Otherworld Company Chapter 136.2: On-Site Coping, also known as Self-Responsibility

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 I sigh and deny Nord’s words, who still doubt me even after I show him the real thing.


 If I agree with Nord’s story, it’s like calling 911 as a prank, so to speak.


 I would never do such a thing in my spare time.



“I-If that’s the case, you’ve picked up quite the outrageous thing, haven’t you?” (Nord)


“That’s why I’m contacting you like this. I’ve got other details to report, so please take the necessary steps as soon as possible.” (Jiro)


“Wow, I understand. Just give me a summary for now. Tell me everything that happened.” (Nord)


“Yeah.” (Jiro)



 At first, I talked politely, but the impact of what followed completely shattered my tone.


 However, in spite of my tone, I was able to convey the important points that needed to be conveyed clearly and concisely.



“If that’s true, then that’s very important.” (Nord)


“I can provide you with physical evidence, Himiku?” (Jiro)



 I skipped the story of how I got into the dungeon and just talked about how I got here after meeting Himiku, and Nord’s expression turned serious beyond belief from his initial attitude.


 His tone was suspicious, so I tried to show him the evidence again, but he shook his head, saying it was unnecessary, and proceeded.


 As expected of the supervisor’s brother, his specs seemed to be properly high.


 Because of his laziness, he throws all his strength into being lazy, so there are times when his potential is wasted, but once he decides to do something, he seems to act quickly.



“I’m not so incompetent as to doubt you  after coming this far. I’ll call my sister and tell her.


“Oh? Hey, I can’t hear you.” (Jiro)


“No… to…” (Nord)



 Just when I thought I was finally going to get to the heart of the solution, the image started to malfunction.



“Guild Master, is something wrong?” (Jiro)


“No, that shouldn’t happen, meow.” (Mickey)


“Master, didn’t you spill water on this orb the other day?” (amiricia)


“There’s no way that could break with that, meow!” (Mickey)



 The image and sound on the other side of the screen became choppy, like a TV suffering from signal interference.


 And finally…



“It’s disconnected.” (Jiro)




 The image on the other side of the screen is nothing at all, just a light green plate of magic power.


 The magic has been flowing since a while ago, but it doesn’t seem to be coming back at all.



“Master, a barrier has been made to cover this whole town, what are we going to do? Break it down?” (Himiku)


“Don’t start talking about such a monstrous idea. Try saying, ‘Cat! A barrier?’” (Jiro)



 I thought it was broken, but I couldn’t even try the percussive repair with a hand chop on an old cathode ray TV. As I was wondering what to do, Himiku suddenly started talking to me about something very dangerous.


 I turned around to ask her what was going on, but before I could do so, the guild master hurriedly opened the window and looked up at the sky.



“It’s true! An isolation barrier is deployed, meow!” (Mickey)



 The sky seen through the window is covered with some kind of mesh of light.


 The scene where there was only the night sky has been given a new state and looks fantastic, but it seems that this is not the time to be marveling at the sight.


 It seems that the reason why the communication bead cannot be used is also due to this isolation barrier.



“Mr. Might, Mr. Gray, what is it?” (Jiro)


“An isolation barrier? It’s a barrier that has a specific role. It was originally the last line of defense to keep the monsters that overflow from the dungeon from leaving the town in case the dungeon went out of control. It is a barrier that does not protect against outside enemies, but rather serves as a prison that prevents them from getting out.” (Might)


“Hmmm, are they going this far to find her?” (Gray)



 Mr. Might, who can see through the nature of the barrier, and Mr. Gray, who can see through the intention of why the barrier was put up.


 The enemy seems to want to keep Himikku inside, even to the extent of taking flashy moves.


 Then, what is it?


 We now know the effect of the barrier from Mr. Might’s explanation.


 And now I had a general idea of what was going to happen next.



“Are they going to search the whole town?”



 After the dungeon was sealed off, a sweeping operation was launched using such tactics.


 Would the personnel in the dungeon be moved, or would a reserve force be deployed?


 What action would they take after determining that Himiku was not in the dungeon, or after sealing off the area earlier?


 Either way, it is certain that whoever is in a position to create this situation has grown paranoid and intentionally created a closed space to narrow the search area.



“Guild Master.” (Jiro)


“Meow?” (Mickey)


“How long will this barrier last?” (Jiro)


“I don’t know all the details, but it’s a big barrier created using the Ley Lines on this continent, meow. It’s certainly not something that will disappear after a week or so, meow.” (Mickey)



 The energy is not battery-powered-type but instead is powerline-powered.


 I was thinking of hiding in a place where I could hide to solve the problem peacefully, and then try to make the time energy run out, but it looks like that’s not going to be possible.


 In that case, it would be a little bad to not do anything.



“How do we get out of here in the easiest way?” (Jiro)


“Only the lord can activate this barrier, meow. Of course, only the lord or his deputy can remove it, meow.” (Mickey)


“Then, if we want to get out of this town, the simplest and easiest way is to break through the barrier, right?” (Jiro)




 It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to get out in a reasonable way.


 If so, the means will be limited even if we carefully examine the high-probability method from the low-probability method.


 Among them, let’s find a method that has a high probability and can be practiced.



“Then it’s my turn.” (Himiku)



 Naturally, Himiku, who was thought to have the most firepower at the moment, came out.



“By the way, can you break that barrier?” (Jiro)


“Of course.” (Himikku)


“So, what is the catch?” (Jiro)



 Based on previous information about the interaction with this trash angel, which has already become a pattern, the fact that she will do something but fail, is firmly embedded in my head.



“If I want to pierce through that strength, I have to have a certain amount of power. So I’m going to have to use some of the veins used by the barrier.” (Himiku)



 Yes, I knew that.


 I’ve come to understand that Himiku’s power comes with a punchline.



“Stop, meow!! The veins here affect the harvest of the surrounding villages! If that happens, the veins will be disturbed and the crops will continue to fail, meow!” (Mickey)


“That’s right. So, you are the last resort.” (Jiro)


“Muu.” (Himiku)



 As I don’t know how far the damage will go, but at least from the looks of the Guild Master, it won’t be anything not a laughing matter.


 Himiku is a choice, so I have to wait and see for now.



“Now then, the question is what to do, hmm?” (Jiro)



 The options are getting fewer and fewer, and as I was trying to choose among the few options, I saw a scene outside the window.


 And something caught my eye at the edge of the scene.



“Hey, Mr. Guild Master. Is that also an anti-dungeon device?” (Jiro)


“Meow? The only countermeasures for dungeon rampage are military soldiers and the barrier, what are you talking about, meow!?” (Mickey)



 That thing seems to be such a shock that I witness the moment when a cat’s hair stands on its tips.


 Right now it only looks like it’s slowly erecting itself, but if my eyes are not mistaken, that’s a robot right there.


 More specifically, it’s a big, intimidating-looking robot that looks like it belongs to a villain.


 It would be picture-perfect if it were fighting angels.



“But what you really need a robot golem that big to take on an angel?” (Jiro)



 A golem that was too big to be used in an enclosed space appeared in front of me.



Note for the Day


Sometimes you need to move before your boss tells you to.



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