Otherworld Company Chapter 31.3: Why am I Always Getting Interrupted During Work… I Feel Like I am being Sidetracked


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I stand between them.


With my [Intimidating Monkey Scream] strengthened by magical power, it becomes a shockwave that is transmitted to the enemy.



“You’re frightened, aren’t you?” (Jiro)



Cold sweat drips on my enemy’s face, and a crescent grin cuts through my lips.



“So, I’ll take you all!” (Jiro)



I’ll make them even more afraid.


I can’t be too overconfident, but I will bite down where I can.


Quick as a hound, violent as a raccoon, cunning as an owl, I’ll inflict a crippling loss on their strength.


The iron stake and the arrow of wind will protect me.



“********! (What’s with this guy!)” (Enemy)


“****! (How can he be a human!)” (Enemy)


“If you have time to move your mouth!!!—” (Jiro)






“—Move your hands instead!!!” (Jiro)



I jumped at the two remaining Lizardmen.


It’s not that I won’t stop moving right here, but I don’t have the leeway to show mercy.


I cut down the leader and completed the suppression of the enemies.



“Let’s go. We’ll be in the first room shortly.” (Suela)


“Ah, this dungeon doesn’t have that many levels, does it?” (Jiro)



Once we were sure that there were no remaining forces, we started running down the stairs again.


The spirit of the hunter is vigilant of the surroundings.


In the meantime, I confirm with Suela the layout of the dungeon.



“There are ten floors in total, which is unimaginably small for a normal dungeon, but that’s why we’ve gathered the elite in the halls of each level.” (Suela)


“So, you mean quality over quantity?” (Jiro)


“Lady Evia is a demon. Because of their kind, they are not as many as us Dark Elves, but they are well gifted with physical ability and magical power. It is rumored that some of them have the same ability as a General.” (Suela)


“I’ve heard that story somewhere before.” (Memoria)



Moreover, if it was Suela herself who told the story, it would be credible.



“Even though there are existences like them, the fact that the dungeon was captured means that there is another existence like them, right?” (Jiro)


“Yes, that is very likely.” (Suela)


“…Honestly, what is the chance of us winning?” (Jiro)


“I don’t think we’d stand a chance against them head-on.” (Suela)




“Yes, we won’t face them head-on.” (Memoria)


“By the way, Jiro, are you okay with high places?” (Suela)


“I’ll say I’m as good as everybody else.” (Jiro)



Oh, I’ve had a bad feeling about this dungeon ever since I entered it, but that’s why.


That’s no surprise.


In the first place, if three people who cannot go against the Supervisor challenges the opponent who can suppress the Supervisor, there is no other way but to plan an ambush attack or a complex plan.



“How deep is it?” (Jiro)


“There is no fixed depth because the space-time is twisted to nullify the opponent who originally tried to take a shortcut down here.” (Suela)


“Will we be able to do it?” (Jiro)


“Normally no, but there are ways to break it.” (Suela)



So, Suela stopped at a corner of a pillar.



“It’s here. I hope the functions are not restricted.” (Suela)



Reaching for a block of one of the pillars, Suela’s hand slipped inside, as if it was liquid or it was not there at all.


“There it is.” (Suela)



She must have grabbed something.


Suela pulled back her hand as it was holding on to something.



“A key, really?” (Jiro)


“Yes, a magic tool that creates a path through the curves of space-time.” (Suela)



The key is old and rusty, but it has a magic power that even I can feel.



“So, let’s go.” (Jiro)


“Yes.” (Memoria)


“Please be prepared. We can’t use flight magic in the gaps between levels, so make sure you’re on the right side of the gaps.” (Suela)


“I am truly thankful that my body is no longer considered human.” (Jiro)



After sending the Hunter’s Spirit back, I followed Suela as she gently passed the magic through the lock and prepared to jump down into the chasm.



“I never thought I’d see the day in my life when I’d experience no-rope cliff diving.” (Jiro)


“You’re pretty calm about it.” (Memoria)


“No, it’s just that I’ve done so many unrealistic things in my life that I’m amazed that I can’t be surprised by something as simple as jumping.” (Jiro)


“Fuh, how reliable.” (Memoria)


“I’m glad to hear it.” (Suela)



I didn’t lose my nerve, so I just leave my guts in the air, shall we?



“Just make sure you stay close.” (Suela)


“Yeah.” (Jiro)


“Yes.” (Memoria)



Following Suela, who jumps, Memoria and I, too, jump off.


As we freefall, we feel the sensation of gradual acceleration, the destination naturally should be the lowest floor.


There are lights around to illuminate the stairs made of magic stones, but they don’t have enough light to illuminate the bottom of the stairwell, just like streetlights can’t illuminate everything.


Dozens of meters down, the darkness gradually closes in on us.


This is what it must feel like to skydive into the ocean at midnight.


With no parachute, I don’t have to think about the consequences of doing it.


Before and just before I did it, I was fine, but the fear was more than I could imagine, and I almost shut my eyes.



“You do not need to worry.” (Suela)



I felt a soft touch on my right hand, which was gently traveling to my heart.



“…” (Jiro)



And then something light and quiet on the other shoulder.


I’m not a man if I don’t put my guts into it when they do this to me.


I opened my eyes, nodding to Suela who held my right hand and lightly touched Memoria’s head with my left hand.


I looked ahead and saw that the darkness was right in front of me, and although I was no longer afraid, I was no longer hesitant.


I entered straight into the darkness.


My vision is suddenly tainted with darkness, and I feel as if I am moving through a thick fog.


There was no sound of the wind, no light to illuminate anything, no sense of gravity that I was falling down.


I’m starting to lose track of whether I’m going up, down, or sideways, but I can’t change the direction I’m moving.


Normally, this would be terrifying, but I find myself thrilled by this unknown sensation.


I can’t stop the grin on my face.


I’m looking forward to what lies ahead.



“Get ready to land!” (Suela)



The time passed in a blink of an eye.


The lights came back from the darkness and I could see the floor less than ten meters away.



“Raaaa!” (Jiro)



If I had to excuse myself for this moment, I would say that I acted on the spur of the moment.


I didn’t hug the two beautiful women with a guilty conscience.


If I were to think about it normally, it would have been an action that could have shattered my knees.


In fact, it would have been better if it was just my knees.


As I savored the feeling of the ground being scraped away from my footgear, my legs, and feet, which supported the weight of three people, responded firmly.


As I land on the ground at an angle and apply the skidding brakes, I admire how sturdy my body has become, as if it was someone else’s body.



“Woah, what happened?” (Jiro)


“Don’t overdo it, please.” (Suela)


“For me, it was a blessing in disguise.” (Memoria)



We landed safely on the bottom level, leaving two cracked footprints in our wake.


Well, Suela was beaming, and I even got a rare laugh from Memoria, It’s worth the effort just to be able to see their faces.



“So, is this where the real action begins?” (Jiro)


“They probably don’t know we’ve breached the stairwell yet, so let’s attack before we lose this advantage.” (Suela)


“Shall we attack?” (Memoria)


“Yes.” (Suela)



I turned my gaze to the path that would lead to the back of the place, separate from the stairs that led down.


At the end of the stairwell is a large corridor, the pathway like a bleached castle without the old-fashioned appearance we saw near the entrance.


The decorations, which are not too ornate, have an elegance that welcomes dungeon goers.


The advantage Suela is referring to is probably the difference in strength.


Ignoring all of the opposing forces that were dispersed to some extent to intercept us, we rushed through to the final layer where the supervisor would be held.


Before the reinforcements from the other side could arrive,






“What the—!” (Jiro)


“”!”” (Suela & Memoria)



Just as I was about to attack, a corner of the corridor wall exploded with a loud and magnificent crash.


The cloud of dust that billowed from the blast attested to the power of the wall’s destruction.



“An enemy?” (Memoria)


“I don’t know yet.” (Suela)



Whether it’s a surprise attack or a trap, their timing is clearly off, and their intentions aren’t clear.


And then, several shadows appear from the dust cloud. One of them, the one leading the way, is coming towards us.


It’s not so much that it pierces me as it is that it crushes me, and I inwardly lament my bad luck, thinking that we’ve suddenly stumbled upon a big fish.


With my pride as a vanguard, I step forward.


Suela and Memoria also moved into position so that they could start fighting, and finally, their figures became apparent through the cloud of dust.



“Oh, if it isn’t Jiro?” (Voice)


“Instructor Kio!?” (Jiro)



What appeared from there was a Yakuza Ogre who carried a huge golden staff with his usual suit.



Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Unmarried

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg & Memoria Tris

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Eight (General Class)

Job Title: Warrior


Note for the Day

Instructor Kio… You’ve really surprised us!

Also, that golden staff looks so badass it’s disgusting.


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