Otherworld Company Chapter 33.1: Hahaha, Working Overtime is Fun. (Monotone)


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Kaido Tadashi: 24 years old – Single

Girlfriend: None

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Four (Captain Class)

Job Title: Magic Swordsman



~Kaido’s Perspective~



In movies, there is often an atmosphere of a battlefield with bullets flying around, right?


I’ve heard from my Senior that it’s a phrase used in writing to give the impression of the danger of the battlefield, but I think he was wrong.


To be precise, it’s a battlefield with goblins flying around.



“Senior Kaido!! Go on, that it is!” (Minami)


“Isn’t it necessary to add ‘that it is’ right now!?” (Kaido)



Still, the reason why I am still reacting to the words of my companions is because of the conditioned reflex I have learned in the hellish training, right?


I pulled and thrust out the twin swords that I had in my waist, and prevented the goblin’s surprise attack from near the ceiling.


But it wasn’t the only one.


What was that?


I thought it was just one goblin, but it suddenly overlapped and flew at me like a goddamn trio!


After one of them attacked, the second one followed up, and then the third one!


It was so beautifully coordinated that you could’ve seen the “Perfect Combo” message on the screen!


It’s different from the mass-produced models. That’s the ultimate captain-type model or something like that.


Besides, that wasn’t the end.


Just when we thought that the surprise attack had failed, we were now bombarded by a huge amount of ammunition.


In the direction from which they flew, they removed the wire mesh, and we can see that they came and went from there.


I took a step back when I saw a swarm of them coming out of the entrance of the air vent like cockroaches. [T/N: The author used “G” which meant gokiburi/cockroaches. The author likes a lot of slang. I thought it meant goblin but he must be playing it like both are the same.]


I don’t want to have them cause as much trouble as possible, but it’s true that I can’t go through like this, and Kaley is behind me.


Time to man up, Kaido Tadashi, will show how manly he truly is!



“Hmm? You’re…” (Goblin)


“Aren’t you Sukegobu!” (Kaley)


“Are you okay miss?” (Goblin => Sukegobu)


“You have a stern voice for a goblin, that you do… Do we know you?” (Minami)


“We’re colleagues. So you guys were safe.” (Kaley)


“Almost 80% of us are trapped. We were outnumbered. So we escaped into the vents and inspection points.” (Sukegobu)



I showed them… nothing.


The first goblin that attacked me at the crossing earlier noticed the person behind me and lowered his weapon.


The goblin opponent that I was enthusiastic to demonstrate my power on is a person we knew, it would be bad for morale if I don’t release my stance.


Immediately the tension disappeared at once.


Well, it was good to have an ally.


The blow was so sharp that my hand is still numb from it.


To be honest, I was caught off guard when I saw the silhouette of a goblin.



“What kind of opponent would you, a Goblin Brave, have trouble with?” (Kaley)


“Werewolves. A few of my friends were killed.” (Sukegobu)



He wasn’t just a goblin.


What kind of Goblin Brave are you, a Hero? Are they all heroes?


They might be a promising force to be reckoned with.



“It’s bad news that the beastmen are also participating.” (Kaley)


“Is it really that bad?” (Kaido)


“Not good. They’re physically very strong, one of the strongest in enclosed spaces.” (Sukegobu)



It seems that they’ve got flexibility, speed, and instantaneous power that are unrivaled in the Demon King’s army with just pure physical prowess.


Though it seems they have the lowest magical power capacity among all the races, even so, their animal-like sense of smell and hearing is not to be underestimated.



“Well, that’s okay. Either way, we need to head up and replenish our forces. No change in plans. Mr. Sukegobu, you’re going to help us.” (Kaido)


“That’s what I’m hoping for. I’ve got some business to attend to down the road.” (Sukegobu)


“What do you mean?” (Kaido)


“Oh, you see.” (Sukegobu)



Mr. Sukegobu, although he is a goblin somehow I kept calling him “Mr.”, he calls me with a sword, but according to the story, According to him, he had briefly teamed up with another tester when this attack happened, but their opinions clashed and they were attacked during that and split apart. Mr. Sukegobu and the others were able to escape, but the others were captured.


Still, he felt responsible and used his smaller frame to go execute a rescue through the vent, then he felt a presence and thought we were enemies and attacked us.


He should at least check, right? I’m the main victim here. Still, it’s good that I was safe this time.


For the time being, Mr. Sukegobu doesn’t have to worry too much about the tester.


I think the others might be partly responsible for that.



“Well, the hostages are just ahead, right?” (Kaido)


“Oh, there is no doubt about it.” (Sukegobu)




Once we had confirmed that, all we had to do was take action.


We’ll reorganize and change our strategy, and Mr. Sukegobu and his team will go back into the exhaust port and ambush the enemy.


We will take control of the area while they are still occupied.


The goblins were so skillful that they were able to enter the vent as smoothly as a reverse-playing video I had seen there.



“Next time I challenge a dungeon, I’ll give it my all, even against goblins.” (Kaido)


“It’s strange, me too.” (Karen)



Now I understand that even goblins can do such things when commanded by a strong individual.


You can’t be too proud.


It seems that Kitamiya is the same.



“I’m going, that I am, Senior.” (Minami)


“Got it.” (Kaido)



The hostages are on the fifth floor, in the central multipurpose room.


It is located in the center of the ten-story dormitory and was designed for a variety of events, but is currently used as a prison.


I think they don’t need to go that far into the multipurpose room, but for now, work comes first.


Since our scent and presence are blocked by Minami’s barrier, I slowly use a mirror to search around the corner where we wouldn’t be noticed.


There are four people in front of the door.


There are three wolf-faced beastmen and one other demon, and Mr. Sukegobu is checking the inside of the room right now.


While I was thinking about it, the wire mesh just above us was removed and a goblin came out and held up three fingers to show me.


Now I know that there are three people inside.


There are a total of seven of them, and there are hostages inside, so of course, there’s no point in killing them if they’re just outside.



“What should we do?” (Kaido)


“Mufufu, leave this to this older sister.” (Kaley)




I’m thinking of this right now.


Kaley is really scary at this moment.


She has the same kind of eyes as Instructor Kio when he is enjoying the battle.


She puts on her gloves and cracks her neck side to side.


That’s all it took for her to get ready, then she loosened the neck of her diver suit a bit, and because of that, I felt quite warm and tingly.



“Agh, it hurts!?” (Kaido)


Pervert.” (Karen)


“Senior.” (Minami)


“Read the air.” (Masaru)


“Sorry.” (Kaido)



I’m at work now. I’m going to concentrate!


I’ll make up for the loss of popularity with my juniors with my work!


I feel that the line of sight of Kitamiya, who dealt the pain in the back of my head by hitting me, is becoming extremely cold, but I don’t care at all!



“Tell Sukegobu. Execute the ambush inside and secure the hostages, and when we hear you making a ruckus inside, we’ll start outside too.” (Kaley)




He nodded once and disappeared into the exhaust port. A few minutes later, the werewolf in front of the door turned toward the door, as if he heard a sound from inside the room.



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