Otherworld Company Chapter 203: Watching Is Also Working

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“!” (Amy)


“Hey, Sleeping Beauty. How are you feeling?” (Jiro)



 Amelia, who had been sleeping soundly, suddenly awoke.


 She jumped off the quilt and got up.


 She was looking around, so I called out to her, showing that I was just smoking a cigarette.



“Mr. Jiro?” (Amy)


“You seem to have regained consciousness. It seems all the hard work was worth it.” (Jiro)



 I guess she was still dazed, and when she looked at me, she didn’t look focused.


 But I could tell by the tone and atmosphere that it was definitely Amelia.


 I had received the assurances of Fusio and the president, but I felt more comfortable talking to her face to face and getting her confirmation.



“Where?” (Amy)


“This is the infirmary of the Demon King Castle. You may have saved the day, but you’ve been in bed for three days now.” (Jiro)


“Three days? —I’m sure.” (Amy)


“Well, from your point of view, it might be a moment.” (Jiro)



 The situation seemed to be gradually sinking in as her mind slowly awakened and the information about what she was going through began to sink in.


 Seeing Amelia like that, I asked her if she could talk to me. She nodded slowly when I asked her.


 She didn’t seem to be in bad shape, and she seemed to be able to converse.


 If she gets sick during the conversation, I can give her a break.


 With that in mind, I begin to tell her the story of my life up to this point.


 It was three days ago.



 I return to the story after we manage to rescue Amelia.



“Jiro, this place is dangerous. We’re going to evacuate to the Demon King Castle as soon as possible.” (Fusio)


“Yes, it seems that way, and I can feel the dangerous atmosphere in the air.” (Jiro)



 I would have liked to have time to have a smoke, but it seems like that’s not an option.


 The air is screaming, and it is true that this place was close to the battlefield, where there was a disturbing atmosphere, but now it feels as if we are standing in front of a bomb. I sense that kind of atmosphere.


 I don’t have to think to know where that air is coming from.


 The space is so noisy that I can tell even from a distance.


 The space where the president and the hero are fighting is beginning to scream in earnest, as if to say that the warming up is over.


 It is like a volcano about to erupt.


 I felt at first hand that this would soon be another place to fight, and when I looked at the instructor, he was silently beginning to prepare for the transfer magic.


 I carried the unconscious Amelia on my back.



“Himiku, I’m sorry, but can I leave those two to you?” (Jiro)


“Okay. But is that allowed?” (Himiku)


“If the instructor is not saying anything, it means it’s okay if I take responsibility.” (Jiro)



 At that time, I gave one instruction to Himiku, who removed her helmet and revealed her face.


 Himiku’s younger sisters who were temporarily evacuated and protected from the aftermath of the battle.


 They are bound and put to sleep by Himiku, but they are also seraphim.


 It is obvious that their power is so great that it would be unwise to compare them to ordinary people.


 It is also true that they are from a hostile organization.


 It would be wiser to execute them here and now rather than take them home with us.





“Because I made a promise to you.” (Jiro)


“Master.” (Himiku)



 I said I would take them home and take care of them.


 There is no reversing that promise.


 I wonder if he understood my resolve, or if he thought it would be more interesting if I left them there, but after glancing at me, the instructor only rattled his jaw.


 I had expected to be told not only not to bring them home, but also to immediately terminate them, which was somewhat disappointing to me.


 Himiku was holding the twin angels on both arms, and Amelia was on my back.


 And then.



“I’m alive, I’m alive.” (Kaido)


“Well, I don’t know why we’re still alive, but we are.” (Karen)


“…Actually, this place is not real, it’s hell. Actually, isn’t it possible that we’re not here, but in hell, that we are?” (Minami)


“Don’t say something that scary!” (Kaido)



 The three survivors who struggled to stay alive became quiet and acted as if it was a wonder that they were still in one piece.


 Well, no matter how much support they had received, they had been fighting for hours against a superior opponent.


 They must have been a more than a little tired emotionally.



“Instructor, please.” (Jiro)


“Kakakaka, I understand.” (Fusio)



 We were brought to this place by the transfer magic of the instructor, exhausted in various ways.



“I’m sure it’s been many years since we’ve invited a human being into our home. What do you think, Jiro? How do you feel now that you have entered the Demon King Castle?” (Fusio)


“It looks like we’re going to die if we wander into a strange place.” (Jiro)


“In general, you’re not wrong. There are a lot of secrets here. Curiosity kills the cat.” (Fusio)


“I’ll keep it in mind.” (Jiro)



 It is the last stronghold of the Demon King Army.


 A castle that protects the Demon King.


 I had imagined that the inside would not be normal, but it was still a naïve thought.


 The gaze that pierces through is neither contemptuous nor conceited, but simply a purely wary gaze.


 They understand that we are not enemies because Instructor Fusio is by our side.


 But we are not welcome either.


 I can imagine what will happen if we act in the slightest suspiciously, even if I don’t say it.


 Somehow, we managed to let out a wry smile at the instructor’s words, and we started walking under the lead of the instructor who told us to follow him.


 And then, we were led to…



“Here?” (Jiro)


“It’s like a medical room. Jiro, lay that child on the bed over there.” (Fusio)


“Yes.” (Jiro)



 It was a strange space, only white with a single bunk in the center.


 The instructor told me to put Amelia on that bunk, and when I left, a barrier was put up.



“The girl has indeed survived, but her soul is badly exhausted. This is the place to heal her soul. She will need to rest for a while, but she will wake up soon.” (Fusio)



 A pale green light was emitted from the barrier, and it enveloped Amelia.


 We naturally breathed a sigh of relief knowing that it was a medical treatment.



“I’d like to treat you next, but time is of the essence. Follow me.” (Fusio)



 I thought it would be our turn next, but apparently it wasn’t.


 Only Amelia, who is in danger, is treated.


 We are taken to a separate room.



“You guys are lucky. How many years has it been since I saw a battle like this?” (Fusio)



 We were in the central hall of the Demon King Castle.


 The center of the hall is made of glass, as if the ground can be seen through it.


 The first time I saw this was when I was in the middle of the castle.



“That’s the Demon King’s fighting form.” (Fusio)



 There was the president who was happily waving his staff and cornering Carter who was running away.



“Wow, that’s amazing. What is that? How many spells is he using?” (Kaido)


“That’s not all. Each one is the highest level of magic.” (Karen)


“I guess that’s what you call cheating, that it is.” (Minami)



 Carter escapes from the coal-tar-like lake by turning the light of the holy sword into a giant blade and fires the blade directly at the president.


 The president, as if not caring a hair about the light of the holy sword, is overwhelmed the light magic with his own.


It is amazing how much the result can change just by being in an environment where there is nothing to protect, and one can concentrate on one-on-one battles.


 It makes me understand that the fight in the arena at that time was still a limitation.


 The president, who has stopped restraining himself and is only thinking about defeating his opponent, is very dynamic.


 He unleashes a wide variety of magic in a smooth flow, and even when he seems to have covered an explosion with an explosion, he creates a blizzard that freezes even that explosion, creates a tsunami of earth and sand that swallows that blizzard, and brings down thunder from the heavens that splits that tsunami of earth and sand.


 A feat I can’t pull off even if I was using every atom of myself.


 It’s not just Minami’s term, but from my point of view, it’s just cheating.


 Such is the battle between the president and Carter.


 By all accounts, the president has the advantage and Carter has the disadvantage.


 I was thinking inwardly that it might be settled as it is.



“You haven’t given up yet?” (President)



 The look on Carter’s face that didn’t look like despair is in his mind.


 Light emanates from the holy sword and cuts through the magic.


 Carter moves so fast that I can barely make out his position from a distance from above, wondering if he can also fight at long range.


 He wonders if there is something in the way he has not yet abandoned the fight.


 And then I thought about that something.



“…Does he want to bring it into close combat?” (Jiro)


“That’s correct.” (Fusio)



 I recognize the behavior, which leads me to the answer.


 I was not only familiar with it, but I knew what it was.


 I’m trying to get into melee, and I’m not going to win at long-range battle.


 That’s exactly what Carter is doing.


 Despite my blurting out the words, instructor Fusio confirms my words.



“The hero is trying to get into a distance where he can make the most of his power, believing that he cannot win in a magical firefight, isn’t he? That is his way of fighting. The Demon King would not allow that.” (Fusio)



 This is a typical battle between the vanguard and the rear guard.


 Carter might win if he closes the distance, but the president doesn’t let him.


 I thought this might be a surprisingly close fight.



“However, that path to survival may also end in death.” (Fusio)


“Instructor, what do you mean?” (Jiro)


“If you look closer, you’ll understand.” (Fusio)



 The instructor roundly ignored my words and urged me to remain silent, as if he knew what would happen next.



“He’s gone!” (Kaido)


“Hey, isn’t that dangerous!?” (Karen)



 Just before Kitamiya shouted, Carter broke through the magical storm.


 The distance between the president and Carter just now was about 30 meters, and Carter, who was moving around at high speed, would not take more than a second.


 He ran through the gap in a fraction of a second, and finally broke through the long-range battle distance to get into a melee battle distance.


 If this happens, the president won’t be able to use any great magic.


 But while I was wondering if the President could use the magic, he was using in that position to push Carter away, the melee battle began.


 I stare at them, thinking that this time their positions might be reversed.


 And then…


 A blinding light appears.



“Impossible, that it is.” (Minami)



 It wasn’t the light from Carter.



“Why is the Demon King using light magic, that he is?” (Minami)



 Minami’s words spoke for the voices in our hearts here.


 The light of the holy sword that Carter released was intercepted by the light of a sword that the Demon King pulled out from his waist. [T/N: What the fudge?! (°0°)]


 At the sight of this, Minami’s jaw dropped open.


 I, too, was left wide-eyed.



“The hero must have been surprised, too. I bet you, like the hero, never thought that the Demon King could use a holy sword, did you?” (Fusio)


“What is going on?” (Jiro)



 Or rather, I think the president had a holy sword even though he was the Demon King.


 Then, I listened to the rest of what the instructor said, thinking to myself that it could be a trophy.



“It’s just as he said. The Demon King can use the holy sword. That’s all there is to it.” (Fusio)


“The president is a demon, isn’t he?” (Jiro)



 My doubts deepen.



“Indeed, and as you can see, he also has the qualities of a hero who can use the holy sword.” (Fusio)


“No way…” (Jiro)



 The first thought that I had ruled out as impossible had been changed to possible by the instructor, so I no longer needed to think about it deeply.



“Kakakakakaka, that’s right, it should not be impossible.” (Fusio)


“The president is both a hero and the Demon King.” (Jiro)


“Yes, he was born from a forbidden love. We missed him. The Demon King’s grandmother was a hero who lived with the previous Demon King. That was quite a problem at the time.” (Fusio)


“Is such a thing possible?” (Jiro)


“It’s possible, because they exist right in front of me.” (Fusio)



 I wanted to say it was a foul.


 However, I understand that such words are meaningless in this situation.


 A being who possesses both the power of light and darkness.


 It makes me want to say that this is some chuunibyou protagonist nonsense.


 And Carter is beginning to be overwhelmed in the close quarters battle, which he thought was his way of life and his hope.


 Even I thought the battle would be like after that.



“Above all, the Demon King is the one who has received blessing from the moon and the sun.” (Fusio)



 I felt a little sympathy for Carter, who had made such a being his enemy. [T/N: No duh! President is such a cheat character. No wonder he’s such a pretty boy in his art. He’s the real Riajuu bastard. Probably has a harem the size of a village.]



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T/N: Mr. President and Carter have similar origins. I really want to know more about their history. This is like the epilogue of a lot of isekai stories.



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