Otherworld Company Chapter 32.2: I Know This necessary, It’s What You Need to do, But… It’s Not the Time for This!

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And before I had time to swear, the girl that the Instructor called Ina attacked me again.



“Hey, instructor, hasn’t the air around your daughter changed? I thought she was a quiet girl with only a few words!?” (Jiro)



The ephemeral snow has changed into a fierce blizzard.


I don’t want to say it, but her mouth looks like it’s about to start laughing at any moment, and the fact that she has a nice face makes her look creepy.


She is able to use a weapon that does not suit her stature.


It acts like a spear if you thrust, a sword if you swing, it was a weapon that can pierce and cut.


Thanks to that, I have to start by getting my eyes used to it.


But you know what? It’s not the number of moves or the speed that can’t be deflected.



“This is natural. She’s my daughter, you know?” (Kio)


“She doesn’t look like you at all!” (Jiro)


“She looks like my wife!” (Kio)


“That makes sense!” (Jiro)



In response to Instructor Kio’s convincing words, my arms and legs moved busily in tandem to deal with my opponent’s movements while we made small talk.


It is said that in the past, Japanese samurai wore loose-fitting clothing such as hakama in order to avoid being detected as they entered the fight.


I don’t know if this is the same reason for this girl’s outfit, but just from the results, I can’t help but think that it’s difficult to anticipate her movements by watching her muscles and joints as she moves around in her kimono with long sleeves and hem. I have no choice but to do it.


The only saving grace is that the weapon I was carrying was a large sword, the Mineral Tree, with a material that would not break, bend, or chip when struck.


It’s not just that I paid the price of a new car.





“I’m definitely going to demand overtime pay!” (Jiro)



What was so sad was that I had to fight to the death with such a young girl.


If it was a fight with someone who could normally be called a beautiful girl…


Stop it! We shouldn’t be fighting! or We shouldn’t kill people! I guess that is what I should say…



“It’s hard to look away, isn’t it?” (Jiro)


“Don’t you even!!!” (Ina)



I guess I’m getting used to it.


In this cutthroat atmosphere.


I was supposed to be frightened of death, but even when the blade passed by my ear in increments of a few centimeters, a numbing sensation only told me where it was.


I should have hesitated, but the step I took cracked the cobblestones and increased the momentum of the swing down.



“Hmph!” (Jiro)


“Oh, yes, big brother, yes, yes, yes! More! Play with me, please!!” (Ina)


“If we could play a little more peacefully, I’d be very happy!” (Jiro)



As the girl attacked me happily, as if she was playing with me, she parries the Mineral Tree with a sinister smile as if the battle was flipped a switch.



“AHA!” (Ina)



Her attack is swung up from the bottom that is so powerful that it can separate my upper and lower body without even letting me cry out, but I evaded it like the Ushiwakamaru who had been trained by a tengu. [T/N: Ushiwakamaru is the popular Japanese commander Minamoto no Yoshitsune’s childhood name, he was said to have been trained by a tengu or that long-nose, red-faced, winged Japanese demon.]


The sensation of cutting through air added fuel to her motivation.


Oh, if that’s what you want. Okay, let’s go play tag!


In the span of a few moments, less than a tenth of a second, I fill my lungs with air and force my stomach to take in the breath I had just exhaled.


The angle of the soles of my feet changed slightly, and I let the power flow from my toes to my waist, from my waist to my back, from my back to my shoulders, my arms, my fingers, and let the image of tracing the sword line through my mind come to life.



“Fast! You’re so fast!” (Ina)



Tsubame-gaeshi. [T/N: “燕返し” or Tsubame-gaeshi A sword technique that uses a feint to lure an opponent.]


It’s a technique where you use the recoil from a preemptive swing to swing the sword back up slashing the opponent from below. The girl then thrusts the weapon into the ground like a pole vault and moves away from the blade.


Furthermore, she ducked and used the recoil from my Mineral Tree that struck her weapon to spin vertically like a windmill and swing the blade down


But if she doesn’t have her feet on the ground.



“Not yet!” (Ina)



Once again, my muscles and bones moved with my mind waves, leading to a third Tsubame-gaeshi.


It was the third time that the two weapons clashed.


I’m going to have to tighten my grip to make sure I don’t drop it.


Now, how will I finish this troublesome task?



Another Side



~Ina’s Perspective~



I was raised very, very carefully.


Maybe it’s because I’m the youngest of all my brothers and sisters.


If we asked for something, they would usually do what we asked for.


If we told them what we wanted for dinner, they served it that day. If we told them where we wanted to go, they took us there.


I could tell them what I wanted, and they would get it for me.


Even so, our honorable father, Father, and honorable mother, Mother, scolded us when we made mistakes. [T/N: Ina calls her father “Tou-sama/Father” and her mother “Kaa-sama/Mother”. She’s quite formal.]


So, we were able to grow up without making mistakes in important areas.


It was done, but that was it.


It’s so boring.


When was the first time I said these words?


How long would I have been able to frolic around naively?


I’m the child of an Ogre, and even if I’m a woman, that won’t change.


I want to fight with strong people.


Even though I was selfish, my father made it possible for me to do so.


He brought someone stronger than me to the garden of the mansion to fight with me.


Of course, there was no way I could win as a small child.


I tried to slash him with my wooden sword over and over again, but he would easily dodge, parry, and block.


And then my weapon would be blown away.


There were many times when I cried out, “I am weak.”


Every time I cried, my father and mother assured me that I was not weak.


They told me that I was still small, so I can grow stronger in the future.


Hearing this, I worked hard.


I trained myself to become stronger.


A weak ogre has no value.


I didn’t want to be a weak and pathetic ogre.


Even when I lost, I kept at it and worked hard until I won.


Then, there was no one my age who could beat me.


But it’s not enough.


Even if I reached the top of the mountain, I would not be satisfied.


If there was a higher mountain next to me, I had to climb it to feel better.


I wanted to become stronger.


But I didn’t know that.


I was being cared for.


I knew that.


I thought I knew that.


But there was no way I could have known that I was being treated too well.


The outcome of a defeated demon is a given.


The loser is desperate, and if he loses in a serious fight and survives, it is a dishonor.


But how are they alive?


I didn’t know the answer.


They didn’t let me know.


They didn’t want me to know.


No one was seriously fighting me.


What I want is a serious fight.


But there was no one who would give it to me.


I hated everyone who denied my ogre blood.


But I couldn’t hate them.


Father, master, and uncle who taught me martial arts, all took good care of me.


They treated me like an untouchable flower.


Oh, it aches so bad.


They don’t give me what I want.


Even when I reach out to get it, they keep it away from me.


Oh, my fervor is getting cold.


Please don’t go away.


It’s just not burning yet.


So, for now, just keep it smoldering quietly in my heart.


I told myself that, and I waited.


All but one part of my heart cooled down, and I waited.




When I heard this name, when Father and Master smiled at me and said they would let me see him, I knew the time had finally come.


Demons and humans, irreconcilable, never to be mingled, oh, what fun, what joy.


Will you set my heart ablaze?


Listen to my wish, my one, and only desire?


Please let us fight to the death.


Oh, how precious.


I love the way you swing, every blow.


Ah, you’re just like what father and master said.


The person in front of me is serious, I know it.


I can see that he is coming to cut off my neck, my body.


Oh, this is it, this is what I wanted.


Now, let’s make merry and kill each other. [T/N: Well roses have thorns, right? I kind of imagine her as someone looking like Shuna from “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” but with Shion’s personality.]




Another Side END


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