Otherworld Company Chapter 192.2: Sometimes I Can’t Sleep Thinking About The Next Day.

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“What’s causing it is fear. And that fear promotes and eliminates it. It’s a common story among humans. There’s nothing complicated like what master thinks.” (Himiku)


“Fear?” (Jiro)


“Oh, humans don’t have what demons have. They have far superior magical power and longevity. If humans see even the slightest bit of ferocity in them, humans become afraid. The human common sense has been distorted over the years, and it has become commonplace that what belongs to demons is evil to humans. That is the only boundary that has been created. It is only a borderline between what is acceptable and what is not. That is where the big boundary of the struggle between light and darkness came from. It is not that the demons did anything differently. It was just there, and it didn’t work. That’s all.” (Himiku)



 As if to teach common sense, Himiku explains how the relationship came to be the way it is today.



“After many years, the boundary was completed, but it was the gods who were in trouble.” (Himiku)


“The gods?” (Jiro)


“Oh, I don’t know if the Lord knows, but in our world, the belief in God is power itself for God himself. Faith from human beings and other creatures is indispensable to establishing existence and retaining God’s power. And the sun god became impatient when what was initially one great faith split into two and his power was dispersed. He wondered if the power of his brother, the moon god, would exceed his own. In fact, at one time it did.” (Himiku)



 “Do you know why?” Himiku asked me, and I tried to think of it, but I couldn’t find an answer.


 I answer that I don’t know.



“Because the Demon King was there.” (Himiku)


“The Demon King?” (Jiro)



 The other half of my question, the Demon King, came out.



“Borders had been created, faith had been dispersed, and the quality of prayers to God had declined. But only the demons had minimized the damage. This was because the Demon King united the demons. The life span of the demons is many times longer than that of humans, and they have more power. They were able to consolidate their ground over a long period of time. Humans, however, were different. Because of their short lifespan, they fought constantly, and although they were numerous, their faith was not stable. There were some races with longevity, but they were few compared to the demons. There was a difference in the quality of their faith. There were also some humans who believed in the moon god, so the difference in numbers did not help.” (Himiku)



 Shaking the glass in his hand, Himiku describes the world that is gradually changing.


 As she talks about it, Himiku seems to have no particular thoughts about it and continues to talk as if she were reciting words from a textbook.



“The Sun God, who had been surpassed in power, must have become panicked. If he continued like this, his position would be in jeopardy. From the Moon God’s point of view, he shouldn’t have such ambitions. He just wanted to protect the beings who believed in him. He was just trying to do that. And thus, the hero was born out of the Sun God’s doubts.” (Himiku)


“What do you mean by doubt?” (Jiro)


“An easy way to unite people, or rather, their emotions, is to create a common enemy.” (Himiku)




 Himiku couldn’t go so far as to say that what his creator had done was foolish, but she did show signs of disappointment.


 And from the story so far, I can infer why the hero was born.



“…Is the hero the banner?” (Jiro)



 When I mentioned the answer, Himik nodded, as if to say it was the right answer.



“Originally it was just a difference of ideology. But from the beginning, it was a conflict waged by God. Although they were originally gods managing the same world, the sun god was afraid that his counterpart’s power would increase, so he took steps to reduce his counterpart’s power. Conveniently, the groundwork was already laid for that.” (Himiku)



 The Demon King, so to speak, is like a cord that binds various races together.


 And the heroes are nothing more than banners that determine the place to cut that cord.


 An existence that was inconvenient for humans was also inconvenient for the Sun God.


 A coincidence of interests.


 Was that the only result of the long-standing battle between the heroes and the Demon King?



“The result is as master knows. The Sun God took over the world and established himself as the only god, and by making the Moon God an evil god, he solidified his faith.” (Himiku)


“…I can only sympathize with the hero, but are there any humans who know that story?” (Jiro)


“Probably not. There may be things written in very old ancient documents, but only the highest ranking angels like me know about them. Even long-lived elves don’t know about it.” (Himiku)


“What? So this is a very dangerous thing to know?” (Jiro)


“Yes, but didn’t master know this when you heard it? That’s probably what happens in the blank spaces in history.” (Himiku)


“…” (Jiro)



 I did.


 It is said that regret does not come first, and it is often said that curiosity kills the cat.


 I just got some incredible information from a simple question.


 I wonder how many people in the Demon King Army know this information?


 Now that I know, I have no choice but to delete it, right?


 Holding back a headache, a sense of guilt welled up over my carelessness.



“Master, are you okay?” (Himiku)


“Oh, I was just lamenting how ignorant I was. Sorry, Himiku, please keep this to yourself.” (Jiro)


“Oh? Okay, if master says so, I’ll do it.” (Himiku)


“Sorry.” (Jiro)



 I am grateful to Himiku for not asking me about my feelings, but we have talked too long and the date has changed long ago.


 I thought we should go to bed.


 I gulp down the remaining whiskey.


 I prayed that I wouldn’t say anything about what I had just heard, and the whiskey I drank down made my stomach churn with heat.



“Also, I think it’s time to go to bed. Thank you for joining me.” (Jiro)


“Yes, I’m glad to be able to spend time with master alone.” (Himiku)



 I’m glad that Himiku seemed to be able to enjoy the atmosphere, it was a relief that there wasn’t any sensual tinge in the comment.



“Oops, I forgot to drink this.” (Himiku)



 Then, Himiku, whose eyes were drawn to the whiskey that remained on her hand until the end, began to gulp it down, just as I did.



“Ah, no need to force yourself to drink.” (Jiro)



 I tried to stop her, but before I could say it, Himiku gulped down the entire glass of whiskey.


 That’s when I suddenly remembered.


 Has Himiku ever drank alcohol since we met?


 Himiku was always serving us, so if I think about it, have I ever seen her gulp down alcohol like this?


 That question crossed my mind, but I thought there was no way she could get drunk from alcohol since she was once one of the highest-ranking angels.



“Oh, hey!” (Jiro)



 I hurriedly caught Himiku as she fell to the side.



“*Snore~*” (Himiku)


“She’s asleep.” (Jiro)



 When I look at her profile, she seems so happy.



“Oh man.” (Jiro)



 She blushed a little.



“Master~” (Himiku)



 Seeing that I couldn’t believe she was the person I was talking to seriously until just now, I felt a sudden weight vanish from my shoulders.


 Gently, I held Himiku on my side and carried her to her bedroom.



“Good night, Himiku.” (Jiro)



 Although we didn’t end properly at the very end, I feel like I can go to sleep without worrying too much.


 That’s what I thought as I tried to leave Himiku’s bedroom and watched her sleep for the last time.



Note for the Day

Sometimes it’s good to go with the change of time.



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