Otherworld Company Chapter 202: Important Matters Are Often Discussed Among Bigwigs.

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Another Side



~3rd Person Perspective~



 Carter can see Jiro and the others slowly moving away from the scene.


 But this is only out of the corner of his eye, and the man who occupies the largest part of his field of vision is the one in front of him, smiling without any sense of tension.


 The Demon King.


 At first glance, he appears to be a blond man in his early thirties with a well-defined face.


 If this were not a battlefield, if he were dressed as a mountain climber instead of in armor, or if he were not dripping with magical power that overflowed and still gushed out of him, which did not suit his expression, he could imagine a variety of possible scenarios.


 His smile is so gentle that it is not appropriate for this place.



“Hero, even though I, the Demon King, am greeting you, will you not return my greeting?” (President)



 The Demon King waits for Carter’s words like greeting a friend and enjoying the conversation, even though they know they are enemies.


 Carter’s relaxed expression disappeared, and although he did not shift his gaze, he was alert to his surroundings and was trying to escape from this place.


 The Demon King could sense his mood.


 That is why he asked the question again.



“…” (Carter)



 Carter just put his hand on the holy sword and didn’t answer.



“How dull.” (President)



 It’s a quick blow.


 Despite such a response, the Demon King couldn’t help but sigh and gently waved his staff.



“Well, but is that okay? I don’t expect you to talk to me honestly, and I have no intention of asking you what your purpose is. I’m the Demon King and you’re the Hero. Then it’s clear what we need to do.” (President)



 Carter reacts to this gesture, but before he can react, a barrier enveloped the Demon King and Carter, and the starting point of the barrier is connected to the flow of magical power extended from the Demon King’s castle.



“This is the stage you wanted. Just enjoy it and do your best to take my head.” (President)



 Carter suppresses the urge to click his tongue at the Demon King’s words.


 The gesture told Carter that he should not be fighting right here and now.



“Ah, I see. I’d like to send these words to you anyway.” (President)



 However, such conveniences have nothing to do with the Demon King, who is in a convenient situation.


 The Demon King, who understands that this is a bad development for Carter, happily says the words that he has been waiting for an opportunity to say ever since he heard them for a certain reason.



“You can’t escape the Demon King.” (President)



 This became the signal for the beings, the Demon King and the Hero, to fight as what every story expected.


 If Jiro had been here, it would have looked like flashes of light colliding with each other.


 The firework-like sounds exploding in rapid succession echoed around the room, and the two fought at a speed that would not even be visible to a normal person.


 The limited space of the ward was illuminated by a gorgeous but intense magical light.


 They unleash attacks that are considered effective against each other, all of which are deadly, and all of which can do no more than wound if they hit, and they cancel each other out.


 Carter releases the holy sword and uses the power of light to defeat the Demon King.


 The Demon King greets him with a smile and uses magic, as if telling him he will overpower that light.


 It is no exaggeration to say that this battle is the final battle.


 When Carter wields his holy sword, rays of light reap the ground and cause the earth to crack.


 When the Demon King wields his staff, the ground explodes in spite of the lightness of his swing.


 Whether the earth changes its shape, or the land disappears, everyone thinks that this battle will not end until the opponent is defeated.


 The two men, who are probably synonymous with excessive force, repeatedly clash.



“Now, there’s one thing I’d like to ask you, is that okay, hero?” (President)



 The battlefield is such that one would think that there would be nothing left in its original form, let alone grass.


 Despite the fact that everyone was seriously killing each other, the Demon King asked the hero a question while smiling indifferently.


 He brought his face close to Carter’s without regard to the distance between the sacred sword and his voice so that his voice would reach Carter.



“…” (Carter)



 Carter, who naturally has no obligation to answer such a question, silently wields the holy sword and tries to cut off the Demon King’s head.


 The sword that aims to take off the head, however, fails to accomplish its purpose and is deflected by the staff, which only ends up cutting the rock in its path.


 The two men do not seem to be bothered by this scene.


 The only thing that matters is defeating the opponent.


 What exists as a difference is that Carter is only thinking of killing the Demon King, and the Demon King is taking his time.



“Do you really hate that blood that much?” (President)


“You.” (Carter)


“As expected, you will respond when it comes to this topic.” (President)



 For the first time, Carter reacted to the Demon King’s words as he made that tangent.


 Rather than saying why, he wanted to say what he knew, which made him angrier.



“I’ve looked you up, your entire career from birth to now. Well, that’s brilliant, Hero. You’ve become Carter Isperio, and you’ve done it beautifully. If you hadn’t pulled out the Holy Sword when you did, I wouldn’t have even noticed.” (President)



 And when the Demon King said that Carter was not Carter in what he had researched, Carter, the Hero was convinced that the being in front of him knew everything.



“It’s a wonderful career. It was beautifully made. Such a wonderful presence. It can’t be helped that I couldn’t see through that.” (President)



 The battle between the Demon King and the heroes is still raging, and it is already a natural disaster.


 The valley became a wasteland, and the scattered rocks were sent flying back into the air before gravity brought them down to the ground, where they became rubble attacking their opponent.


 The Demon King’s story continues, even though he is fighting in a space where even gravity is being transformed by magic power.



“Of course, a descendant of the Demon King and a descendant of the Hero.” (President)


“Huh?” (Carter)



 And then, the Demon King’s words, which were so sure, made the hero tremble.



“The battles between the Demon King’s army and the heroes have been repeated many times in our long history. Many of these battles have resulted in the defeat of the Demon King. There have been Demon Kings who ended like that. However, to a lesser extent, there are Demon Kings who have successfully defeated the heroes.” (President)



 The Demon King, who begins to tell the story as if he were telling a fairy tale from long ago, fights off the onslaught of the hero who want to stop him from telling the story.



“There are stories that exist that are even rarer, but only because they are rare. War is a cruel thing, and in past history there have been stories of heroes who defeated the Demon King but were unable to return to their original world. It’s not like there aren’t stories like that. Some who were abandoned by their companions. In the first place, the connection with the dungeon disappeared and they couldn’t go back. There are various reasons. Are you a descendant of the hero who disappeared after abducting the Demon King’s daughter?” (President)


“…” (Carter)


“Silence is sometimes an affirmation. You’re not the only one who knows that.” (President)



 And it seems that the onslaught is over.


 Once the demon king flicked the holy sword with his staff, he did not stop telling his story.


 The two men, now facing each other, stand on the desolate earth.


 The castle of the Demon King, floating in the sky, quietly watches the battle.



“Well, that’s fine, the reason I talked to you at this length was to hear your own purpose. You can continue to fight and settle the matter, but it is against my principle to simply punish you without asking you any questions. I have a pretty good idea of how and why your ancestors educated you, but what was the purpose of your own actions?” (President)



 The moon emerged from the shadows of the Demon King’s castle and illuminated the battlefield.


 The light shines on both of them and the smile of the Demon King.



“You know it even without me saying it.” (President)



 The Hero’s aloof demeanor fades away as the Demon King speaks, illuminating the face of the hero, which is stained with rage.



“I left behind that loathsome blood on my body, forced my family to move away from their homeland, and forced to abandon the glory they deserved. In order to destroy all demons.” (Carter)



 In response to the words that came out from his anger, the Demon King just nodded regretfully, as if he there was nothing else to say.



“Hmm, then I guess it can’t be helped.” (President)



 And then, nodding his head in understanding, the Demon King lost the smile that had been on his face until a moment ago.


 The expression that came up instead was.



“I’m going to get a little more serious from here on out.” (President)



 He is trying to enjoy the upcoming battle, joy springing from the bottom of his heart, just as he enjoys fighting above everything.


 He puts on an innocent and vicious smile.



“I’ll apologize first. It’s been a while since I’ve used my power.” (President)



 Cold eyes stared at the hero who reached out for the holy sword.



“Please don’t expect me to go easy on you.” (President)



 His body was swallowed up by darkness.



“Now, please entertain me for as long as possible.” (President)



 The hero sank further into the darkness, and the magic was unleashed upon him.


The Demon King’s attack has begun.



T/N: Woah! Carter is a descendant of, possibly non-consensual, copulation between the Hero and Demon King’s daughter. That’s f*cked if it is. Unless it’s a Romeo and Juliet thing.



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