Otherworld Company Chapter 35.1: Human Resources are in the hands of the Demon King

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Another Side



~3rd Person Perspective~



“So, is this the end of the matter?” (President)



In the conference room on the top floor of MAO Corporation, the Top Executives/Military Executives who had nothing to do with the dungeon/military management gathered for a meeting.


The man who is also known as the Demon King talks happily in the top seat.


Next to him is Evia, who was managing the images projected by magic.


The content of the image was personnel organization, and some personnel assignments had been changed as a result of an unannounced audit.


The contents are projected clearly in the video.


The expression on the faces of the executives who saw the video and the Demon King who didn’t see it were polar opposites.


Most, if not everyone, of the executives were demons, not a single human.


Their gazes are occasionally fixed on the image, or even on one part of the image.



“Your Majesty, it’s true that this human has a proven track record. But isn’t it too early to decide?” (Dragonman)


“Hmm, what’s the problem?” (President)


“Our history has been marked by conflicts with humans, and I fear that introducing a human into the mix will cause unnecessary problems.” (Jiro)



The old dragon pointed out that he was not necessarily talking about any important position.


In terms of Job Title, it’s a position above Chief and Deputy.


In normal circumstances, there is no need to overreact to this, but the people here, with the exception of the Demon King and Evia, have eyes filled with contempt but mouths that say otherwise.



“I hear he’s getting along with our employees and the goblins, right?” (President)


“Only on the surface. Humans are cunning and cruel, and you never know what’s inside their hearts.” (Old Dragonman)



If you only listen to this conversation, the demon king will say that he is fine because he is getting along well, while his subordinates will advise him to be more careful, but how many of those words will be real advice?


In Evia’s gaze, or rather, with her demonic nature, it is easy to understand that most of the members here are averse to having a foreign entity, a human, in their midst.


They are also slightly afraid that their foothold and position might be threatened.


Despite their abilities, they’re getting old, Evia thought inwardly.


Evia can assure everyone that this is unlikely if they take it seriously.


They have ambitions but no drive.


In fact, the person with whom we are discussing here has the kind of personality that would be satisfied with nothing but a promise of reward.


Knowing this, it’s easy for her to conclude that their concerns here are meaningless, but,



“It’s easy for us to dismiss any concerns here as pointless. But I don’t understand. He followed our reason and showed his power in this mission. Then, as the Demon King, I have to respond to that power. What do you guys think about that?” (President)


“””…””” (Executives)



There is no need to say no.


The Demon King’s army has always decided through meritocracy, using anyone who has shown abilities without looking back.


That founding ideal will not be overlooked as long as there is an unwavering individual that has risen up with their abilities rather than relying on the connection to the Demon King.





“But…” (Old Dragonman)


“So, if it doesn’t make sense, just reject it.” (President)



This Demon King is a unique existence, he looks like a young president of a young company with a smile on his face all the time. But the truth is that he is able to pierce his opponent’s inner thoughts with frightening accuracy.


He can see through his vassals and avoid wasting time wondering why they are wasting their time on a human when there are better demons out there.



“I would say that, but that would just be my selfishness. So, I’ll leave the selection to you. I’ll leave it to you people to select the individuals who can fill those positions. If they are better than him, then that’s just how pitiful he is.” (President)



The Demon King makes a compromise while smiling, the Demon King of the past is, at best, a strong leader, and at worst, a dictator.


In this way, it would be said that he never listened to the opinions of his vassals, and neither did he bend his will.


It doesn’t matter now whether this is good or bad.


The only thing he can say is.



“Hmm, so what do you think?” (President)


“I believe it’s fair.” (Old Dragonman)



It’s not that the Demon King made the suggestion earlier out of kindness or goodwill.


The other officers showed their acceptance of the Demon King’s words, and the meeting was adjourned. As he walked slowly down the corridor, he murmured to the demoness walking behind him, voicing out his thoughts.



“Now they can’t make excuses. I don’t care if they stay in their seat or get replaced.” (President)


“There’s a chance the testers will complain.” (Evia)


“Fufufu, you know and you realize it, too. You can find no better cog in the newly established department than him within the Demon King’s Army.” (President)



The Demon King is convinced.


Their selection would be futile, but they were able to act on their wishes, even if they were in vain, now the Demon King gave them the opportunity to resolve their dissatisfaction.


From his corner, no one can know who will be able to take a seat in a chair, similar to a musical chairs battle, but for the Demon King, he can say with certainty that the future has already been decided.



“Now, what was our next appointment?” (President)


“Please settle the paperwork in your office.” (Evia)


“Hmm, can’t I just run away?” (President)


“If you don’t mind me adding three more piles to the present ones.” (Evia)


“What a bummer.” (President)



For a long time, she didn’t chase after the Demon King who literally ran away from her because he was sick of paperwork, however by the time the Demon King returned, she was waiting for him with four piles of paper. She always does.


When the demon king tried to flee again, she said



“Next time is another three.” (Evia)



As expected, the Demon King did not ask what.


Some might say that he knew without asking.


The most amazing thing about the moment was her ability to stop the Demon King’s movement with that one word.


It is a revolutionary way to stop the actions of a being with the top combat power in the army without telling him not to run or to work.


The Demon King will not go away.



The irony that the Demon King can’t go away due to paperwork!


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