Otherworld Company Chapter 149.2: The Effort We Have Accumulated, That Is Our Strength

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 The reason why she was smiling was to hide her feelings, but when she was about to say the news, the smile disappeared from her expression.


 That expression was one of someone’s face often seen by those who tried to hide their emotions and carry out their work, the face of someone who was able to completely control themselves as a private person.



“Look, the Insect King died in a certain incident, didn’t she?” (Kaley)


“Yeah.” (Jiro)



 I was involved in a certain incident, but it was an incident in which I myself was almost preyed upon.


 I, who was a party to the incident, naturally remember it so clearly that I can’t forget it even if I want to forget it.


 Rather, if there is someone who can easily forget the memory of being almost eaten, I would like to meet them.



“Because of that, one of the Seven Generals’ seats has become vacant, and fortunately, we have been flooded with letters of recommendation from various nobles to fill that position. If it were possible, we would have turned them down, but the vacant seat is a problem, and the Demon King Army does not like to have a vacant seat.” (Kaley)


“I guess, it’s like saying that the main force is not enough.” (Jiro)


“So, we started talking about choosing a new general, but since the Demon King Army is a meritocracy. On top of that, being strong is a matter of pride. It’s not easy to choose one from among the choices.” (Kaley)


“That’s expected.” (Jiro)



 The generals are one of the strongest in the Demon King Army.


 They have the ability to influence the battle situation by sending them out, and they are existences entrusted with one of the dungeons.


 In addition, they have enormous power.


 There are many people who want such an important position, and I understand that it is not an easy decision to make.



“It’s not like you need to be strong, but you can’t be a general if you’re not strong, right?” (Kaley)


“Yeah.” (Jiro)


“So, everyone has to shut up and admit that the strongest being is the general, so the finance department is making a fuss about getting income from a tournament, and the planning department is thinking about holding a fighting tournament. So, Jiro’s name was entered.” (Kaley)


“Wait! Why did it get to that twist, how did that happen?” (Jiro)



 I was given the position of chief, but I was by far the fastest person to be counted from the bottom, and in terms of power, I was in a position where I was on par with the rank-and-file employees.


 Why should I, such a person, participate in a battle to decide who should be the general, a position that is far faster than someone coming from the top?



“It was a recommendation from the Ogre King and the Undying King.” (Kaley)


“I understand, I guessed it somehow. By the way, how good are the people who will take part in it?” (Jiro)



 I knew that there was no way those two would miss such a festive event when Ms. Kaley mentioned the names of the instructors.



“I thought that the only people that could be called a contender for the championship was that they could fight against the Ogre King?” (Kaley)


“Do you want me to die?” (Jiro)


“As I was about to say, bring your complaints to the Ogre King. Because this lady is just the messenger.” (Kaley)



 I could tell that the behavior of those two was definitely for the fun of it.


 But the fun is not done as a prank, it is fun that includes a precise possibility.


 The instructors don’t have the taste for watching a match where they know who would win.


 Perhaps, but with my current ability, I probably have at least a barely realistic chance of winning.


 Looking at the conduct of the instructors during my training period, who told me to fight to the death while training me, this idea does not seem far-fetched.


 A martial arts tournament is a very dangerous event.


 I felt like crying when I realized that I was being forced to participate in an event where the fiercest of the fiercest were gathered.


 It’s certainly a bad thing for me, as Ms. Kaley said.


 Thanks to the red letter of recommendation from the instructors, I have almost no right of refusal.


 In this case, I can’t even use the boycott technique, a powerful sword that I once wielded in modern society.



“*Sigh*, I’ll do my best not to get hurt.” (Jiro)


“I can only say this to you, as an older sister. Don’t make Suela a widow.” (Kaley)


“I don’t want to die without seeing my unborn child’s face.” (Jiro)



 It would be best if I could declare victory if I were to do it, but there was no way I could make such a naive assumption.


 I am fighting an unknown enemy, an entity with an intelligence different from that of monsters.


 I was anxious that I should not be overawed by it, but I decided that it was no use thinking about it now, so I swallowed my sigh and decided to listen to the other news.



“So? What’s the bad news? If Ms. Kaley says she’s going to have a wedding before me, that’s a good thing—ouch!” (Jiro)


“I’m gonna hit you.” (Kaley)


“Don’t say that after you hit me, it’s just sarcasm for bringing up the news just now. Pass it off as a joke first.” (Jiro)


“I’m not going to say anything about it, because it wasn’t a joke at all.” (Jiro)



 Thinking that I made one too many bad jokes, I put down my right hand to prevent a powerful straight jab that I thought would have broken one of my teeth if I had been hit.



“Don’t make that joke to this lady.” (Kaley)


“I’m sorry, so back to the point, what’s the slightly bad news?” (Jiro)


“You do know there are several weapon shops in the underground commercial facility, right?” (Kaley)


“Yeah.” (Jiro)


Of course, you know they carry magic swords, right?” (Kaley)


“I know, those are the insanely high-performance weapons, right?” (Jiro)



 The effect of the sword is quite good because it is called a magic sword.


 However, the price is too high.


 I was once shown a sword that would make you go insane instead of becoming a master swordsman.


 If you have common sensibilities, you will lose interest in using this sword just by hearing the price.


 The existence of the creator of the sword is one thing, but if there is anyone who would use it, I don’t know what they are thinking while planning on using it.



“Yes, that magic sword. Apparently, one of those swords is missing.” (Kaley)


“Missing?” (Jiro)


“Yes, when they were doing inventory, I found out that the owner of the weapons shop had been hiding the fact that the sword was missing. If you see it, don’t touch it, just call us.” (Kaley)



 It’s slightly bad news, sure.


 No, it was more of a warning than bad news.



“Is that magic sword dangerous?” (Jiro)


“Yeah, it’s pretty dangerous.” (Kaley)



 It is common to hear that something dangerous is out there and to be curious about what it is.


 I asked Ms. Kaley what kind of magic sword it was.



“Is it a magic sword that has an extremely thin presence and can be used as a quick introduction to assassination?” (Kaley)


“What kind of magic sword is that for a quick introduction to assassination? I’m sure they’re trying to conquer a dungeon here, right?” (Jiro)


“I can’t say. It’s something the giants made because they thought there might be some people who wanted to conquer the dungeon safely. Well, the drawback is that it also dilutes the user’s memory information, so the user is unrecognizable to others and forgotten. Thanks to this, we don’t even know who stole it.” (Kaley)


“How did you discover that? If the existence of the magic sword is so thin, how can you know that it is missing?” (Jiro)


“Oh, don’t worry about that. The information about the magic sword will remain. Only the wielder will be forgotten.” (Kaley)


“What an unbalanced magic sword.” (Jiro)



 If you look at the scene where the magic sword is used, does it look like only the magic sword is floating in the air?


 I feel uneasy about the missing weapon, which could lead to a catastrophe depending on how it is used, but there is no use saying anything to her right now.



“By the way, why did you tell me in the first place?” (Jiro)


“Because it seems that you are loved by trouble.” (Kaley)



 When I asked her the reason why she told me such a story, she replied that it was because I have been in trouble too many times recently, which is something that is hard to deny.


Note for the Day

Being recognized for one’s abilities is basically a good thing… but it can also mean more work.

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