Magic Swordsman Chapter 90: Choose now so there is no Regret

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“” — !?”” (Toru & Company)



 The roaring sound was enough to shake my body.


 I lowered my body slightly so that I would not lose my posture due to the shockwaves.



 Then, immediately I look at the creature who made the sound.


 Black smoke is rising from the center of the royal capital of Yuster.



 After the shockwaves from the explosion disappeared, the citizens who filled the street screamed.


 Escaping all at once in the opposite direction to the source of the sound.



 I was swept away by the wave of people moving.


 I cannot even go to the center in this situation.





“—?!” (Esther)



 I sent Esther a signal through my eyes.


 The next moment, I jump.


 Soaring high, I landed on top of the roof of a private house.


 Later, Esther got on next to me.



“What happened!?” (Esther)


“… I do not know, but it does not seem like a fire.”



 The way the smoke rises is different from that of a fire.



 The sound of the explosion echoed again.


 At the same time as the sound came, the houses in the center collapse.



“Toru-san, Esther-san. Let’s go to the area of the source immediately.” (Themis)



 Themis, who had climbed the roof before we knew it, told this to us in a serious voice.



“It is an emergency. As Vice Commander of the Silver Wing Knights, I will allow you to pull out your swords. Please look at the situation and pull out your sword at your own discretion.” (Themis)




“Oh!” (Esther)



 The three of us ran down the roof to the center of the city.


 I felt the magical power in the air is gradually increasing as we approached the center.



 The adventurers and knights who had decided that they could not take the lower roads were heading for the center along the roofs, just like us.


 However, as we approached a certain distance, everyone stopped in their tracks.



(Why do not they get down to the source right away?)



 I wondered.



 I realize the reason when I was 50 meters from the source.



“–Uh!” (Esther)





 Esther and I stopped at the same time.


 The amount of magical power that began to drift from the center was terrifying as soon as we came.



 That is not all.


 The man who was probably the owner of the magic power was standing in the destroyed city.


 The moment I saw him, I felt a tremendous sense of fear.



 My <Intuition> skill is saying, “Do not come near!”


 The magic power and murderous intent that drifted through the air pierced the back of my neck.



 The smell of blood drifted along with the dust from the collapsed houses.


 The bodies of those involved were scattered in the center.



 None of them retaining their original shape.



 One person who was late to escape is transformed into a corpse by the hand of a single man.



 This was the kill zone.


 If you step into it carelessly, you will die.


 Moreover, because they know that, none of the people gathered here can get any closer.



“…terrible” (Esther)



 Esther whispered.


 Her voice was quivering.



“Is that a devil…?” (Esther)



 I was horrified by Esther’s next words.


 Devil — Lily says it is at least a level 70 creature.



 From a distance, the man in the center does not look much different from a human.


 However, the magical power he has is clearly not from an ordinary human being.



 So is his physical abilities.


 It is a person that tears a human apart with his bare hands.



 I did not think it was even human at all.



“… If both of you can move, please save the citizens who are late to escape.” (Themis)




“I am the Vice Commander of the Silver Wing Knights, who protect the royal capital of Yuster.” (Themis)



 If you want to protect the city, you cannot waste your life.


 Themis-san’s eyes said to us.



 Without waiting for our reply, Themis-san jumped into the kill zone.



 I looks at Themis’s back and looked at Esther.


 Esther was sitting down.



 Her skin is pale.



 About a tenth of a second.


 After some hesitation, I took out my skill board



>> Skill points: 536 → 45

>> [Complete Enhancement + 8] [Complete Enhancement ]

>> [Body Enhancement + 5] → [Body Enhancement ]

>> [Magic Enhancement + 5] → [Magic Enhancement ]

>> [Natural Recovery5] → [Natural Recovery ★]

>> [Enhanced Resistance + 5] → [Enhanced Resistance ★]

>> [Stamina +5] → [Stamina +7]

>> [Magic +5] → [Magic+7]

>> [Strength +5] → [Strength+7]

>> [Dexterity +5] → [Dexterity +7]

>> [Agility +5] → [Agility +7]

>> [Intelligence +5] → [Intelligence +7]

>> [Luck +5] → [Luck +7]


 Use points until the very last moment to raise your basic skills.


 Leave the extra points to make up for what you lack in the actual fight.



“Esther. Do not overdo it, evacuate to a safe place as soon as possible!”


“Umm Toru!? Well, wait–” (Esther)



 Without listening to Esther’s words, I leaped as fast as I can towards the man who seems to be a devil.


 In a moment.






 The roof tiles were blown off after I jumped.


 The maximum value of my strength is different from before.



 Previously, when I focused on passive skills, I could not feel such a big difference.


 The only difference from before is my level.



(So, this passive skill has a positive correction based on the value of my level.)



 After a few moments of reflection on my passive skills, I quickly changed my mind.


 This is the best that I can do right now.


 If this does not work, nothing else will work.



 Originally, it would have been better for me to evacuate as well.


 Because I am an adventurer, not a member of the Knights.



 I am what people called an “inferior person.”



(Even if I go, it may not be of any use.)



 Still, I moved.


 If an acquaintance like Themis-san might die, and I did not do anything.



 If I do not do what I can to save his life, I am sure I will not be able to forgive myself for that.


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