Otherworld Company Chapter 35.2: Human Resources are in the hands of the Demon King


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“Have you received any letters of appointment yet?” (President)


“All departments will be notified tomorrow.” (Evia)


“Hmm, I wonder how they will react?” (President)


“…” (Evia)



The other day’s review was mostly an act of the Demon King’s own design and direction.


To prevent heroes and defend the Dungeon, it is unprecedented and has no history of happening before, where you are strengthening the dungeon to fight against a hero candidate.


There is still room for improvement in work efficiency and organizational structure.


This reorganization and the opening of a new department is part of that.



“It’s a good thing that I’m going to visit the place where he’s working, but can’t Evia produce a little less paperwork?” (President)


“There’s a lot of new things that I’m not used to, so I’m going to keep at it for a while.” (Evia)


“Huh, why didn’t my predecessor put more effort into training the internal affairs officers?” (President)


“Lamenting the past won’t reduce the mountain of paperwork.” (Evia)


“Hmmm… It’s too much trouble. Maybe I’ll just use my body-enhancement spell to get rid of them all at once?” (President)


“Do you remember that you did exactly that the other day, you sneezed and turned all the papers into confetti?” (Evia)


“Hahaha, I think I’ll have the development department make me some paper that won’t be torn by my sneezes.” (President)


“Paper that can withstand a sneeze with the force that could crack a gate made by giants?” (Evia)


“Yeah, it’s impossible.” (President)



Evia’s gaze becomes a bit sharper, remembering that her hair was messed up in the aftermath of that event.


In the first place, it will have to resist a sneeze from an existence that can exert a force that can blow off an elephant just by a light tap, and if material for the paper will be made from such a material, it will no longer be paper.


No, it may be possible if the paper is made from the Sacred Tree, but if you were to put a value on such a thing, it would be better for the Demon King himself to reduce his strengthening.



“Hmm, are there any other departments that should be improved?” (President)


“There is generally no problem with the departments that act as the front, but there is a noticeable amount of additional work in the commercial district, research and development department, and materials department. We may need to divide the workload a bit.” (Evia)


“It can’t be helped, but when you’re doing something you’re not used to, it spotlights the problems.” (President)


“Yes, the Japanese corporate system we are using here is something we were recently introduced to, so it can’t be helped for us but feel a little unsure about it.” (Evia)


“And about the testers?” (President)


“Huh?” (Evia)


“Well, It’s the first time we used humans too.” (President)



A new department was on the agenda for this meeting, a department to manage the testers.


The Tester Division is a branch of the Human Resources Department.


Originally, the Human Resources Department was responsible for managing all the testers, correcting reports, reporting to the Research and Development Department, distributing initial equipment, and all other processes related to dungeon testers, but the Human Resources Department also had to manage both internal and external personnel.


As expected, Evia judged that this was inefficient and petitioned the Demon King to improve the environment for the testers.


This is a so-called “leveraging” action.



“It’s hard to say what the testers have accomplished overall. I can see some parts that I think are good, but overall, the bad parts stand out more. I think those old people will be more interested in that.” (President)


“They should pay more attention to the quality of the work.” (Evia)


“It’s still time to take a look at it, but if it keeps going like this, it’s time to go. I’m sure you understand that, so I’m not worried. You’re already recruiting for the second term, aren’t you?” (President)



However, that act is also an act of pushing the company to the edge of the cliff based on the report, the actual progress, and the combined assessments.


We’re still a long way down the cliff, but the end of the cliff is in sight.


At that stage, it takes a lot of effort.


Although they know it’s necessary, they still can’t help but think it’s an unpleasant act.



“Yes, we are.” (Evia)


“That’s good.” (President)



That’s why it is important to always be running around, trying to find a way out, and making an effort to get away from the cliff.


In the first place, being the Demon King’s close aide has never been a position that can be reached by being indolent.


This is the kind of seat where you need to be able to gracefully have a tea party on the back of a rampaging bull or you’ll be swept off your feet.


Doing nothing has never been an option.


And the Demon King’s words earlier about the end of the day weren’t just directed at Evia.


It was also addressed to the testers who were not here.


In the first place, there is a big difference in values between the Demon King’s subordinates and the Japanese.


In Japan, a mistake in one’s work can be “fatal”, but it is never directly linked to one’s life.


However, the Demon King’s Army is different.


If a mistake is made at work, it could mean death, and if your neck is connected by the skin of your neck through kindness, you have to shed tears and say thank you.


The difference between the Japanese, who are willing to make mistakes, and the Demon King’s Army, who are strictly ordered not to make mistakes. This difference is certainly not minor.


You can’t survive in this company if you just do your quota.


It is meaningless if you don’t show your value.



If you keep saying, “I made an effort, but” there will be no tomorrow.


How many of the testers understand this?


At least none among the testers who have already resigned.



“It’s not enough to wish for something to come true.” (President)




Another Side END


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