering an alley where no one is near. I put the herbs in the hemp bag after taking it all out from my [inventory].

“……so inconvenient.” (Toru)

If possible, I would like to use [inventory] as much as possible due to its convenience. But after hearing what Marie said I can’t stop but be anxious.

I wonder if there’s a more convenient way.

When I entered the guild, a line was now present unlike when I came this morning. Another adventurer who has probably finished his quest is reporting his completion.

After waiting at the end of the line Toru’s turn soon came.

“Welcome Toru-san. What kind of business do you have today?” (Marie)

“I have been collecting herbs from the permanent quest on the board. Please check them.” (Toru)

“Oh, that one?” (Marie)

“Eh, is there any problem with the request?” (Toru)

“No, it’s okay as long as you collect the herbs properly. Then, please place the herbs here.” (Marie)

“Here you go.” (Toru)

Toru nodded and put the hemp bag full of herbs on top of the counter.

Marie was shocked when she saw the bag on top of the counter.

(……) (Marie)

“What’s wrong?” (Toru)

“None… are all of the herbs inside, may I check it?” (Marie)

“Sure, go ahead” (Toru)

Marie opened a frighteningly large bag.

There truly was a lot of herbs inside.

“wow……” (Marie)

As soon as she saw it, Marie’s head blanked out. [EN: Occasionally you’ll see something like this when it changes from first person to third person. Here it changes from first to third. That is the following symbol] [1 → 3]

A few seconds later. The first thing that came to her mind was the word “joke”.

(It’s a joke. It’s different from the usual harvests of herbs I see.) (Marie)

To clear the herb collection request, one bundle with five herbs is required.

The usual adventurer brings back 3-4 bundles of herbs.

With the same amount of time.

This is not normal.

When Marie witnessed the number of herbs that would be around or more than 10 times the norm, she felt her common sense shake and breakdown.

She thought that he was going to be a promising adventurer in the future. But his talent is too abnormal…

(…………) (Marie)

“Sorry, did I bring the wrong herb?” (Toru)

Toru quietly asked Marie who had suddenly stopped moving.

“No, no. It’s enough! I was surprised that you could collect so much.” (Marie)

“That’s good……” (Toru)

Toru felt relief from the bottom of his heart. He was feeling a little bit depressed when he was told that he had collected a lot only to bring the wrong amount or kind of herb.

“Well, if you don’t mind, could you tell me how you collected this amount?” (Marie)

“Well the answer is pretty much the usual, I just collected it…” (Toru)

“The usual… What is ‘the usual’?” (Marie)

The receptionist assessed the herbs while looking exhausted for some reason.

The total amount of herbs collected by Toru was 103 bundles, with the requested amount being 1 bundle. Toru has suddenly completed an unexpected number of achievements.

Unbeknownst to Toru, Marie’s exhausted appearance suddenly became lively

“The cutting is perfect, and there are no mistakes. They are quite high quality. Toru-san is pretty used in handling herbs.” (Marie)

“Yes. I know a bit.” (Toru)

This limited knowledge is only about the forest near Finlis.

Besides, Toru could not collect herbs unless he reads Lid’s memories. All of his knowledge is just borrowed power. This is not something that he can be proud of.

“A bit? This permanent request has high difficulty.” (Toru)

“Why is it F-rank?” (Marie)

“The degree of danger is F-rank, but it is necessary to have an eye for distinguishing medicinal plants and knowledge of how to harvest. Since you have to have both of them, you should also be on guard not to be attacked by monsters. So even among requests for F-rankers, it’s considered the most difficult.” (Marie)

“I see.” (Toru)

“Since newcomers fail in this kind of mission one after another, it has become a permanent request, so even if a newcomer fails, there are no disadvantages. Otherwise, new adventurers will repeatedly fail to complete the quest and will be removed from the guild roster in no time.” (Marie)

“I see.” (Toru)

As Toru listened to the receptionist, cold sweat poured on Toru’s back.

(I chose this because I can’t see myself making any mistakes. But that’s why I need to think things through before receiving a request…!) (Toru)

“It is not only here, but at present, the request for medicinal herb collection has become permanent. Because F-rank adventurers fail too often…” (Marie)

“I see.” (Toru)

“This is not the only request that frequently fails. Recently, several adventurers are being kicked out because they continue to fail. Recently, many guild staff lamented that the adventurers are lacking in skill and talent…” (Marie)

“Well, that sounds tough.” (Toru)

“That’s right! Thanks to that, the number of adventurers with rank E and F has decreased… It’s still okay for now, but if it continues, there is a possibility that low-rank requests will not be available in the future. I wish everyone was a good adventurer like Toru-san.” (Marie)

“Ahahaha…..” (Toru)

The receptionist looked at Toru with an expectant look.

That gesture made the adventurer who was waiting behind Toru click his tongue while being filled with murderous intent, “Chi! (Explode).”

His bloodlust is piercing Toru and cold sweat flows down on Toru’s back.

“Is that all?” (Toru) [1]

“Ah, yes, I’m very sorry. Then, I will go through the procedure to complete the request. Toru-san, here is your guild card.” (Marie)

“Thank you” (Toru)

Toru put the card on the tablet that the receptionist placed on the counter. When the receptionist pushed a button on the side of the table, a light came out and was absorbed by the card.

103 lights have emerged. It is the number of requests completed. Meanwhile, the receptionist begins to press the button 103 times.

“Foo…” (Marie)

The receptionist shook her hand after the analysis showed 103 lights.

(Well, if you push the button that many times, your fingers will surely get tired…) (Toru)

“Thank you for waiting. This is the reward for this time. Please check.” (Marie)

Toru took the small hemp bag from the receptionist and looked inside. There were 10 silver coins and 3 large copper coins inside.

The reward is one large copper coin per bundle of medicinal herb.

Whether the reward is high or low is unknown to Toru. One might consider it cheap for only getting one large copper coin for completing a difficult quest.

However, if they make proper preparations, they can make a killing if they bring back 10 bundles which are equal to a silver coin.

“And congratulations. Since the number of completed request has exceeded the amount needed to rank up, your adventurer rank has increased to E.” (Marie)

“eh?” (Toru)

Toru never expected that his adventurer rank would go up after one quest.

Though he was surprised he acted calmly.

“Isn’t it too easy? I’ve only cleared the herbal collection.” (Toru)

“There is no problem for F-ranks because it uses a simple point system. Some may feel tricked, but in the first place no one cleared the required points with just one medicinal herb collection quest.” (Marie)

Marie replied while smiling.

It would have been hard to carry 103 herbs into the guild.

If a person doesn’t have [inventory], it’s difficult to rank up when you just do the herb collection quest.

“Somehow it feels too easy…” (Toru)

“The F-rank is made only to observe the basic physical strength and the reliability of the adventurer. I do not think that the standard is low, but if you are going to be an adventurer, you should clear this stage easily. It is a stage where one becomes a true adventurer when crossed.” (Marie)

“So that’s it” (Toru)

In other words, Marie is describing something like a probation period when getting employed by a company. Toru was convinced.

“You can now receive subjugation requests from E-rank. The difficulty is quite different from an F-rank request, so please be careful.” (Marie)

“Okay. Thank you for your guidance.” (Toru)

Toru bowed and left the guild.

-While feeling a stabbing gaze directed at him.


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[2]:  Translation and perspective corrections

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