Otherworld Company Chapter 131.2: They Ask For Your Help, But Whether You Can Help Them Is Another Matter

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 However, from the side of the management who was completely relieved that everything had been fine up until now, the sudden event would have made them panic, like a child poking at a wasp nest.


 I am impressed by the nerve of the angel, who looks as if she is saying that the matter’s seriousness is no big deal.


 And once I know that it’s easy to act.




“I see. Well then, do your best to escape.” (Jiro)


“Wait! Why are you avoiding me like this? Isn’t this the place to give me a hand!?” (Angel)


“If you said it yourself, you understand!! No matter how beautiful you are, if you’re carrying a time bomb called trouble, that’s a different story!! My priority right now is my personal safety rather than a man’s inner desires! That’s what a man who’s going to be a father of one needs!” (Jiro)



 It was good for us to know the whole story.


 And I thought I could go through with the flow, but it seems that the person who asked me for payment wouldn’t let me go the other way.



“If that’s the case, how about this one! I will give that child the blessing of an angel! If so, you can be assured of not only good health but also a successful future!” (Angel)


“I refuse! Who would push their child into a valley of a thousand troublesome flags! I’ll protect them with my own hands rather than leave them in the hands of such a troublesome divine protection!” (Jiro)



 He tried to persuade me in every way he could, but I immediately said no, as it is a given that trouble comes with the benefits of angelic and divine blessings.


 The angel hugs me around the waist, determined not to let me get away so that I can see her determination to be steadfast in her response.


 I grab the angel by the shoulders to push her away, but she shows no sign of getting off.


 Even in an unstable posture, my power, including magic circulation, is enough to knock down a 10-ton truck.


 Even so, this angel’s power is unfathomable.



“Say something then! Give me a reason, give me a good reason! What is the reason why you need me to help you escape from the dungeon? If you’re already as strong as you are, you can escape the dungeon without needing to rely on me, who’s not as strong as you are!!” (Jiro)


“…….” (Angel)



 I asked her if there must be a reason why she was so desperate, and this time she stopped moving.


 Even so, she doesn’t let go of my waist because she understands that if she lets go, I’ll run away.



“If I tell you, will you cooperate?” (Angel)


“I just can’t say without any information to make a decision. I can’t make any promises.” (Jiro)



 Is she still asking because she wants to make the current situation as advantageous for her as possible?


 In response, I take a precautionary measure to avoid a yakuza-like development, such as asking me to cooperate with her after I have heard her story.



“Yes, that’s right. If you hear the reason, the hero will cooperate with me.” (Angel)


“Is it really that important? If it comes down to saving the world, I’m prepared to run away as fast as I can.” (Jiro)



 The angel’s voice became more serious than before, and I wondered if there was a good reason for it, and I braced myself.


 If you really want a savior-like hero, it’s bad for this angel, but you can’t help but use some force.


 I will try my best to escape.



“At the time, I was able to fulfill my role of delivering my fellow heroes to the Demon King, but I was more seriously wounded than I had expected and needed to take a rest to heal. So I told the heroes who were with me at the time that I would follow them later, and I put up barriers in the dungeon and went to sleep to heal my wounds, but I woke up later than I expected.” (Angel)



 I could feel my mouth twitching as I listened to the angel begin to speak, but I kept my mouth shut and urged her on.



“……” (Jiro)


“Angels are naturally long-lived, so we have a poor sense of time. Also the quality of the magic in this dungeon is a little more compatible with the wavelengths of my own magic.” (Angel)


“You mean?” (Jiro)


“I overslept because I slept more soundly than I thought I would, and the next thing I knew, the Demon King had already been defeated and replaced by a new one, and I had been sealed and embedded in the dungeon core.” (Angel)


“……” (Jiro)


“The dungeon core is a place where I can’t contact the heroes or angels, only time passes, and if I go back home, I am sure to be scolded by the sun god. I realized this after I escaped and wandered around the dungeon to buy some time. Fortunately, I had destroyed the function that created the monsters that could inflict wounds on me, so I had plenty of time. All I had to do was get rid of the demons and I would be able to buy some time.” (Angel)


“Then you met me?” (Jiro)


“That’s right, I thought that if you had the qualities to be a hero due to the quality of your magical power, and since you had a Mineral Tree that was the origin of a holy sword, you must be a hero who had invaded the demon continent. What I didn’t calculate was that the restraints were stronger than I expected and I couldn’t break them by myself, but fortunately, you took them off so we could talk like this. Now all I have to do is bring you to my God and I will be blameless.” (Angel)


“……” (Jiro)



 To summarize the story.


 She went to sleep to heal her wounds, but she overslept and got caught.


 If she reports such a blunder to her boss? God? She will be scolded by them.


 Whatever she does, she will not escape punishment.


 She met me while she was worried about how to avoid it, and she thought that if she found someone with the potential of being a hero and took me with her, she would take credit for it and there would be no problem.


 In short.



“Now, we’ve talked! Come with me to God!” (Angel)


“I refuse!!” (Jiro)



 That’s totally none of my business!


 So I just have one answer.



“Why!? I gave you a good reason!” (Angel)


“I like the fact that you were honest with me, but what kind of idiot would say, ‘Yes, I understand and I’ll go with you.’ I don’t think there are enough good-natured people in the world to say, ‘I’ll follow you because I feel sorry for you!’” (Jiro)



 The attack to pull off the angel begins again.


 This time, he will definitely do his best to shake it off.


 I know how hard it is to report a failure to your boss.


 I can at least sympathize with you, but give up and look elsewhere.



“Please!! Think of how you could help me!!” (Angel)


“I’m not in the profession of saving people! I’m a dungeon tester! I’m on the side of the Demon King’s Army, so I can’t help you anyway!” (Jiro)


“What?” (Angel)


“Ah!” (Jiro)



 I knew it was a bad idea to blurt out something like that, even if it was in the spur of the moment.


 I don’t feel any killing intent, but I feel it’s dangerous, so I break free from her loosened arms and move two meters away from her.


 I took a two-meter gap between the two of us.


 I also channeled my magic as I reach out to the handle of the Mineral Tree and take action.



“……” (Angel)


“?” (Jiro)



 But contrary to my expectations, the fight never started.


 She’s definitely an angel, so anyone who joins the Demon King’s Army is a target! I thought there was a fight spurred by her sense of justice, but…


 She began to mumble like she thinking about something, and I don’t move.


 A few seconds passed.


 I thought, “Shouldn’t I take this opportunity to get out of here?”


 Just when I was thinking, the angel looked up and said,



“Okay! I’ll just become a Fallen!” (Angel)


“How did you come to that conclusion?” (Jiro)



 Declaring my confusion, I probably said what everyone thought about this development.



Note for the Day

How did it come to this?

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