Otherworld Company Chapter 131.1: They Ask For Your Help, But Whether You Can Help Them Is Another Matter

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 I turn to face her as she takes the cloak I offered and puts it on, this is so I can look at her properly.


 The angel is looking at me as if nothing in particular happened, showing his large wings on his back, as if he has no thoughts about the outfit he just wore.



“So? Why are you, an angel, here?” (Jiro)


“Is that the right question, why am I in the dungeon?” (Angel)


“Yes, it would be helpful if you could explain the circumstances of your attack, but if it’s too much trouble, I don’t mind if you skip it.” (Jiro)


“Hmm, it is my duty to explain the situation to the brave men. It’s not a big deal.” (Angel)


“No, I told you I’m not a hero, got it?” (Jiro)



 It doesn’t matter at this point why this angel thinks I’m a hero.


 It’s obvious that I am going to be involved in this mess later on anyway.


 So, I should ask her.


 She raised her hand denying my words of denial.



“I’m sorry for acting rashly, but it’s also true that we don’t have much time. Let’s talk straight to the point. I’ve been sealed up and I became the power source of this dungeon from which I escaped.” (Angel)


“……” (Jiro)


“Why are you making that face again? Normally, if an angel like me is acting as a substitute for the dungeon core you would be surprised, right?” (Angel)



 The angel in front of me, perhaps dissatisfied with the fact that I gave no satisfactory reactions, had her brows raised.


 But unfortunately, I’m just doing my best to hold back a sigh.



“No, how do I say it. Lately, I often think that I should perform an exorcism once I get home. I’ve run out of surprise.” (Jiro)



 As one would expect from a man whose Luck is four [T/N: Is this a typo? It’s 5 you know.], I’ve gotten myself into trouble again.


 Somehow, to put it plainly, I thought something would happen since I was refused to enter this dungeon.


 I thought that I would not be a hero character with trouble following him, but I remembered that since I was in the previous company, it was rare for things to go smoothly, and I encountered trouble every day.


 I was reminded of the sad reality that it was just a change of variety.



“Okay, I didn’t see anything. We didn’t meet. Got it?” (Jiro)


“No, wait, why are you proceeding on the assumption that we are separating?” (Angel)


“Understand, no, even if you don’t understand, please be convinced. I don’t need understanding or mutual understanding. I just need you to be okay with it and let me proceed with this thing called a timetable. I’m serious.” (Jiro)


“That’s not going to happen. If I separate from the hero without repaying him for breaking the seal, the name of Angels will be sullied. I will help you and repay my debt.” (Angel)


“No, I don’t need such an obvious source of trouble.” (Jiro)


“!?” (Angel)


“No, that stupid look won’t change my answer.” (Jiro)



 I want to get away from her as soon as possible, but she won’t let me.


 Wondering if this is a forced event or something strange, I try to find an opening and try to leave, but the angel keeps on trying to prevent me from doing so. [T/N: Just run like Mama Kirika.]



“I have been taking advantage of the gaps in the maintenance of the dungeon core for 200 years, and you don’t want to help a weak angel who has finally escaped by piling up a lot of hard work! How can you still call yourself a hero?” (Angel)


“That’s why I said I’m not a hero! How many times do I have to tell you? I’ve been denying that I’m not from the beginning, haven’t I? Can you leave calling me a hero for a change? Even a hard-of-hearing hero would listen to you a little more seriously! And look at the devastation around you! How can you say you’re weak? You don’t need my help! You can handle this on your own!!” (Jiro)



 The entire area has been gouged out by the iron balls, and the terrain was changed.


 If the dungeon was functioning normally, it would not be possible to change the terrain, but this angel is taking the place of the dungeon core, and that dungeon core is currently absent.


 If this were the case, the function would be unstable and normal operations would be disrupted.


 It seems a little late for that since the control was originally not even good enough previously, but even so, it should not be possible for the terrain to be changed.


 But the angel in front of me has accomplished that with physical force alone.


 That alone clearly proves that this angel is not a feeble existence.



“Hmm? Wait a minute, you just said you’re 200 years old. I heard that this dungeon is much older. Even if the heroes were with him when he invaded and were somehow sealed up, that doesn’t make sense?” (Jiro)


“To be precise, the time is exactly two hundred and thirty-five years, three months, and two days. I’m not going to go into detail about the time before that, but before I became a dungeon core, I was injured in a battle with the dungeon master here, and I fell asleep. Well, the next thing I knew, I was connected to the dungeon and was about to be asked to rewrite some dungeon information, but I refused to do it all! I am an angel. I don’t help the demons.” (Angel)



 You can puff your chest out and say you’re a great guy, but be careful, because I can see your white navel through the gap in the cloak.



“It’s the details. I mean, is the manager of this dungeon an idiot? I’m sure he’s an idiot. No, I can say with certainty, he’s an idiot. There’s always a slim chance, it’s something paper-thin, but I’d like to think this is always a possibility.” (Jiro)



 It can be said that the guy who manages this dungeon is an idiot.


 No matter how much magic and longevity an angel is supposed to have, what are they thinking, incorporating it into their management?


 No matter how much you restrain them, they could have taken over the dungeon if they messed up.



“Why are they using hostile life forms to control the dungeon? There are too many risks.” (Jiro)


“If I extrapolate from the information from when I was conscious, it seems that the dungeon core was considerably damaged in the battle with the heroes and had a short lifespan. The dungeon administrator at that time was afraid of losing it, so he incorporated me during my dormant state on his own initiative. From then until now, I have continued to manage the dungeon for generations.” (Angel)



 No, I wanted to throw a tsukkomi, but I saw more of the picture by assuming that the battle must have been terrible. And we proceeded with the conversation.



“I was convinced by the relatively possible story. And I noticed that when you told me that story, so, how long has it been since you escaped?” (Jiro)


“It’s been about three days now, and it took a lot of effort to climb up the levels from the deepest part to this point, relying on magic detection while being blinded.” (Angel)


“…I found out the real reason why they were in such a hurry. The reason for the dungeon’s collapse is laid out right in front of us.” (Jiro)


“Are you talking about me?” (Angel)


“Who else could it be?” (Jiro)



 And then, I was finally able to grasp the whole picture of why the Explorer Guild was in such a panic.


 Amiricia’s story was not wrong, but it was not a perfect answer.


 The angel that had been a replacement for the dungeon core escaped at the right moment when there was an available seat among the Seven Generals.


 In addition, the angel is powerful enough to sustain the dungeon.


 If it comes to light that he let such an angel out of the dungeon, I wonder how much responsibility he will have to bear.


 Just thinking about it is frightening.


 In addition, from the way this angel spoke, it seems like the sole decision of the person in charge at the time to incorporate the angel. I don’t know if it was illegal to use the angel’s power, but if they did it without permission, they would not escape punishment.


 If a guy like me comes at such a time, well, they’ll be in a panic.


 I would imagine that guards and researchers are posted at the dungeon core, which is probably the most sensitive area, and they probably received a report from there and were in a hurry to deal with the situation.


 From this angel’s point of view, she was being unfairly restrained and her magical power was being exploited, so she probably just made elaborate preparations and carried them out in order to escape from the situation.


 However, from the side of the management who was completely relieved that everything had been fine up until now, the sudden event would have made them panic like a child poking at a honeycomb.


 I am impressed by the nerve of the angel, who looks as if she is saying that the matter’s seriousness is no big deal.



 And once I know that it’s easy to act.



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