Magic Swordsman Chapter 94: When Things You Didn’t Use Back Then See the Light of Day

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 I poured magic power into my hand and shot it towards the incoming [Flare].



 In the blink of an eye,






 A cracking sound, like plastic crumpling, echoed through the air..


 At the same time, the incoming [Flare] disappeared.




>> [Anti-Magic Lv1] acquired




“What the!?” (Devil)



 When I countered the magic, that the man casted on the fly.


 I never thought that magic would be completely neutralized.




 [Flare] disappeared from my eyes, and I felt relieved.


 I used the same amount of magic power to offset the spell.



 Before, I used this technique once when Lily released a spell.



 It was a success, and it went better than Toru imagined.


 What made it successful at the first time was the high level of Toru’s [Magic Art] skill.


 Also, thanks to his daily magic training.



“Well, how about this!!” (Devil)



 The man casted [Flare] again.


 This time three at the same time.


 If I received this, I would have gotten totally disintegrated including my bones, also this entire area will become a sea of fire.


 Even stones should melt in such a high temperatures.



 I calmly, used [Anti-Magic].




>> [Anti-magic Lv1] → [Anti-magic Lv2]





 I immediately approached the man as I neutralized his magic.


 Swinging the [Magic Sword] swiftly, I will not allow any openings.





“Nugu!!” (Devil)



 For a while, our exchange on offensive and defensive movements continued.


 However, I can now see clearly.



 The attack pattern he learned from that werewolf.


 It was as if Toru was now cornering this man in a game of chess, blocking his choices one move at a time.



 After ten or twenty moves, he finally found an opening.


 Finally, the man had a huge gap in his defense.




 Toru thoroughly repelled that man’s unreasonable attack with all his might.






 The man’s great sword was flung over his head.



 –a chance!


 I swung the [Magic Sword] at the man’s neck.




[Magic Sword] definitely tore the man’s throat.


 -Well it should have been torn.






 However, the man is not even hurt.



(No way–)



 A man swings his great sword down from above.


 I have no time to be surprised.



 I immediately moved back.


 At the same time, I opened my [Inventory].





~Sarnus’ Perspective~


 The man who attacked the royal capital of Yuster — Sarnus was suddenly surprised by the green color that covered his sight.



 I thought the boy who had been fighting had unleashed a spell I had never seen before.


 However, I immediately realized that this is not a magic spell.



 I do not feel any magical power from the green.


 It also smelled like dead leaves.


 If I look closely, I can see that the green is grass.



(Tsk, you even have [Inventory].) (Sarnus)



 The boy released the yard trimmings that he had been keeping in his [Inventory] toward Sarnus.


 Sarnus does not know why he put the vegetation in his [Inventory].


 When people store unnecessary items, it just takes precious storage space.



(Did he have it as an emergency smoke screen?) (Sarnus)



 If so, He is not some easy-to-read opponent.


 In fact, I was having trouble with this boy.



 I am a skilled warrior who has reached level 60.


 I am confident that if my opponent was a human being, they would be ground to dust even if I am unarmed.


 In fact, the humans in the royal capital of Yuster could be destroyed just by being beaten by my fists.


 But this boy and the other man were different.



“I can’t keep standing in a place like this.” (Sarnus)



 A large amount of poison magic is still pouring into the magic stone on my chest.


 One hour or two hours?


 Soon, I will die.



 I knew that there was such a barrier in Yuster.


 I predicted that once inside the city, I will never be able to get out alive.



 Still, I had to enter the royal capital of Yuster.


 To kill all humans in Yuster.



 A few seconds have passed since the boy left the vegetation.


 Still, the vegetation is still floating around Sarnus.



“… Is it wind magic?” (Sarnus)



 The boy continues to make the vegetation float using wind magic.



 -Should I burn it all with [Flare]?


 Such an idea goes through my head.



 However, when aiming at a target close to the caster, magic can also affect the caster.


 Burning the surrounding vegetation will also cause some burns to Sarnus.



 I hesitated, wondering what I should do.


 At that moment, I sensed killing intent from beyond the plant debris.



(It is coming!) (Sarnus)



 I held my great sword in front of me.


 The next moment, three jet-black arrows flew out from behind the trees that covered his vision.



 If it were a normal person, the arrows would have definitely pierced him.


 However, he was dealing with Sarnus, an experienced warrior.


 It’s not like he’s going to be slowed down unless he’s bombarded continuously.



“Hah!!” (Sarnus)



 I casually deflected an arrow with my great sword.


 It was at that moment.



“Gaha!?” (Sarnus)



 I was attacked from “behind”.



“Nonsense!” (Sarnus)



 He had no idea that he was going to be attacked from behind at the same time as he had been shot by an arrow from the front.


 The only person in the room who could hurt Sarnus was the boy.


 The shield wielder was badly injured.



 –Who else?



 Turning my head, I looked behind.


 There was a girl there.



 A girl with a beautiful blonde hair flowing from her back while equipped with an iron breastplate.


 I have never seen the girl.



(Someone new!!) (Sarnus)



 Readying his sword, Sarnus swung his sword.


 Fortunately, the scratches are shallow.


 It’s not enough to put a deep hand on Sarnus who is level 60.



 Did the girl put her whole weight on the attack?


 Her body is floating mid-air.


 In that state, my great sword will not miss.



 I was convinced that I had killed the girl.





“What!?” (Sarnus)




 The girl “jumped” backwards in midair, when she should have been struck by my attack.


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