Magic Swordsman Chapter 88: Vice Commander of the Silver Wing Knights

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 The day after I bought a pair of shoes at Regulus Trading Company.


 Esther and I went to the headquarters of the Silver Wing Knights.



 My new shoe’s grip on the stone pavement is solid.


 I walk around while enjoying the feeling of new shoes.



 The shoes that Jack brought out had some problems in how it was made, but their performance was outstanding.


 They gently wrapped around my feet as if they were cradling them, yet they were impervious to attacks from the outside.



 Although the entire shoe is as hard as steel-toed work boots are, it bends flexibly depending on my movement.



 Above all, the grip of the sole is better than normal shoes.


 The effort used during braking suddenly is extremely small.



 This is one gold coin.



“I found a good product.”



 Compared to ordinary shoes, the price is outrageous, but I think it is a reasonable price for combat shoes.



“By the way, Esther should not you have talked with your dad more? It is been a long time since you have last seen him again, has not it?”


“There is indeed a lot to talk about, but I left because I did not want to be engaged to a nobleman. If I am seen with him for too long, I will become a nuisance to father.” (Esther)



“That is the way it is, is not it?”


“That it is.” (Esther)




 You can choose freely for marriages in Japan.


 Whether you are married or divorced, Japan is far from an era where people worry about what the world thinks of them. It does not even affect your career.



 Maybe that is why I could not really understand how important it was to marry a nobleman.



“I was born into a merchant family, but now I am just Esther.”



 Esther’s ponytail was swaying more energetically than usual as she declared.





 The Silver Wing Knights’ headquarters is built in front of the Royal Castle.


 The building is twice as large as the Finlis Adventurer’s Guild.



 Adventurers who were asked to do the same as us had already lined up at the entrance to the headquarters.


 A considerable number of adventurers have already been gathered.



 The sheer number of adventurers in the line showed how important the ceremony was for the country to announce the order of succession to the throne.



 We stood at the back of the line for a while.


 Finally, it was our turn.



“What guild do you belong to and what is your name.” (Receptionist)


“Toru and Esther from the Finlis Adventurer’s Guild.”


“Finlis, right? …… Yes, we have checked. Please take a seat over there and wait a moment.” (Receptionist)



 At the reception, we sat on a bench that is a few steps away.



“… That is a different response.” (Esther)


“That is right”



 Esther and I tilt our heads and pondered.



 The adventurers who had been accepted immediately left the headquarters with one knight member with them.


 The knights guiding the adventurers are lined up next to the reception desk.



 I thought that we were likely to pair with one of them after the reception.



 In front of us, the registration of other adventurers is proceeding smoothly.


 However, we were the only ones sitting in the chairs and waiting.



“Thank you for waiting. You are Toru-san and Esther-san, right?” (Knight)


“Oh, yes.” (Esther)





 A male knight in his mid-twenties to early thirties was the one who called out to us.



 The knight wears a half plate with the coat of arms of the Silver Wing Knights.


 A well-used longsword, which is clearly decorative, is hanging on his waist.



 Maybe because they are the Silver Wing Knights, it is mostly made of silver.


 The only thing that was different among the silver equipment was the reddish-black small shield attached to his left hand.



(This person is pretty strong.)



 Based on his appearance, that is my impression.


 Even if he suddenly slashes at us, there is no chance to prevent it.



“I am Themis, Vice Commander of the Silver Wing Knights. I will be with you from today until the succession to the Yuster throne is announced.” (Knight => Themis)


“Thank you very much. I am Toru, a D-rank adventurer. Nice to meet you.”


“Similarly, Esther. Nice to meet you.” (Esther)



 After finishing our greetings, we left the headquarters of the Silver Wing Knights under the guidance of Themis.


 Themis is kind and has a friendly atmosphere.



“I will tell you about the patrol mission as we walk. This mission is quite simple. We will be walking around the city like this, checking for anything unusual. D-rank adventurers should not be in too much danger, but please do not let your guard down.” (Themis)


“Themis. Is there any rule about the patrol route?”


“I cannot answer about the patrol route because it is a confidential matter. That is why there is one member of the Silver Wing Knights with the adventurer party.” (Themis)



 I see I thought.



 No matter how talented adventurers gathered are, after all, they are still unfamiliar with the city.


 They cannot move as well as the knights who train in this city regularly.



 Then, it is the policy of the Silver Wings Knights to add one knight member to the adventurer party as the leader.


 A member of the Knights, who are familiar with the patrol routes and precautions, will lead the adventurers as a team leader.



 This way, there is no need to disclose secrets to the adventurers, and the possibility of leaking secrets can be reduced.


 Also, if the members of the Order directly monitor the adventurers, there will be no one who can move undetected or skip their duties.



 It was the quickest and most effective method.



“So, we are just going to follow Themis-san around?” (Esther)


“That is right.” (Themis)


“Hmm. It is pretty lax.” (Esther)



 Themis smiled at Esther’s honest impression.


 Nevertheless, I also agree with Esther.



 As a job, it is less dangerous and easier, but I am not sure if I should be paid for it.


 However, if we change our way of thinking, we can say that this is a job where we can be paid just for sightseeing.



 This was my first trip to the royal capital of Yuster.



 It was a good chance to enjoy the royal capital to some extent without forgetting about my job.


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