Otherworld Company Chapter 38.1: Let’s Not Let the Meeting Keep Going without Accomplishing Anything!!!!

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Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Unmarried

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg & Memoria Tris

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Eight (General Class)

Job Title: Warrior



Inside is a normal drawing room, a hungry Bastet on a table, and a sofa in front of it.



“Wait a minute, I’ll read it in a minute, just sit on the couch and wait.” (Bastet)



Yeah, no flirting please, especially since they give me goosebumps.


Following the instructions, the three of us sit side by side in a row.


I sit on the edge, with Kitamiya in the middle and Minami on the opposite side, so that we have a clear exit route if the need arises.


I think Minami is still in shock and it would be more accurate to say that she collapses rather than sits down on the sofa, but I am sure she will recover in time.



“Hmmm…well, that’s how it is, I see what’s going on.” (Bastet)


“How is it?” (Karen)


“You’re so impatient, you’d better calm down a little or you won’t be liked by the guy you like, okay?” (Bastet)


“…Yes, I’ll take note of it.” (Karen)



Kitamiya you are brave, you put up with a lot of things.


I could clearly see that you were about to pounce, but you endured it well.


The way she flirted and acted like a lady was quite shocking, it gave me chills in a different way.


To put up a fight with such an opponent.



“Kyla and the others will be here later to talk to you, but you see, I think you can do it.” (Bastet)


“Is it true!?” (Karen)


“Yes, I’m an Incubus, leave the love problems to me!” (Bastet)



That’s b*llsh*t! I want to shout, but let’s leave it at that for now.


It looks like we’re going to tell our side of the story.


To be honest, I was prepared to be kicked out and not say a single word, but I kept it in because the content of this case completely involves my personal feelings.


In any case, if I were to summarize my argument in a nutshell, it would be, “Things won’t work because it’s hard for them to be together even after we split up, so please change her group.” (Jiro)


Well, I’m sad to say this myself, but if someone had said something like that to me, I would have told them they are an idiot or to get real and ended that conversation right there and then.


I am helping Kitamiya because I know her situation and understand her feelings, but from a corporate person’s point of view, this is not something that can be pleaded loud and clear.


This guy who is trying his best to tackle such a matter may look like a pervert, but he may be someone who truly understands what he is talking about.


However, he is still a pervert.



“So? What do you mean exactly? You’re not going to tell us that it will all work out if you tell Kitamiya to admit this because it’s hard for her?” (Jiro)


“Well, if that’s the end of it, you don’t need my department, do you.” (Bastet)



I repeat in my mind the word “perverted” twice, or maybe this is the third time, because it is very important, and I nod my head to indicate my agreement that no doubt it would be, without expressing it.


If I could, we wouldn’t be having this conversation in the first place.


Then we would be talking more about how to proceed.


I’m going to go so far as to say, this is serious talk.



“Don’t worry, I’ll talk it over with Kyla, properly in a bed.” (Bastet)


“Keeeeyaaa!!” (Karen)


“Take this seriously, I’ll cut you!” (Jiro)



I didn’t really think it through


With a flash of energy, I quickly slashed at him with a nearby mop, but I did not regret it.


In the first place, I don’t quite understand what the supervisor was thinking when she placed this guy in this position.



“Well, you almost cut me, cold sweat started sliding down my skin.” (Bastet)


“I wish to really cut you.” (Jiro)



Even now, I continue to pour magic power into the mop to increase its strength, and I continue to put strength into myself by strengthening my body.


I heard that an incubus does not have much fighting ability, to begin with.


This crossdresser? This pervert? This guy is no exception.


People in a certain position are more than capable, and his power is comparable to mine.



“Take this seriously.” (Jiro)


“Oh my, I’ll stop my teasing, girls hate impatient men, you know~?” (Bastet)


“Unfortunately, I have to keep my private and public life separate.” (Jiro)



Still, the fact that I can’t push through is probably proof that he is more capable than I am.



“Isn’t it a problem to be serious all the time?” (Bastet)



I feel like the mop is giving the sound of a sword sliding against a sword.



“I’ll be serious now, Incubuses are weak you know?” (Bastet)


“What are you talking about, especially with those muscles of yours? More importantly.” (Jiro)


“Yes, it’s my job to improve internal work efficiency, and if you can clearly show me where work is inefficient, I can make changes in personnel.” (Bastet)


“…So, you’re saying you’re going to pick one personnel change request with another.” (Jiro)


“Well, Kyla has a bit of a pride, but if you make sense, they’ll understand, you’ll be resented though.” (Bastet)


“You blew it with the last part.” (Jiro)



This pervert’s explanation makes sense.


In fact, in the workplace, the “wording” is very important.


If you want to make a petition to save time and improve efficiency at work, or if you want to ask for a favor to make your job easier, the former is more likely to pass, even if it is an extreme case.


In this case, too, he is probably saying that it will pass if you explain it in the form of something fatal to your work and efficiency, rather than because of the ex-boyfriend.


Fortunately, I have that idea in, not all of it, but I incorporated it when I edited Kitamiya’s petition.



“It’s okay, I’m more afraid of you humans in the first place. You are always up to something behind our backs, laughing at us when we can’t see you, and then smacking us right between our eyes when we try to make friends with you. It would have been better if you had told me everything from the beginning.” (Bastet)


“Is that so?” (Jiro)


“I think so, don’t you?” (Bastet)


“Oh, my God! We’re running out of time, so get on with it!” (Jiro)


“Uh-huh, no rush, no rush. I’ll take care of everything, and everything will be fine.” (Bastet)



I don’t know.


He seems to take it seriously, but I don’t trust him because he tries to distract the flow of conversation with his teasing tone every now and then.


What he says is decent and well reasoned.


But I sense something that makes it hard to trust him, and I have no choice but to remain diligent.


This incubus called Bastet is only a witness, and the real work begins when the other party arrives.



“Oh dear, he smells like a good guy.” (Bastet)


“They’re here?” (Karen)



While Kitamiya is actively, or rather, completely ignoring the way she looks at the moment, while making the preparations, Bastet suddenly sniffs the air.


And from the words that were spat out, it seems to be the arrival of the other party.


Kyla Nostalfel, a female dragon man who peers through the door and frowns for a moment, and a man, Toru Hizumi, who looks anxious but still good-looking, appear.


And the moment he looked at me, Hizumi was a sight to behold.


Oh, the look on his face as he tried so hard to fix his expression, it was like he had to exert a great deal of effort.


He was not able to fix his expression, though.



“I’m going to finish this quickly. I don’t want to stay here even for a second.” (Kyla)


“Oh, you say. I hope you didn’t forget that I’m your superior.” (Bastet)


“Why are you getting ahead faster, Suela is also getting ahead and it’s unbelievable.” (Kyla)



I look at her sideways as she walks briskly by, thinking it must be because of her personality. She sits gracefully on the sofa directly across from him, probably because she comes from a good family.


There is elegance in her movements.


Hizumi knows at first glance that Bastet is a danger to him, so he sits down next to her, keeping his distance from Bastet.



“Isn’t it because of that attitude? I do my job well, and I don’t look down on people.” (Bastet)



I’d like to say you should care a little more about how you look, but now is not the time or place to interject.


Nostalfel silently hands over the documents he offers, and Bastet accepts them while complaining.


They both know each other’s territory in the conversation, and their movements are fluid.


With a faster pace than before, the pervert proceeds to read the document.



“Now, this time, as a witness from the union, I will facilitate. Is that okay.” (Bastet)


“Yes.” (Kyla)


“Please do.” (Karen)



Bastet, having finished reading the material to be fair, proceeds to speak.


Kitamiya nods seriously and Nostalfel-sam nods irreverently.



“I’ve read both sides’ opinions, first of all, Kyla’s, and she has three demands. First, I have read both sides’ opinions, and she has three demands. One, the immediate reinstatement of Karen Kitamiya in their party, two, a penalty against Jiro Tanaka’s party for his unauthorized activities with their party member, and three, a request for the transfer of a member of his party in order to eliminate the unevenness in work efficiency caused by the increased strength of their party.” (Bastet)


“Hey! What!?” (Karen)



Oh~ I didn’t think they would turn the tables on us as well.


And, nice Minami.


Kitamiya almost screamed, but you stopped her by stomping her foot.


Still, the other side could tell that you were trying to take some action.




“Of course, for a period of several weeks, the work efficiency of the party of which I am in charge of has been greatly reduced since she left. This is tantamount to not only interfering with their work but interfering with our business as a company. If they had permission to do so, they would have done so without permission. Jiro Tanaka, right? Rules are only rules if they are followed, and since you should have understood that and you still broke them, you deserve to be punished, don’t you? And if all the forces are in one place, it will be a problem if something happens. We need to reduce the risk for everyone.” (Kyla)


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