Otherworld Company Chapter 32.3: I Know This necessary, It’s What You Need to do, But… It’s Not the Time for This!

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I feel as if I’ve just realized something tremendous, but I’ll leave it at that.


The time is running out.



“So? What do you want from me?” (Jiro)


“Fufufu, well, you’re a horrible person, you know that you’re making a woman tell you.” (Ina)


“If I knew everything, I wouldn’t have any trouble.” (Jiro)



Getting the job done is not just a matter of doing it.


Even to write a single report, you have to carefully examine the contents and choose the right content to report.


The cook at the family restaurant doesn’t make the wrong dish for the order.


For some reason, this person is hungry for a fight like a fiend.


She’s on the verge of starving to death.


Every time she fights, she takes a bite of food to replenish her energy.


I can’t just say that this is the end.



“We’re only fighting.” (Ina)


“Then we’re done, aren’t we?” (Jiro)


“No, it’s not enough, it’s not enough.” (Ina)



Above all, she won’t let it end.


This would only end with her decapitating me.


Unfortunately, there is no option for me to lose, so I’m going all out to win.


So the question is, how do I win?


That’s the only way, isn’t it?



“Okay, but I’m sick of this. Let’s settle it, okay?” (Jiro)


“Aha! Yeah, that killing intent, it’s so good!” (Ina)



As if to make a fresh start, we ended the exchange and stepped away.



“Oh, I was really going to save this for later, but I have to be flexible.” (Jiro)



Slowly I raise the Mineral Tree, pointing it up.



“Let’s end it with one slash.” (Jiro)



This is Jigen Ryu.


I will show you what its essence is.



“I’m still lacking in training, but this is just a peek through the clouds.” (Jiro)


“That looks delectable!” (Ina)



The girl was hungry to fight, and when I dangled the best bait in front of her, she closes the gap, as if she couldn’t bear it anymore.


The distance between us was ten meters.


Each stride is about five meters, it was less than a second.



“You’re so pushy.” (Jiro)


“Huh?” (Ina)



But, you know, for me, that distance is…



“You’ll lose you know?” (Jiro)



Just a step and you lose.



The girl that was in front of me is now behind me, and the sword I raised has already been swung down.


The only thing that remained with me was the pain in my body from the crack as I broke through the wind pressure and the feeling of something in my hand that had cut through steel.


In truth, I think I could have won without going this far.


I heard a thud as I fell.


I slowly turned around to see a girl whose torso was nearly cut diagonally downward from her right shoulder.



“Are you satisfied?” (Jiro)


“…Oh, thank you very much.” (Ina)



As expected of ogres, their vitality is extraordinarily high.


She has the strength to speak to me without stuttering.


Her face, as she thanks me looks satisfied


She didn’t want to be spared.


It’s okay if she loses.


But she wanted to win against someone who gave it their all.


She wanted a serious game.


She didn’t want a result, she wanted a process, a serious win or lose.


This is the result that answered that.


She’ll be satisfied.



“If you’re satisfied, fine. Now go get yourself fixed.” (Jiro)


“That’s quite uncouth of you.” (Ina)



But her satisfied expression was soon tinged with anger.


She looked at me with an expression that looked like she was about to bite me, and in her eyes, she was telling me not to dishonor the battle.



“There are three reasons. One, if you die, I will be killed by Instructor. Two, if you die, it will leave a bad aftertaste.” (Jiro)



The first one will definitely come true.


It’s a wonder my head hasn’t been ripped off as we speak.


Oh, I’m not hearing the sound of a gale-force wind whipping around.


The second is also true.


Why do I have to kill a girl and act satisfied after that


I’m just an ex-salaryman, unlike the ogres who are fighters at heart.



“Third, can you be satisfied with just one fight?” (Jiro)


“Huh?” (Ina)


“So, you are fine losing all the time? I don’t like that.” (Jiro)



The third one is just an afterthought.


The third one is just a provocation to make her show her will to survive.



“…I don’t want to keep losing.” (Ina)


“So, go get treatment immediately.” (Jiro)



No, really, for the sake of my life.



“Will you promise to fight me again?” (Ina)


“…next time with a magical body.” (Jiro)


“Fufu, that will do for now.” (Ina)



She nods before fainting.


Seeing that, the ogres run up to her immediately.



“”Young Lady!!!!!”” (Ogres)


“Shut up, quickly, just heal me.” (Ina)


“”””Yes!!””” (Ogres)



The closed eyelids were opened by a booming voice.


They do their best with all their strength, using magic and medicine, so I fixed the Mineral Tree on my back and I walked over to Instructor Kio, who was standing.


I felt like a condemned man being executed, but I must be imagining it.



“Well? Have you written a will?” (Kio)


“I’m sure there is room for leniency, right!?” (Jiro)


“Shut up! My own daughter was harmed! I’m a parent and I have to kill the bastard who did it to her!” (Kio)


“That’s a good point and I understand it, but aren’t you being unreasonable!?” (Jiro)



I was attacked without even letting me ask questions.


I want you to listen to my opinion a little more.


With that thought in mind, I looked at Instructor Kio for a few seconds without averting my gaze.



“…I’m going to take my anger out on the guy on the other side of the door, got it?” (Kio)



So, it seems I survived.



“Hey! What the hell are you doing? Let’s get this over with and move on!!!” (Kio)



I feel that I have finally been able to relax after seeing the instructor who left while hitting eight demons.



“Thank you for your hard work.” (Suela)


“Yeah, I’m sorry I took so long.” (Jiro)


“No, I’m fine as long as you’re okay.” (Suela)



Suela offered me a drink, which I accepted.


It’s water, but it’s the one thing I right now that I feel is keeping me alive.


This time, Memoria gently receives the bowl back that I drank from in one gulp.



“You did well.” (Memoria)


“Thank you.” (Jiro)


“That last line was perfect, too.” (Memoria)


“I didn’t mean it like that!” (Jiro)



I’m not sure if she’s praising me or teasing me.


However, I understand that she is being kind to me.


As proof of this, she has positioned herself in a way that she can support me at any time.


I pretend not to notice it and quietly look at the large door towering over the ogres.



“And now?” (Jiro)


“Well, just beyond that door.” (Suela)



I don’t want to work late anymore.


The deadline is quite close because we kept getting sidetracked.


The more detours we took, the better the enemies’ standing got.



“So, let’s go?” (Jiro)



Even if it’s just for a few minutes, a break is enough to get my body moving and ready to fight.


I headed for the door to finish the rest of my work.


Before doing so, I quietly looked in the direction where the ogres were swarming and saw the figure of a girl looking at me through a small gap.


I waved my hand lightly at her and walked past.


I didn’t notice that she was looking at me the whole time.



Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Unmarried

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg & Memoria Tris

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Eight (General Class)

Job Title: Warrior


Note for the Day

No more overtime!


And definitely avoid any additional work!


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