Otherworld Company Chapter 206.2: Human Relationships Are Always Changing

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 Well, from modern Japan’s point of view, it looks like an adult man surrounded by underage girls.


 It’s like a harem transported to some other world. Japanese common sense has become a stopper for me to rejoice.


 Kaido honestly doesn’t seem to be happy about this.



“Shut up! I’ll even add the acronym ‘legal’ if you want! The fact that you are a lolicon is well known in the company, as you have tamed even Ms. Amiri, the Machine King, without my knowledge! Right!?” (Jiro) [T/N: This started in the manga before the disaster that became the catalyst for Jiro and Suela’s love to start. So, around Chapter 18-19.]



 And as for the twin angels in question, it seems like they have different preferences depending on someone’s soul, just like Himiku.


 And the twin angel in question seems to prefer Kaido’s soul, which is a little immature and makes them feel like they need to support him, and in addition, they were interested in Kaido, who was gifting Amelia various things before she woke up.


 From what he said, I had a feeling that a scene might be created where Kaido would be nurtured by those girls, but let’s leave that aside for now.


 As a result, they are currently living in Kaido’s room under the guise of seeing if he can be a hero for the twins.



“Why is this happening? I like bouncy and sexy. I’m not interested in flat and shapeless. If I do something, wouldn’t I be a criminal?” (Kaido) [T/N: Yes, loli! No touch!]


“I don’t care, you’re just attracted to that kind of taste, that’s all. It’s fine, it’s legal here. It’s a sight that would bring tears of blood to the eyes of those who have that taste.” (Jiro)



 He tried to accept the truth of the present situation as if his standards were crumbling down, but he was stuck in a crumpled state, as if it was hard to accept.


 I told Kaido that he should be happy, but he said he couldn’t be honestly happy.


 Yes, Kaido is in the period of being popular, which is said to come three times in one’s life.


 First of all, the twin angels, there is no doubt that they like him, but I can say that they are still in the stage of finding out whether it is love or like.


 From my point of view, I think it’s more on the crush side, but it’s fine for now.


 At best, I feel at ease with them, like they are in-laws.


 It’s a matter of what will be decided in the future.


 The problem is that there were some who were anxious about angels living together with Kaido.


 To me, this is more of a problem.


 The one with the problem is that they have completely declared their love, moved Kaido’s room from a bachelor’s room to a family room, and are steadily making preparations to live together.


 I, of course, was surprised at the unexpected presence of this person, even the supervisor.


 According to Kaido, this person was an otaku friend whom he met when he first joined the company, gradually deepened their relationship with them, and before he knew it, they started to like him.


 However, the existence that has been reciprocating that favor is in direct opposition to Kaido’s will.


 Amiri Mothercraft, the Machine King.


 Who would have thought that one of the generals would come forward?


 I myself had seen her only once, at the promotion ceremony, and that time she was wearing a hood and I did not see her clearly, but let’s just say that she looked like a beautiful girl who could never be described as mature.


 She has a distinctive pattern on her skin, but other than that, her appearance is not so different from humans.


 I thought she would be beautiful in the future because of her well-defined face, but Machine King is older than us.


 I just want to say that the room for growth in terms of appearance is… let me say, unknown.


 Oh, older and a loli, she is what we call a real legal loli.


 Kaido, who was unaware of her position, thought she was the daughter of one of the employees, and they were just like friends with a hobby, but Machine King, who did not like the natural distance between Kaido and the angels, decided to not wait to live together.


 Well, she is a general who reigns at the top of the otherworld.


 From what I’ve heard, she felt at ease in with peaceful everyday life and turned to Kaido, who offered it to him.


 I can still recall the conversation we had at that time.


 I dig back into the memories of a girl who left a tremendous impact just by her appearance and words.


 I was present at the meeting where we were discussing how to deal with the twins, and despite the fact that I was on a mission, I was forced to adjust my schedule and show up at the meeting.



“Kaido Tadashi is my mate and potential spouse, and I cannot allow others to interfere with him.” (Amiri)



 What a bombshell line that should never have come out of a young girl.


 A little girl can say the word “mate”.


 It is still fresh in my memory that the unlit cigarette I had been holding in my mouth fell.


 Naturally, I thought he had put his hands on a minor.


 I asked Kaido what he did, but he claims he is innocent and says he doesn’t know.


 Kitamiya looked at him with disdain, and even Minami reacted with extreme disgust, calling him a real lolicon.


 Kaido shouted that he was falsely accused, and Machine King, who was indifferent to the situation, was told that she could call him by his name because he was Kaido’s senior, again confirmed the situation with Ms. Amiri.



“When I received information that the angels were living with Kaido Tadashi, I confirmed palpitations that could not be grasped by the usual principle of behavior. After searching for the relevant psychological information, I determined that it was possessiveness due to romantic feelings. Therefore, I determined that I have a liking for Kaido Tadashi. Based on this premise, I examined whether I could allow the angel to live with him if I could not. I decided that I had to deal with it, so I drastically shortened my operational activities, and here I am now.” (Amiri)



 I thought it was a very logical or logical view of love, but I thought her expression was serious and her eyes had a similar color to Suela and the others, so I don’t think she was lying when she said that.


 Well, thanks to that, the Machine King vs. Twin Seraphim was about to be born, but Kaido desperately interceded and managed to stop it before it began.


 At that time, he said,



“No, Amiri, can’t you somehow get along with those girls?” (Kaido)


“Kaido Tadashi’s request application to establish a good relationship with the angels was conditionally accepted.” (Amiri)



 Kaido’s wish to have a good relationship with them was accepted unexpectedly easily.


 Well, the condition was.



“Huh? So? What’s the cause this time?” (Jiro)


“No, in a debate about which is stronger, Rangers or Magical Girl, whose side should I take?” (Kaido)


“I really don’t care.” (Jiro)



 Ms. Amiri will also be living in Kaido’s room.


 Thanks to this, I often hear that she and Kaido have a dispute over what TV or DVD they want to watch together.



“It is true that this confession is difficult to accept due to my physical appearance due to the customs in this world and Japan. Therefore, I would like you to live with me for a period of time so that you can get a closer look at what I feel for you. I’ll ask for the answer later.” (Amiri)



Does it mean that it is no good to do nothing and admit defeat from a maiden’s point of view?


 It may be a very mechanical reaction, but I can’t help but understand what she means.


 Well, a love confession from angels and from an automaton.


 Frankly, I’d like to tell them to leave me out of it.


 However, in this incident, I became involved.


 I can’t afford to ignore it.


 So, I have to give my opinion on the mediation between Ms. Amiri, who I heard is obsessed to the Ranger stuff in this world, and the twin angels, who recommended magical girl stuff because there are more girls and ended up getting hooked too.



“Well, you can tell them what you like.” (Jiro)


“I rather like anthropomorphic girls.” (Kaido)



 Kaido says he prefers the body shape of adult women, and although he claims he is not a lolicon, he is serious at heart and is earnestly trying to give an answer to the confessions he has received, but his common sense gets in the way, and he runs away in the opposite direction.


 I was thinking he was a difficult junior to deal with, and I was trying to get on the computer in time for the party that was to start in the evening.



“Don’t give a third opinion.” (Jiro)



 I cut him off and went back to work.


 And with Kaido’s voice shouting “I can’t!” in the background, I was tapping away at the keyboard.



Note for the Day

It’s true that relationships with people are difficult… especially relationships with the opposite sex.



T/N: Please don’t give me a reason to drop this. Kaido remember, “yes loli, no touch!”



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