Otherworld Company Chapter 36.1: Paperwork has to be in Order


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Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Unmarried

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg & Memoria Tris

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Eight (General Class)

Job Title: Warrior



“So Memoria’s store is going to be closed for a while, so please keep in mind that we’ll be using another store for supplies for a while.” (Jiro)


“This is very sudden, that it is, Leader, have you heard anything?” (Minami)


“I don’t know the details. She just said it’s a private matter.” (Jiro)


“What do you mean, ‘private matter’? Is it blood procurement, that it is?” (Minami)


“By the way, that’s right. You can’t just wander around and attack at night.” (Jiro)


“Huh? But they sell blood at the pharmacy, don’t they?” (Kaido)


“That’s right, I was surprised when I saw it in the drink section of a convenience store.” (Masaru)



The celebration party for our promotion has been put on hold until further notice for the time being, and in any case, in the demon king’s army, which is meritocratic, positions can be changed rather quickly.


Some people say that it is foolish to celebrate career advancement like this.


So I talked with Suela and we decided to do it again when I’m more comfortable with my work, including Memoria’s case.


So, it’s the regular operation for the moment. This is how we have our normal morning meeting.


For starters, the first thing we need to discuss is Memoria.


We’ve never had a vacation before.


Normally, we should have maintained relationships with several stores to prepare for emergencies, but we made a careless mistake, or what we call carelessness.


Fortunately, the items themselves can be bought anywhere, so they don’t interfere with my work.


Or at least, I can try not to.


I want to say,



“Why are you here so casually, Kitamiya?” (Jiro)


“””Oh.””” (Masaru, Minami, Kaido)


“Tsk.” (Karen)


“””You clicked your tongue!?””” (Masaru, Minami, Kaido)



Although she blended in quite naturally, Kitamiya was only a temporary member of the party, and officially it was still that pretty boy Hizumi’s party.


In the meantime, I’m managing the paperwork for this party, so there’s no doubt about it.


As per the rules of this company, you need to apply for a fixed party, let alone one or two temporary parties.


There is no set limit to the number of testers, but the number of testers has decreased significantly since the beginning.


In order to maintain fairness, we can’t skimp on the procedures for moving people from party to party.


I’m not going to let Kitamiya just sit around and do nothing.



“… It can’t be helped. The person in charge will not accept my transfer request.” (Karen)


“Is the one in charge of you, Nostalfel?” (Jiro)


“Yes, she won’t listen to me at all, saying that she can’t tolerate any disruption to the current party balance. When I say that we had a fight, she gets angry when I bring my private life to work. Moreover, if I tell her about Toru, she starts saying something incomprehensible like he’s worthy of having the two of us around.” (Karen)


“Ah, they have different views on love, that they do.” (Minami)


“I didn’t think it would have this adverse effect.” (Kaido)


“It’s hard for me to say anything because I’m starting to adjust to it.” (Jiro)


“I think the leader is a little special.” (Masaru)



Just crossing the border of a province can cause some cultural differences, but if you cross the border of a world, it’s not surprising to see even greater differences in values.


This time, it came out in the open.


In my mind’s eye, I saw a dragoness with silvery vertical rolls of hair who could be described as a high-handed young lady.


She must have physical specs that are far removed from those of a typical human being, a dragon, and a track record to back it up.


A confident person who never doubts herself, Kyla Nostalfel has a personality that makes it hardest for her to admit she is wrong.


This time, she doesn’t doubt that the easiest route to prevent the party from collapsing is absolutely the right one, which is not strange if Toru is from the side of Ithar, which can have both Kitamiya and the other woman.


Their fantasy-stereotype common sense is difficult to question because it is backed up by proven results.


From Kitamiya’s point of view, one-on-one romance is the norm, and harems are insane.


But it doesn’t matter to Nostalfel. She only sees Kitamiya as selfishly trying to monopolize the man.


In addition to that, Hizumi is Nostalfel’s favorite.


She also doesn’t understand why Kitamiya wants to stay away from Hizumi, who is considered to be excellent.


Within the harem, the women respect each other to some extent.


So, Nostalfel can’t understand why Kitamiya would give up on him for cheating on her.



“You can’t think that’s the only reason, can you?” (Jiro)


“What else could it be?” (Karen)


“I guess it’s because we’re a tester party Suela’s in charge of.” (Jiro)


“”“Ah!””” (Everyone)



A gasp of admiration? No, they all forgot, so it’s closer to a gasp of “I remember now.” (Jiro)


The voices of Kaido, Minami, and Masaru filled the room.


As I said before, Nostalfel is very proud.


She clearly sees Suela as a rival.


Would she allow Kitamiya to be transferred under such conditions?


I’m not sure if she’s going to be able to send her off with a smile and say good luck in her next place.



“She won’t do it.” (Kaido)


“She won’t do it, that she won’t.” (Minami)


“She will not.” (Masaru)


“Right?” (Jiro)



The answer is clearer than the difference between black and white.


Just like the image of the boss as seen by his subordinates is usually not so different.


My thoughts and the images of the people around me match. I quickly light up a cigarette as I leave my seat, just as soon as I verify that they are in agreement.


As a matter of etiquette for smokers, I smoked at a distance, but I could clearly see Kitamiya’s frustrated face, as I knew she would be.


Well, if someone’s hopes are crushed for someone else’s convenience, they will be dissatisfied.



“Can’t you do something?” (Karen)


“We could say that I now have a title, however, I’m the lowest ranking person in my position, and the best I can do is give my opinion.” (Jiro)



Two factors, the restraint in the name of efficiency and the weight of pride, limit Kitamiya’s actions.


I don’t mean to confront her with this fact, but as I drop the ash from my cigarette into the ashtray I hold it as I stand up.


I don’t think anyone can do anything about it, but to be honest, it’s not like I don’t have the means.



“I’d like to say something like that, but I am not without any means.” (Jiro)



“Really!?” (Karen)



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