Magic Swordsman Chapter 91: Pride of the Vice Commander of the Silver Wing Knights

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~Themis’ Perspective~


 Themis, who had reached the center of the city, almost cowered under the tremendous magical power.


 The man who had caused this commotion was definitely an unusual one.


 The word “devil” kept popping up in Themis’ mind.


 He carefully drew his sword and readied it.



“–Was it you?” (Devil)


“…What?” (Themis)




 The man’s words made me shudder.


 The first time I heard the man’s voice, it was raspy and croaky.




 It was not that his voice had always been that way, but it sounded painful as if he had been screaming for three days and three nights.



“Did you kill him?!”





 Suddenly, the man shouted and attacked me.


 The next thing I knew, the man was right in front of me.



(Fast–!) (Themis)



 I readied my shield amidst my panic.


 The small shield was just in time to meet the man’s attack.




 The next moment.



“–Ku!” (Themis)



 Themis was blown backward by the force as if a huge boulder had hit him.



 If I take a straightforward attack with this shield, my body will easily get injured.


 This shield is not for receiving those kinds of attacks, but for parrying.



 Themis used his shield skills, which he improved in his daily training, to parry the man’s attack.


 Still, the man’s attack was powerful enough for Themis to blow backward.




(Ku… My arm is getting battered…) (Themis)



 My left forearm is numb and hurting.


 It seems that the attack could not be parried in time and my bone is now broken.




(I cannot even see and react to his attacks…) (Themis)



 The difference in strength is too great.


 Themis is sure he cannot even hurt the devil, let alone incapacitate them.


 Even if he is here, Themis, who cannot attack or defend, is just a punching bag.



 Themis smiles slightly.


 Enduring the pain of the fracture, Themis held a small shield.




 My mission is to protect the Royal Capital, Yuster.


 The Silver Wing knights are the shield of the people.



 It is time for me to prepare.


 To become a “shield”.




“I’ll kill you all!” (Devil)


“Sacred treasure Release! [Rebellion against Inevitable Death – Might Liberta].”



 Before the man’s attack arrives.


 Themis’s shield glowed faintly.


 Light brimming with magic spread from the shield covering Themis completely.




 The next moment






 The Themis’ shield completely blocked the man’s fist.



――!?” (Devil)



 Themis, who had just blown away with a single blow before, was just slightly pushed back.


 Are you surprised at this change? The devil paused as his eyes widen in surprise.



“Hmm. A single-arm might be enough?” (Themis)




 I analyze my situation calmly.


 I have finally used the Sacred treasure “Shield of Rebellion” that has been passed down from generation to generation.


 I have unleashed the Sacred treasure using the command [Might Liberta].



 The Shield of Rebellion is a Sacred treasure taken from the devil that was subdued in the Kingdom of Yuster about 70 years ago.


 The Meitstaf family, who greatly contributed to the subjugation of the devil, received this small shield from the king.



 From there, the Maeitstaf family has inherited this sacred treasure from generation to generation.



 The reason why he is the Vice Commander of the Silver Wing Knights at the young age of 27 is, of course, Themis’ high ability, but it is largely due to this sacred treasure.



 The Small Shield of Rebellion, which releases the power [Might Liberta], develops an inescapable barrier within a radius of 50 meters.


 In addition, if the user suffers damage, the user’s defense is raised by the amount of damage.


 The more the user is attacked, the harder he or she becomes, until finally, he or she can never be hurt.


 The shield’s power was perfect for a Silver Wing Knight, a shield that protects the people.



 Of course, such power cannot be used freely without any compensation.


From the moment he deploys [Might Liberta], Themis has been pouring his life into the shield.



(If I live a normal life, it is 50 or 60 years… I wonder how old I could live now?) (Themis)



 I imagine a future I could have live in, but then I am quickly brought back to reality.


 Without the present, the future will never come.



(It is more important to get rid of this guy!) (Themis)



 I slowly approached the man.


 The man thought that I was going to be difficult to deal with. He looks like he is planning to move away.






“Guh!?” (Devil)



 That barrier will prevent you from escaping.


 He kept on hitting the barrier. However, the barrier does even move.



“Give up. You cannot escape from here. You will die here. By Magic Stone Poison Barrier.” (Themis)


“Shut up!” (Devil)



 The man raised his voice filled with trepidation.


 In fact, when the man stepped into the royal capital. The multiple barriers covering the Royal Capital of Yuster had already affected him.


 It does not react to the magic stones of weak monsters, but if it is someone as strong as this man, the barrier will never miss him.



 Although invisible to the eye, the Poison Barrier is eroding the magic stone of the man.



 Eventually, the man’s magic stone will be shattered by poison.


 It was a definite future when he entered the Royal Capital of Yuster.



 The question is whether I will have enough life until the man’s magic stone breaks.


 But what if–.




(If this man had no magic stones …) (Themis)



“Uhhhhh!” (Themis)



 Distracted by anxiety, I was suddenly hit by the man as he shouts hoarsely.



 Unlike the previous attacks, each blow was heavy.


 The killing intent put into every punch is completely different.


 This man’s attacks are now serious.



 As soon as I mentioned Poison Barrier, the man is no longer wasting time.


 I am convinced.



(Okay… This guy has a magic stone in his body!) (Themis)




 If he has a magic stone in his body, I just have to endure.



 However, Themis could not cope with the attack from the man at all.


 The attack is so quick that he cannot even read the trajectory.



 Level, status, skill.


 The man is overwhelmingly above me.



 However, with a punch then another, the pain gradually decreased with each attack.


 The sacred treasure has boosted Themis’ defenses at a terrifying rate.




“What… what are you…!?” (Devil)



“My name is Themis Meitstaf, Vice Commander of the Silver Wing Knights. The one who protects the people and vanquishes evil on behalf of the King! Be silent and rust on my sword!” (Themis)


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