Otherworld Company Chapter 170.1: Even If It Leaves A Bad Aftertaste, Time Moves On, And The Surroundings Move On With It

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 In the aftermath of the recent disturbance, with support from the company and the Demon King Army, the restoration was completed much faster than I had thought, so fast that it was almost astounding.


 Thanks to this, the testers were able to resume their projects without incident.


 The testers voiced their concerns about the resumption of the project, but I simply explained to them that in our world, disturbances are commonplace, and they understood the difference in security between Japan and our side of the world. Understanding the difference between them and giving up on something like this, they thought that they would not be able to move forward, but they challenged the Spirit Forest again.


 Although there were troubles, the appearance of challenging the Spirit Forest again in search of a new encounter is where the evaluation is divided as to whether they have become bolder or tougher.


 As I looked at their back, I kept thinking the same thing I had been thinking since that day.


 That doesn’t mean that this project will end successfully, I was thinking about what Mr. Muir said that day.


Mr. Muir’s words, that is to say, that this commotion is not over yet.


 It was bothering me, but there was no point in thinking about it forever.


 If we stop to think about it, we will never get the job done.


 Now that the post-processing is going smoothly and the project has resumed, there would have been no need for me to worry so much.


 I had already achieved my goal for this project.



“The outside world is so boring.” (Valus)


“You can even say that while you’re whittling away at my magical power.” (Jiro)


“It can’t be helped, because it’s common sense for us to use our contractor’s magical power when manifesting.” (Valus)



 Having reached my goal, I basically waited at a place with a good view like this so that if something happened, I would be able to immediately support the testers.


 As if to say that my worries were trivial, the Spirit Forest, illuminated by the pale blue-white light of the full moon, presented a fantastic spectacle.



“Oh, the space-time spirit Lady Valus, what a powerful spirit.” (Muir)


“Oh, don’t look at me like that, okay? It’s embarrassing.” (Valus)


“Hahaha! You’ve gotten even closer, grandson-in-law, you made a contract with a good spirit!!” (Muir)



 And I am not the only one here.


 One of them is Mr. Muir, an old man who looks young and unlike an old man.


 The other was Ms. Valus, a spirit with powerful and unparalleled abilities despite her ordinary appearance, who could be mistaken for a neighborhood auntie sipping a cup of hot drink while floating in the air, this time without her snake.


 Mr. Muir, my guide, continues in this way, assisting me, and when he asked me to meet Ms. Valus, I summoned her.


 The summoning procedure that had been engraved in my mind was carried out, and she appeared without incident.


 At first, Mr. Muir kneeled down and hung his head, trying to be polite, but Ms. Valus appeared with a teacup in her hand and told her that the minimum courtesy was enough. This time he is acting like her old tea-drinking friend.


 In such a space, she continues to have my magic power sucked out of me, but this is also a training exercise, and I kept supplying it.


 And then.



“Hey, Masaru~ Isn’t this meat almost ready, that it is?” (Minami)


“Wait a little longer, it’s still raw. Eat the onions that was grilled first.” (Masaru)


“Hey, look, look over here~” (Karen)


“I’m going! I’ll get you some!” (Kaido)


(Amy are you okay?) (Mike)


“Hahaha, I’m a little sore from all the dancing.” (Amy)



 Behind me, is my insensitive companions having a yakiniku party, with their senior in charge of keeping an eye on them.



“The children behind me are also quite unique.” (Valus)


“Hmm, it’s always lively around grandson-in-law.” (Muir)


“From what is said, it’s an amazing evaluation, but as someone who knows the reality, I honestly can’t be happy.” (Jiro)



 The two people next to me gave a favorable evaluation of the scene they saw when they looked back, but I had to laugh at their evaluation when I saw the people who were in the mood for sightseeing.


 Masaru, who has already taken his place in front of the grill, precisely grasps the meat and vegetables to be cooked and arranges them on a plate.


 He is a true yakiniku master.


 Occasionally, he places a piece of fruit on his plate and puts it in front of the mouth of Mizusuke, the blue frog, which eats it with his long tongue stretched out.


 In front of him was Minami, who was holding the plate with so much force that she was ready to shove it and waiting impatiently for the meat to be grilled.


 Her face is so loose that it looks as if she is about to drool. She reaches for a piece of meat, but her hand is on the hand and reluctantly eats an onion on her plate instead.


 Yura, a cloud-shaped spirit that floats above her and inhales the smoke of the barbecued meat as if eating it, spends her time relaxing.


 On a bench set up a short distance away, Kitamiya is trying to play with Snow, a white cat lying on a table with a cat toy, but Snow, the white kitten who is the spirit of Snow, is just brushing the catnip away with her paw, so it’s hard to tell who is being toyed with.


 But Kitamiya herself is satisfied with this, and her expression is more relaxed than she usually shows like this indifferent attitude is also adorable.


 Kaido, whose body is covered with scratches, obediently kneels and shows a branch to a shiba-inu-like spirit with a flickering red flame on its back, instructing it to go and fetch it.


 Until a couple of days ago, Kaido had been bitten on the head, hand, and leg, and had suffered so many wounds that it seemed as if he had no place that had not been bitten at all, but in the end, he persevered and was able to establish a master-servant relationship.


 The branch that was thrown, which is communication between master and servant, was good until it was caught in the air, but as soon as Hayate, the spirit of fire, caught it in his mouth, it ignited and burned, so he hurriedly brought it to his master. Unfortunately, the branch is burned to ash, and Kaido comforts the spirit with drooping ears.


 And finally, speaking of Amelia, who is in good spirit, is lying on her back on a bench set up separately from Kitamiya and healing her body.


 She wasn’t injured or sick.


 It was just that her muscles were sore from playing with Wynn, a small animal with light green fur that looked like a squirrel and a cat combined, and she had been dancing and playing with her contracted spirit for not one but three days straight in her excitement over having made a contract with the spirit.


 The contracted spirit seems to be tougher than Amelia and is still energetically flying around her in happily.


 I let out a wry smile at the peaceful sight and return my gaze to the scene.


 Normally, I would have joined them, but I’m not in the mood for that right now.



“…” (Jiro)


“Grandson-in-law.” (Muir)



 It seems like I’m running away using work, but for now, I’m going to use that excuse to cover up my lack of mood to relax and go about my work.



“Huh? what is it?” (Jiro)



 Mr. Muir calls me quietly.



“Are you worried about what I said to you the other day?” (Muir)



“…I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care about it.” (Jiro)



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