Otherworld Company Chapter 132: Be Careful With What You Say

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“Why did you come to such a conclusion…” (Jiro)



 In response to my question, the angel puts her hand on her chin in a strange gesture of contemplation.



 She has a strong presence just by being an angel and coupled with the fact that she has a well-proportioned face, her gestures are very eye-catching.



“I’m sure I will get a lot of work to do when I get home.” (Angel)


“Eh?” (Jiro)



 If only her words matched her face, it would be perfect, but it seems that the heavens do not give two gifts.


 Her expression was serious, but her words were beyond disappointing.



“I was thinking of escaping until just a little while ago, but if I think about it calmly and convert the number of days I accompanied the hero, it will reach 300 years. I have not worked for that long at all. If that were the case, there would inevitably be a mountain of work assigned to me. Someone else is probably taking care of the important work for me, but as an angel whose sense of time is longer than that of humans, there is less work that needs to be done in a hurry. Thus, the work is piling up. The Sun God must know that my presence has not disappeared. Then, when I return home, there will no doubt be work waiting for me first.” (Angel)


“Hey, you’re not an office worker in a company.” (Jiro)


“What do you mean? Angels don’t have a comfortable life as humans think! A never-ending work in the name of world peace! Thanks to being created and empowered by God, our physical and mental endurance is off the charts. Thanks to this, I am able to respond to impossible tasks! And yet I am exhausted. And this time, it was a blunder! I can no longer be in the easy position of just being reprimanded in a leisurely manner, off the set career path! Then I have no choice but to become a Fallen!” (Angel)



 It’s not a work blunder, though, it’s oversleeping. Though it’s an unthinkable period of time from a human point of view… it would be troublesome if I reacted, so I’ll keep quiet.


 But why?


 The part about having no choice but to fall sounds like a line about “having no choice but to resign.”


 The cloak she was wearing just now also made her look, for a moment, like an office worker in a suit.



“Is that so?” (Jiro)



 Is this what it means to be Fallen?


 I answered, taking a step back from the angel’s presence.


 But I guess it’s surprisingly hard work for an angel too.


 Since I joined my current company, I feel like I’ve had many encounters that have changed my racial preconceptions at every turn, such as the able-bodied worker goblin, the ogre yakuza instructor, the skeleton gentleman, a chicken-riding dark elf, a vampire crafter, and a demon supervisor.


 The same is true of this angel’s story.


 I had an image of them playing around in a flower garden in a heavenly place, but in reality, they were a corporate system like a busy office worker front.


 If I were to guess at the angel’s current state of mind, she would rather quit than go back to such an environment after all this time.


 Quitting the angel business equals falling from heaven.


 Yes, it makes sense, doesn’t it?


 But I don’t have a clear idea of what becoming “Fallen” is. As far as I know, in games and the like, the only thing I know about it is that it changes from a holy attribute to a demonic attribute.


 In the case of comic books, the character can change into a different one…



“…” (Angel)


“?” (Jiro)



 What happens when the clumsy angel in front of me changes?


 At first glance, she appears to be sincere.


 At first glance, I saw her as the type who, if given a job to do, would take it seriously and produce results above and beyond what is expected of her.


 Would such a type of angel flip and change her personality?


 The opposite of sincerity is depravity.


 Why is this? I can only picture an angel who stays in her room.


 No, there must be something else.


 Something like this.


 Something like a Fallen Angel.


 Something that is destructive, vengeful, or dark.


 I’m not sure if I’ve thought of it myself, but wouldn’t it be of no benefit to me if the angel in front of me were to become Fallen, and in fact, it would make the situation worse?



“Rejected.” (Jiro)


“You stared at me for a while and then abruptly dismissed me.” (Angel)


“No wonder. It is me who will be the first to suffer from you becoming Fallen. Then it’s only natural to minimize the damage.” (Jiro)


“Well, in that case, you have to choose to go with me to God.” (Angel)



 The angel clicked her tongue.


 Is that the God of Streams? In this case, it’s Ithar’s god, so it’s the Sun God.


 What happens when you go to a god whose name you don’t even know is that you become a slave to the world under the title of Hero.


 An at-home workplace where the word “overtime” is abolished for the sake of world peace, and I do God’s work.


 What’s that? If I think about it calmly, it’s a chaotic workplace that goes beyond black.


 And a slave is even lower than a company slave.



“I want to verbally lash out at them. Damn it. What happens when you become Fallen? Is that it? Do you wake up with an evil eye on your forehead?” (Jiro)


“Mainly it just changes the color of my wings.” (Angel)


“…” (Jiro)


“And then the connection to God will be severed.” (Angel)


“That’s the main one…” (Jiro)



 Is it possible that becoming Fallen is more casual than I thought?



“I mean, if you’re going to become Fallen, it’s none of my business, is it? If you’re going to be free, why don’t you just do as you please?” (Jiro)



 I’m sorry for my self-formulated image, but from what I’ve heard, becoming Fallen is something similar to the so-called letter of resignation.


 No, maybe there are some risks I’m not aware of that she’s not talking about…


 From the way she is talking, it doesn’t sound like that either.


 Once that happened, my image of the Fallen completely became the equation of becoming Fallen equals passing the resignation letter.


 So, rather than questioning it, I accepted it.


 She quits being an angel, became a Fallen Angel, and was released from her job! and this angel is probably trying to change her situation.


 There are many people who quit their jobs because their jobs are black, and their future is not bright.


 There are so many people like that, it is not surprising that there is at least one angel who is the same.


 If that is the case, I thought, there is no need to talk about what happens to them after they quit their jobs.



“What are you talking about, of course, I would serve you if I were to fall.” (Angel)


“Eh?” (Jiro)


“Wait a minute, don’t just grab my head without asking first. I can only say that your movements are so fast that even a high-ranking angel like me can’t see them, but first of all, calm down! First of all, you need to slowly release the power you are channeling while taking a deep breath. Okay, calm down and take it easy, okay?” (Angel)



 However, when I heard the words that came out next, I unconsciously shortened the distance with the shortest distance, and even though I was trying not to give in, I grabbed the angel’s head powerfully.


 The angel, who was now in a situation where it was easy to predict what she was going to do next, quickly set about remedying the situation.



“So, if you become Fallen, you’ll have to serve me, right?” (Jiro)


“I’m sorry! Don’t strengthen your grip with each word!! I’m telling you, please calm down!” (Angel)



 Anyone who tries to bring trouble to you is guilty, even if he is an angel.


 I do not relax my hand but rather channel through my words the intention to intensify the force if she remains silent.



“Spit-It-Out.” (Jiro)



 I spoke simply.



“Because if I become Fallen, I will have nowhere to go! It is imperative to act and secure food, clothing, and shelter! If there is a kind human being belonging to the Demon King’s Army in front of me, I will have no choice but to join them!” (Angel)



 When I later asked this angel about the situation at this time, she said that my aura at that time was the same as the feeling I had when I was facing a top brass of the Demon King’s Army.


 I was wearing a mysterious aura that I didn’t feel like a human being or something.


 Especially at that time, my eyes had lost their light and were telling her how serious I was.



“Go home.” (Jiro)


“Have mercy! I’d rather fall into heaven than spend hundreds of years being crushed with work! But if I fall, I will have nowhere to go, and I am sure God will come after me! I need someone to protect me to prevent that from happening! I can be useful! I can fight, I can also fight, I can use a little healing, and finally, I can fight!” (Angel)


“Don’t stick to me! And how much of your status is biased toward fighting? Are you a muscle brain? It’s rare to see someone so specialized in a job interview nowadays! You’re useless for anything but fighting! At least change your appeal point a little and come back later!” (Jiro)


“I’m beautiful!!” (Angel)


“Who told you to appeal using your outside appearance? Don’t change to the most obvious one! At least tell me you’re good at paperwork if you get the job!” (Jiro)


“I hate paperwork!!” (Angel)


“I understand how you feel, but you’ve got to fake it!” (Jiro)



 Isn’t it the opposite direction to give mercy to an Angel?


 In the future, when they return home, they will be scolded and kept busy at work, and even if they become Fallen, they will have nowhere to go.


 I felt sorry for the angel who is lamenting that she has nowhere to go.


 If it was a corrupt or dishonest angel, I would have chosen to abandon it, but I can’t hate this angel.


 I had a fleeting thought that I wanted to do something about it, but I wondered if it would be a good idea for me to take in an angel in the Demon King’s Army on my own initiative.


 If we were to get permission to take her home like this, it would be impossible to ask Suela, so I would have to talk to the supervisor.



“Erase her without a trace.” (Evia)



 Yeah, that’s what I imagine the supervisor would say.


 I haven’t heard that she hates the existence of angels, but I still think that demons and angels are like water and oil.


 They will never mix.





“Hang in there.” (Jiro)


“Have mercy!!” (Angel)



 I have no choice but to encourage the angel.


 At the very least, be thankful that the Demon King’s Army didn’t capture you and annihilate you.


 It’s an ending from my own imagination, without any consultation or advice.





“Either way, I have to go to the dungeon after this to gather materials. I can’t go with you when you’re being chased. Give it up.” (Jiro)



 I still have things to do in the dungeon after this.


 My original purpose was to collect materials in the dungeon.


 In order to accomplish that, I can’t walk around with this guy who is being chased.



“? The materials won’t appear again. Did you think I, an angel, would leave the dungeon functioning?” (Angel)


“Huh?” (Jiro)


“’When I escaped, I obliterated the room where the dungeon core is enshrined. I knew that would keep the monsters out of the dungeon. It would also make it easier to escape.” (Angel)


“In other words.” (Jiro)


“Once the monsters are here are killed, they won’t reappear again.” (Angel)


“Didn’t you say you were stuck in this dungeon for three days?” (Jiro)


“That’s what I said.” (Angel)


“How many monsters did you fight?” (Jiro)


“So many that I’m having trouble keeping an accurate count.” (Angel)


“…are there any monsters beyond this point?” (Jiro)


“I don’t think there are any. I’ve destroyed them all. How do I look now, am I not amazing?” (Angel)






“You muscle brain!” (Jrio)


“Why!?” (Angel)



 This stupid muscle-brain angel eradicated the materials!


 On top of that, this angel casually destroyed one of the economic bases of the Demon King’s army!


 No, maybe it was the right thing to do because she was an angel, but from my standpoint, she did a terrible thing.


 If we had parted ways, I would have missed that important fact.


 And if the angel was caught afterward and told me about this…



“These monsters were originally created on using my magical power! As an angel, I cannot overlook that! Therefore, my actions were not wrong!!” (Angel)



 The angel who is receiving my iron claw again is right.


 And, in a manner of speaking, there is room for a defense.


 And above all, this angel doesn’t look like a bad guy either.


 I don’t dislike her just because she is honest.


 On the other hand, if she were a lawful angel who values order and discipline, I would be the first to run away from her.


 I don’t think I’d be brainwashed by the flirtation and vigor of a religious recruiter.



“…I have no choice, I’m taking you with me.” (Jiro)


“Really?!” (Angel)



 After three seconds of silent contemplation.


 I decide to take this angel with me, taking into consideration the merits and demerits, and then my mental aftertaste.


 I thought I might have a problem again, but the bright smile on her face made me think it was okay, and men are weak against beautiful women.



“If it’s decided, wait a minute.” (Angel)


“Hmm? What are you doing!?” (Jiro)


“Mwah, the contract is now complete.” (Angel)


“Wha-wha-wha-” (Jiro)


Now we just have to do it like this! Once, I sever my original connection, my Fall is complete!



 However, my actions, which I had taken with the idea of helping an angel rather than a human being, went beyond what I had imagined.


 I noticed a soft touch on my lips, and while I was upset by it, the pure white angel’s wings were quickly transformed into lustrous jet-black wings.



“Hmm, it’s not bad to become Fallen. Rather, it’s nice to feel like I’ve been released from my duties. Don’t you think so?” (Angel)



 And so, an angel awakened to something, a Fallen Angel whose name is still unknown.



“Ouch!?” (Angel)



 It wasn’t my fault for swinging my fist.



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