Otherworld Company Chapter 33.2: Hahaha, Working Overtime is Fun. (Monotone)

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“Now!” (Kaido)


“Reinforcements! Let’s go, that we do!” (Minami)



The werewolf in front of us is two heads taller than me and twice as wide as my shoulders, so I don’t stand a chance if we fight head-on.


But I have my companions with me!



“Come on, Senior, let’s do our best, that we will!” (Minami)


“Get out of my way! You wouldn’t want to be burned to death!” (Karen)


“…Please come back alive!” (Masaru)



It’s funny, I’m called Senior by everyone, but I feel like I’m being used.


Even now, the claws and the twin swords are sparking as they collide with each other. Then, as we are fighting at a stalemate, a fireball flies toward my opponent and hits them squarely in the face.


When they get back on their feet, they fight each other. Basically, this is a repetition, but it’s funny, something warm drips in the corner of my eyes.



“You can’t beat a werewolf with nothing but brute force! Points deducted! Yes! Points off! Points deducted there too!” (Kaley)



I’m not sure if it’s because I’m struggling, but I think it might be because Kaley was beating up the three big guys next to her like she was juggling beanbags. [T/N: Japanese use otedama/beanbags as toys that you can juggle or play with like jackstones/jacks.]


It was a barrage of bashing and battering. Stop!!!


Their HP bar is nearly at zero!


The werewolf in front of me, who has been getting more and more tattered since a while ago, is also glancing in her direction every so often.


“Gobufu! Bushaaa!” That’s right! It’s distracting when you’re next to a horrible scene that’s challenging the limit of screams a person can make.


Well, I’m not going to miss that chance.



“Gufu!” (Werewolf)



I plunged my sword into his belly and the battle was over. It’s not impressive, but I can’t afford to think about such things.


Kaley is kicking the three who have now fainted, but I decided that I was not seeing anything.


You’re right, Senior, the women in this company seem to prefer strong men.


I may not be able to do it, so the next time you introduce me to a girl, I want an office girl!



“Wow, Senior, you work hard, that you do.” (Minami)


“Hey, Minami, why are you pushing me forward like a shield?” (Kaido)


“You’re the vanguard, aren’t you? Then it’s normal.” (Karen)



It’s a good argument, a very good argument, but it doesn’t make sense to me.


I want you to at least let me escape from reality for a bit and then let me come back to reality!


But I know that Mr. Sukegobu and the others are fighting inside, so I don’t have time to hesitate.


My trained body stands in front of the door quietly hyping myself before rushing inside.



“””Woah!””” (Everyone)



I couldn’t help but shout in unison with the others at the sight I saw ahead.


In my mind, goblins were a race of people who wore loincloths or at best vests over their chests and attacked with clubs like savages.


Their strength is weak, their magic power is low.


Their skills and intelligence are low.


Their strength is their ability to reproduce and fight in numbers.


That’s why I thought they would be struggling, but the goblin in front of me was different.


A group of goblins wearing yellow helmets with the words “Safety First” written in Japanese were working together like crazy.


As if to make up for their weakness, one goblin took advantage of their small size and quickly went around the back of the opponent’s knees and kneecapped him, and when his attention was drawn downward, another one jumped on his head.


When they lose their balance, three or so of them jump on them and lynch them, scary stuff.


Now that I’m standing at the front of the party, I can clearly see what’s going on.


Though I’m only looking at them from around the corner.



“I see, it’s a surprise attack maximizing the small frame of goblins.” (Kaido)


“What, are you nodding with a smug face, that you are? Let’s join them as soon as we can, that we will.” (Minami)


“Eh~, there’s no need, is there?” (Kaido)



It’s obvious that they attacked from there, seeing as how the wire mesh of the vent is off.


I used to see him down a cup of coffee to wake up after a hard day’s work like I used to do when we bumped into each other at the vending machine, but now I can see that he is a famous fantasy warrior, and fighting is his main job.


Well, the fact that their weapons are hammers and wrenches is quite amusing.


By the time we entered, there were already three werewolves being swarmed by goblins and restrained, and the tradesman, Mr. Sukegobu, wiped his face with a towel after finishing his work.



“Oh, good work.” (Sukegobu)


“Thank you for your hard work, is anyone injured?” (Kaido)


A little, but nothing serious. We caught them by surprise. They may be strong, but we have the numbers. We can handle them. Somehow.” (Sukegobu)


“I don’t care about that! Just get us out of these restraints! The merchandise! Our products! Our inventory!” (Hostage)


“Well, thinking normally you’d be calmer as you say, ‘Well, can you untie us now?’?” (Kaido)



In the eyes of the raging giant, there was a burning urge to protect his products rather than worry about his own state.


Normally, we should calmly act as a group…



“I’d rather you untie them and let them run wild. If not, they will attack us.” (Sukegobu)


“Oh, I understand.” (Kaido)




I’d like you to stop with the friendly fire.


I’m working hard to untie the restraints.


The giant has been forcefully tied with a chain instead of just a rope because of their strength, but I and Masaru unlocked their chains and released them all.



“Yeah! You guys have weapons, right?” (Giant Leader)


“”Yeah!!!”” (Giants)



I’m not sure if they should use that like that, but that’s a chair.


The liberated shopkeepers were equipped with weapons, some of which they had taken from the enemy, and the rest using the table as a shield and the chair as a blunt weapon.


It’s a technique that can be done because they are large giants, but it doesn’t look reliable.


According to Kaley, the shopkeepers who were fighting went out to the battlefield, shouting and shouting under the Giant Ondo, the leader of the group.


The only ones left were us, the other testers, Mr. Sukegobu, and the other goblins.



“What are you going to do now, Kaley? Do you want to open up other places?” (Kaido)


“Well, we have some time, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to earn some more money.” (Kaley)


“Earn some more money?” (Kaido)


“Oh, oh yeah, if you don’t play an active role at such times like this, you can’t advance in the Demon King Army! You have to earn points when you can!” (Kaley)


“Ha—that seems hard.” (Kaido)



That’s what you mean.


It was a strange way of putting it, but it’s tough in other worlds too.


Even in the world of magic, there is a struggle for promotion.


It’s true that I want money too, but I don’t desire to get a promotion.


That’s why I don’t really understand what you’re saying about the struggle for success in other worlds.


Well, I’m still going to do my job diligently.


As I worked hard to unbind the testers, I talked to Kaley at the same time.



“Where do you want to go next?” (Kaido)


“Hmmm, around the research area. There are quite a few people gathered there, and it’s an important place, so if we can free them up, we should do it.” (Kaley)


“Can we do it?” (Kaido)


“I thought it was impossible at first, but now that I’ve met up with Sukegobu, it’s possible. It would be even better if the other testers could help us, but… that seems impossible.” (Kaley)


“That’s right.” (Kaido)



“How unfortunate.”, Kaley sighs.



“Why do we have to get involved in this! I demand to talk to the person in charge!” (Tester)



One of the testers chews out Kaley, perhaps it is because of that attitude.


You were scared until a while ago, but as soon as you are freed, is this your reaction?



“Yes, well, it’s safe here, so you should say and be quiet here. We’ll pick you up after a while.” (Kaley)


“Hey! Talk to me!” (Tester)



Kaley’s response to this was cold.


She took him off her plate and moved on to the next thing.


The tester in front of me tried to chew me even more for our attitude since we had no use for him anymore.



“Enough with the point deductions, let’s get to the heart of the matter.” (Kaley)



A fist that can sink a giant werewolf cuts near the man’s face.


Then adding a smile to it, for sure they’ll be silent.



“Yes, yes, time is gold, so let’s go quickly. Sukegobu, can you leave some troops behind?” (Kaley)


“I can leave about 20.” (Sukegobu)


“Are you sure?” (Kaley)


“Numbers are our specialty. No problem with us.” (Sukegobu)


“Okay, but Kaido and the others, are you okay there?” (Kaley)


“Eh…” (Kaido)


“I’m fine, that I am.” (Minami)


“I didn’t use a lot of magical power, so I can go.” (Karen)


“No problem with just a little potion.” (Masaru)


“It looks like we’re okay.” (Kaido)



At any rate, I thought I’ll join hands with the others in the back of my mind.


I have a lot of work to do, so I want to get it over with and get some sleep.



“Next one, let’s go.” (Kaido)



It looks like that’s not too far off when I’ll understand the meaning behind this conversation.



Kaido Tadashi: 24 years old – Single

Girlfriend: None

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Four (Captain Class)

Job Title: Magic Swordsman


Note for the Day

I’m scared of you, Kaley.


That right hook can destroy the world!


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