Otherworld Company Chapter 189: I Am Glad For That Fact That They Gather Together When Something Happens.

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 When I hurriedly returned to the company with Kitamiya, I found it in a state far removed from normal.


 The entrance floor, the face of the company, which had been soberly but solemnly unified, was in a state of disrepair.


 Chairs and desks had been blown away from all sides, the floor was covered with smashed marks here and there, and the walls had many smashed and scorched patches.


 The reception counter, for example, was in a state of disrepair.


 One would wonder what in the world could have caused it to look like that.


 Experience has shown that these are battle scars, and now goblins and orcs are moving debris and broken desks and chairs, and giants are repairing them.



“…It’s worse than I thought.” (Jiro)


“Yes.” (Karen)



 When I thought that Amelia did this, even if it wasn’t her intention, my expression darkened.


 Kitamiya agrees with me and looks around while agreeing.


 For now, I look around to see if there’s anyone, I can check on the situation with.



“No, Lady Evia!! Your injury hasn’t healed yet!?” (Demon)


“You’re in my way. We don’t have time for this now. I can ignore the pain.” (Evia)



 I was looking for Kaido to be there, but instead, I found a supervisor who was painfully dressed on the floor and walked with an air of dignity to the contrary.


 His left hand is suspended by a cloth and a bandage is wrapped around his forehead.


 He was dressed in a suit that he normally wears tightly, but now he was shirtless without a jacket.


 There is some kind of a charm attached to his leg.


 It was obvious that she was seriously injured, and she did not look like she could just get up and walk around.


 Yet the supervisor acts as if she has no injuries.


 The medical officer is trying to stop her, but she ignores his advice.


 The fact that the supervisor, who would normally use transfer magic to shorten the time, is now walking shows the seriousness of her injuries.



“Did the Supervisor lose?” (Jiro)


“That’s impossible, right?” (Karen)



 Seeing this, Kitamiya and I were astonished at the fact that this tragedy was not merely the result of Amelia’s rampage.


 This disaster was the result of a fight between Amelia and the supervisor, and when I integrate that image with Kaido’s story, it does not mean that the supervisor won.


 Maybe not, but the tragic sight of the supervisor, who could boast of the unusual strength within the company, made us all wonder, “Is this for real?” we all had to pull our mouths shut.


 Speaking of demons, she must have been as tough as demons in terms of durability.


 I don’t want to imagine the power of the Demon King’s soul that lurked in Amelia, who was able to defeat a supervisor who boasts the greatest strength among them all.



“Huh? You came back at just the right time. Jiro, come with me.” (Evia)


“Yes, Kitamiya, go to the party room. Kaido should be there.” (Jiro)


“…I understand. Tell me later.” (Karen)


“Okay.” (Jiro)



 Then, I was spotted by the supervisor who had a look that said, “Not to ask questions”, so I sent Kitamiya to the party room and followed the supervisor, ignoring the medical officer.


 Then I followed him to an unused conference room.



“Have you heard about the situation?” (Evia)


“Just a quick summary.” (Jiro)


“Then I’ll explain in detail.” (Evia)



 The supervisor, who was standing up too fast, took a seat and told me to sit down as well, though her expression did not change. Once she confirmed that I was seated, the supervisor started talking.



“Your subordinate, Amelia Miyagawa, has gone berserk. The cause is the soul of the First Demon King sealed in her. You understand that much, don’t you?” (Evia)



 As with the confirmation, we will identify the points that caused the current problem from the information shared with each other.



“I understand.” (Jiro)



 From Kaido’s story, I had thought that this might be the case, but the supervisor’s story transformed my expectations into a certainty.



“The damage was done on the way from the entrance to the gate. I don’t know if he searched Miyagawa’s memory or if he knew about it from the beginning, but he didn’t hesitate in his movements. However, just because there was no hesitation, it was difficult to say that it was normal. I dealt with him when he came into the company dripping with abnormal magical power, but now they have gone mad.” (Evia)



 With that introduction, the supervisor told me about the situation at the time.


 When Amelia, who was not dressed for the outside world, came to the company, the supervisor shifted to check the heavy and muddy magic power that she did not usually sense and found Amelia.



“Her eyes were stained with hatred, and when she looked at me and asked me a question, I did not respond. She was just blindly pursuing something. Since we couldn’t have a conversation, I decided it was an emergency and tried to subdue her… but here we are.” (Evia)



 She neither laughed nor shouted as if she was venting her inner feelings.


 The supervisor, who stood in front of Amelia, who was just staggering around with clouded, bloodshot eyes, trying to find her hated enemy, apparently saw her and immediately decided that dialogue was impossible. After giving a warning, she immediately went into full combat mode, which she would not normally have done.


 Even though Amelia’s magic power was of a higher amount, her technique must have been rusty, and Amelia’s body was a fetter that prevented her from exerting her full strength.


 The result was that the suppressed magic power was released, and it was all she could do to suppress it.



“It was fortunate that the dungeon was not damaged, but we had to send her out into the battlefield instead.” (Evia)


“…I thought it might be possible when I heard about the gate, but does that mean that Amelia went to the other side?” (Jiro)


“Yes, I’ve sent my men to check and confirm that she has crossed over to our home continent. I still have my men tracking her and have not lost sight of her, but from the direction she is heading, she is probably heading for the battlefield. It’s only a matter of time before he sets foot on the battlefield.” (Evia)



 I don’t know what the Demon King inside Amelia is thinking and acting, but I can guess what its purpose is.


 It must be revenge.


 That’s also for those who belong to the sun god, such as the heroes.



“So, what do you want me to do by telling this story? Do you want me to go over there and bring back Amelia?” (Jiro)



 The fact that the supervisor, who avoids useless things as much as possible, called me alone is to tell me something.


 And the two main things she can tell me are to make me do it or to stop me.


 As for me, if they want me to do it, I’m going to do it.


 On the other hand, if they tell me not to move, I will have to think a little bit about what I can do.


 Specifically, I need to persuade the supervisor.


 If this were someone, I wasn’t close to, I’d be thinking the opposite way, but unfortunately, it’s someone I’m close enough to not abandon.


 I just don’t want to do nothing.



“Alright.” (Jiro)


“…You’re surprisingly quick to accept.” (Evia)



 I thought I was going to be told not to act because I wasn’t strong enough, but the supervisor concisely affirmed my question.



“Right now, we are in a situation where we have to use whatever we can. Normally, I would like to mobilize all the people in the company, but that’s not possible because we have to keep the company afloat. That would limit the number of people we could move.” (Evia)



 It is a blessing for me as an employee to be recognized as a useful person, but I am not sure what she would entrust me with.



“Additionally, if you have the power to move the current situation, the conditions will be narrowed down further. Jiro, I will ask your fallen angel to move as well.” (Evia)


“What do you intend us to do?” (Jiro)



 Himiku’s position is that she’s supposed to be protected under my supervision.


 Although she listens to the requests of Suela and Memoria, she does not accept orders from the other members of the Demon King’s army.


 When I ask Himiku for a favor, she tries to do everything first, so it’s a real flaw that I can’t ask Himiku carelessly, but she basically takes a separate position from the Demon King’s Army. 


 If Himiku were to be taken with me, things would become even more uncertain.


 At least at this stage, it seems that a battle will definitely occur.



“We’ll draw out the hero.” (Evia)



 The Supervisor’s, or rather, the Demon King’s Army’s movements were explained to me.


 Currently, all generals, including reserve forces, are dispatched to respond to the rebellion.


 The enemy has prepared an adequate force, and the current situation, where the balance is being maintained by repeated pushing and shoving, requires a breakthrough.


 The way to break the deadlock is to defeat the opponent’s trump card, the hero, Carter, who holds the holy sword.


 What does this have to do with Amelia?



“Miyagawa’s current condition is almost the same as the Demon King’s. And the hero is the one who carries the holy sword. The hero, the bearer of the holy sword, is sensitive to the magical power of the Demon King. If he senses a similar magic power, he will surely reveal himself. That’s where we’ll have the Demon King strike.” (Evia)


“You mean she is a bait, but isn’t there a possibility that the other person won’t bite?” (Jiro)


“That’s not likely.” (Evia)


“May I know why?” (Jiro)


“The existence of Miyagawa is confidential even within the Demon King’s Army. On the surface, she is registered as a tester, but only a few people know what she really is. Only those under the direct control of generals and above know. He is from the frontier. It’s not information that he should have. If they knew it, they wouldn’t leave her alone. It’s possible to deceive someone the first time, maybe a second time.” (Evia)



 So the fact that the information that Amelia has the soul of the Demon King inside her body is kept secret matches the situation this time.


 It’s not possible to think that there are two Demon Kings in a normal situation.


 Thinking about it calmly, from the enemy’s point of view, having two Demon Kings is a nightmare.



“I entrust you to retrieve Miyagawa and calm her down when the heroes and the Demon King are engaged in battle.” (Evia)


“You have a way, right?” (Jiro)


“I won’t let you go without a plan.” (Evia)



 Against Amelia, who is currently as strong as the Demon King, albeit deteriorated, it would be heroic in a bad way to go on like this.


 It could be a suicide attack.


 In order to prevent that from happening, the supervisor explained the plan to me.



“…Really?” (Jiro)


“I like jokes, but I choose my timing. Can you, do it?” (Evia)


“In terms of what can and cannot be done, as long as it is possible.” (Jiro)


“Then do it.” (Evia)


“I got it.” (Jiro)



 The plan was so far-fetched that I involuntarily asked for confirmation, but the supervisor didn’t say it was a lie or a joke and asked me if I could do it.


 If I said yes, the supervisor would order me to do it.



“Can I bring someone else with me?” (Jiro)


“Ah, you’ll need it. I’ll prepare the equipment as well. Mobilize everyone you can.” (Evia)



 The only thing left to do is prepare.


 After saying that, I got up from my seat and decided to get ready right away.



“Jiro.” (Evia)



 The supervisor stopped me.



“What is it?” (Jiro)



 When I turned around and looked at the supervisor, she was staring at me.



“Come back safely.” (Evia)


“It’s probably impossible for you to come out unscathed, but I’ll do my best.” (Jiro)


“That’s good enough.” (Evia)



 She sent me off with kindness that she doesn’t usually show.



Note for the Day

Well, let’s do what we can do.



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