Magic Swordsman Chapter 92: Difference in Raw Power

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~Themis’ Perspective~



 “Gunu……!!” (Themis)



 My sword approached the man.


 However, it never reached.



 My attacks were avoided easily.


 It is no wonder. The only thing that Themis has against the man is his defensive power.


 He cannot raise his attack power or speed with the sacred treasure.



 In addition, the damage has accumulated on Themis’ body.


 The damage is so serious that the effect of the sacred treasure can completely nullify the man’s attack.




 With so much damage, I could not make a decent attack.



“Who are you calling evil? You guys killed my son!” (Devil)


“What?” (Themis)


“The one who brutally killed my innocent son is evil!” (Devil)


“Wait, what are you talking about?” (Themis)


“Questioning is useless!!” (Devil)





 I was stuck on the man’s words, but I lost the opportunity to ask.


 From there on, the devil continued his barrage.



 I am receiving no damage. The sacred treasure has fully increased my defense.


 However, even if I can withstand the attack, I do not have the power to stop the attacks.



 Perhaps because he realized that his bare hands would not do any damage to me, the man took out his sword from an empty space.



(He has [Inventory]!) (Themis)



 The sword was huge, as tall as a child.


 The tip of the sword approached me.



(Does this not looks bad?) (Themis)



 I barely react to it.


 However, I was too late.



 A dull blade touched Themis’ neck.



“–!” (Themis)


“Nu?” (Devil)



 The man’s sword, however, only hurt Themis’ neck by a millimeter.



(… Huh. As expected, but that chilled me to the core.) (Themis)



 Themis is relieved from his luck.



 Today is the first time he used sacred treasure.


 This is the first time I have used a sacred treasure in my life, so I do not really know how far the sacred treasure can repel an attack.



 I panicked, thinking that weapons would be unaffected, but it seems that the sacred treasure can ward off all kinds of attacks.


 The man then summoned [Flare] on his palm.


 Advanced magic that could burn the village to the ground was unleashed on me.


 But even that did not affect me.



“Ku… Uoooooo!” (Themis)



 From there, I continued to be attacked by all kinds of spells.



 100 or 200 shots?



 Themis, who continued to be attacked, suddenly noticed that the attack had stopped.



“Huh… Huh…” (Devil)



 The man’s breath has become labored.


 Still, the man continued to blame me.



 Despite this, I received no new injuries.


 As expected, sacred treasures that can defeat devils.



(… Not enough.) (Themis)



 I am no longer receiving any damage.


 However, I cannot stop worrying.




(Is the poison still working!?) (Themis)


(How long will my life power the sacred treasure?) (Themis)


(How long do I have to endure before the man dies !?) (Themis)



 Themis felt like he had been fighting for a long time.


 In reality, only a short time has passed.


 However, if nothing is done, Themis may fall first.



 The signs had already appeared.



*cough*!! (Themis)



 When Themis coughed, a huge amount of blood spilled out.



 I do not know if this is due to the accumulated damage or has my life been reduced too much.



 However, I can only conclude one thing.


 I do not have enough time…



 How about the other guy?


 The man grinned.



“If you keep quiet, you’re going to die soon.” (Devil)


“I’m not sure about that. I think the Poison Barrier is starting to affect you too.” (Themis)


“Would you like to know?” (Devil)


“…” (Themis)



 The man laughed confidently.



 Well, what do I do now…?


 While I was thinking.






 A familiar boy wielded a longsword and slashed at the man.


 That boy – Toru.



 Themis was stunned by the sudden appearance of Toru.



(Did he not run away… why?) (Themis)



 To Themis, it looked as if Toru was pressured by the man’s aura.


 It was understandable.



 All the other adventurers and members of the Silver Wing Knights were so pressured that they were paralyzed.



 When a truly strong enemy appears, it does not matter how powerful you think you are.


 The last thing that pushes your body forward is the strength of your heart.



 He just is a boy under the age of 20.


 It would be unreasonable to expect a boy to have the strength of mind that surpasses that of an ordinary adult.



 The reason why I am still able to move was because I spent everyday training. Building up my determination to use my sacred treasure to burn up my life at any time.



(Does he have that determination too?) (Themis)



 Soon Toru is no longer affected by the man’s atmosphere.


 He was attacking the man, skillfully manipulating his black long sword.



 His skill in swordsmanship is higher than mine.


 I could barely follow the trajectory of his sword.



 The man who has been attacked by Toru is also someone terrifying.



(Will this be enough!?) (Themis)



 It was then that I found hope.



“Yarakuseeee!!” (Devil) [T/N: I think this is his son’s name.]


“–!?” (Toru)



 The man wielded a great sword by with just his strenght.


 Toru receives the attack with his sword.



“Avoid–” (Themis)



 Avoid it.


 Before I could say those words, the sword came.


 Toru’s body was blown like a pebble.



 Toru, who was blown away by force, crashed towards a house.








 The house that Toru crashed into collapsed on top of him.


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