Otherworld Company Chapter 209.1: Once-In-A-Lifetime Encounters Are Rare.

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 It feels strange for two men to be walking around a shopping mall with Christmas decorations all over the place, but Kaido and I aren’t the type to worry about such things.


 Even if you’re an older adult, you won’t come if you have something to do.


 Besides, it’s such a large shopping mall.


 Among the crowd of people, I don’t think there are any rare people who would care about the two of us.


 But that didn’t stop us from doing our own thing, and there was a limit to the number of stores we could go to.



“What do I do?” (Jiro)



 The situation was more difficult than I had expected.


 I looked for a Christmas present for Suella, looked at knick-knacks at the general store, looked at women’s clothing, looked at jewelry stores, watch stores, and many other places, but I couldn’t find anything that I thought she might like.


 If it were possible, I would have narrowed it down to a certain degree, but since Suela and my friends from another world have different senses than we do, I have to rely on my own feeling when choosing a gift like this.


 I’m looking for something that will make them happy, but…



“I can’t find anything good, Senior.” (Kaido)


“Oh, if I may say so, I thought a fountain pen would be nice.” (Jiro)


“You said something different again, Senior.” (Kaido)


“Oh.” (Jiro)



 That is surprisingly difficult.


 The fountain pen that you found about three doors down is not just any fountain pen, but a very expensive one.


 It was what is called a luxury item.


 I thought it was just right for Suela, who often has to sign documents for her work.


 The design was not bad, and I was sure she would use it, but I had a feeling it wasn’t right, so I put it on hold.


 Thanks to this, I have been wandering around the shopping mall for more than an hour, looking for something better than this.


 In short, I have achieved nothing.


 Even though I hear that she is satisfied with the fact that she is expecting a child, I still want to give her a gift at a time like this.


 I know it’s not a gala, but if I want to think seriously about it like this, I might as well go along with it.



“Senior, did we try here?” (Kaido)


“I don’t think I’ve been in here. … is this a pet store?” (Jiro)



 Kaido pointed to one store when I had visited the same stores several times and was getting confused about which stores, I had been to.


 Birds, hamsters, dogs, and various other animals are in cases.


 It is what is commonly referred to as a pet store.


 I have never heard of anyone giving a pet as a Christmas present, but I thought it would be worth a look, so I stepped into the store.



“Huh, there are a lot of things.” (Jiro)



 The inside of the store is larger than I expected, and it seems to be divided into different types of creatures, such as goldfish and tropical fish, which you would keep in an aquarium.


 Small animals such as hamsters.


 Reptiles such as lizards.


 Dogs that are synonymous with pets.





“Is this the cat area?” (Jiro)



 We arrive at a section set up in a corner where cats are gathered.



“Was Senior a cat person?” (Kaido)


“No, I’m not particular about them.” (Jiro)


“Is that so? Did you ever think about getting a cat?” (Kaido)


“My parents travel all over the world, so it is rare for me to be at home. I’m good at housework because of that, but I didn’t have the confidence to take care of a pet by myself, being an only child.” (Jiro)



 If I had asked my unconventional parents, they would have let me have a cat, but even as a child, I knew the importance of taking care of life, and even though I wanted one, I didn’t talk about it.


 Now that I am an adult, I understand that the vague feeling I had was a sense of responsibility.


 As I was thinking about this, I looked at the cats one by one to see what kind of cats they were.



“Ah, the one here says they are siblings.” (Kaido)


“Kittens?” (Jiro)



 Kaido pointed to a case.


 In the upper right corner of the case, there were three one-month-old kittens in a wider case.


 The black and white kittens on the left and right looked like their parents, but there was a tabby cat between them that was black around the ears and waist and white the rest of the way. [T/N: Kittens! Yeah! ( ᗒᗨᗕ )]


 Somehow, I knew I wanted to keep this cat.


 Perhaps it was because I felt a soothing atmosphere from its lovable appearance.



“Let’s go.” (Jiro)


“Oh, are you sure? They’re so cute.” (Kaido)


“The environment at my home is special, so I won’t know until I ask. I can’t do anything irresponsible in such a situation.” (Jiro)



 However, the place where I live is a space where a special element called magic essence is prevalent.


 It doesn’t affect us testers, but I can’t say that it doesn’t affect the cats.


 It would be a bad idea to follow my intuition and take these kittens home with me and find out that they were no good.


 Gently, I tried to leave quietly so as not to wake them up.



“Oh, they woke up.” (Kaido)


“……” (Jiro)



 What a perfect timing.


 The tabby cat who was sleeping in the center suddenly woke up and met my gaze, who was peering closely at me.


 Then, perhaps out of curiosity, she pushed aside her siblings who were sleeping on either side and came over.


 At that moment, the other two kittens also woke up, and eventually all three of them were lined up in front of the case, albeit through the glass.


 It’s an indescribable feeling to be looked at by those round eyes.


 I understand that we simply thought there was something there and came to see what it was, but I feel a strange attraction to them.



“Yeah, let’s go.” (Jiro)


“I understand.” (Kaido)



 Even so, I can’t choose to let my desires get the better of me and keep the cats here.


 I left the pet store, wondering inwardly if this is what it means to feel like being pulled back.


 After that, I looked around for a few more things, but time just kept passing by without finding the one I was looking for.


 I had to move to Akihabara because I would not be able to shop at Kaido’s.



“Is that really okay?” (Jiro)


“I can’t help it. When I asked, they said this was it.” (Kaido)



 I couldn’t help but have doubts about what Kaido bought there.


 The store that Kaido entered is what is commonly referred to as a figure store.


 The store has a wide variety of anime characters, not only humans, but also animals and robots.


 The item Kaido picked up at such a store was a ” Super Ranger Kaiju Squadron” figure.



“A Super Ranger Kaiju Squadron robot and a Magic Gun Girl figure…” (Jiro)



“Please don’t say that. Even though I understand this genre, I still have a lot of doubts about buying this combination, having Yukichi die in the line of duty, and then giving it to a girl.” (Kaido)



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