Otherworld Company Chapter 38.2: Let’s Not Let the Meeting Keep Going without Accomplishing Anything!!!!



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“Of course, for a period of several weeks, the work efficiency of the party of which I am in charge of has been greatly reduced since she left. This is tantamount to not only interfering with their work but interfering with our business as a company. If they had permission to do so, they would have done so without permission. Jiro Tanaka, right? Rules are only rules if they are followed, and since you should have understood that and you still broke them, you deserve to be punished, don’t you? And if all the forces are in one place, it will be a problem if something happens. We need to reduce the risk for everyone.” (Kyla)



To immediately claim damage in the form that we had interfered with their business without their permission, and that it was my forcible solicitation that caused it. In fact, at that time, even though it was an emergency, I recruited Kitamiya as a temporary party member to fill in for firepower.


Temporary is just that, temporary. Originally, this system was implemented as a countermeasure when a party was disbanded or when a member was injured or sick and unable to attend to his duties.


Similar wording is found in the rules and regulations, as well as in the company rules.


I’ll leave the first one for now, and as for the second one, there will be no problem.



“There is an exception for the second one, as long as the person in question notifies the company and applies for an extension. The documentation has been submitted and accepted by the human resources department.” (Jiro)



I’ve been researching it all.


It is common sense for a member of society to check for any problems, and it is foolish to skip the procedure when it will be detrimental to the company.


Well, this kind of exchange is like a boxing match, where you start jabbing and probing each other.


Block where you can, and minimize the damage.


The problem was the first and the third. For us, the first was supposed to be the main battlefield, but we had another battlefield prepared for us: the demand for the third.


Now, it looks like I’ll have to leave the first battle to Kitamiya and Minami, and I’ll have to move on to the third.


I guess the second one is a disposable piece for the other side.


I don’t know if they had checked or expected that I had applied firmly, but they didn’t react.


They are leisurely drinking the tea that Bastet served them.


Well, now, it’s getting harder to make a move over here.


The other side is the same in that they are serious about their pretense, and by explaining the dangerous risks involved in putting their forces together, they are able to make us understand their demands and make us drink.


Well, they are trying to take away our strength, and in fact, they are taking it away from us.


It’s no wonder they are making these demands.


I have no intention of passing them on.


Besides, if we could kick the third demand to the curb, it would give them momentum and flow to make them accept our demand in addition to the second one.


Now, let’s hold on.



“Next is Kitamiya’s demand. This one is simple. This one is simple: she wishes to leave the party led by Toru Hizumi and be transferred to the party led by Jiro Tanaka.” (Bastet)


“It’s not worth talking about.” (Jiro)


“Well, why is that?” (Bastet)


“…Why don’t anyone other than you enter into the conversation?” (Jiro)



Oh, scary.


The dragonmen are demihumans with the blood of a dragon.


I can see that the power of her gaze is as strong as I’d expect.





“I’m sorry to say that I just became one of them a few minutes ago, and I was going to just give you some advice, but if you’re talking about being pulled out of our party, I’m going to have a say in it.” (Kyla)



Compared to instructors Kio and Fusio, this is still a comfortable level.



“In the first place, the other party leaders, including Hizumi there, have given up their authority to recruit. And then, when there is a shortage, they request personnel from certain places. And if they need more people, they will ask for personnel from some other place that has the authority and can supply them. It’s not wrong. But it doesn’t make sense. Isn’t that right? Incidentally, did you mention this to the Supervisor?” (Jiro)


“I applied, but my application was denied. The authority to recruit cannot be granted when we are already in the process of selecting our second class of students. I was also told that your authority would be revoked shortly. But it all started when you pulled her out of the program. This has been hampering his party’s activities. If that’s the case, don’t you have an obligation to compensate him for the delay? Would you mind sharing an apology in that regard?” (Kyla)



In this kind of conversation, one must question the other party’s objections and subvert his or her will while minimizing the damage to oneself.


It is truly a verbal fistfight.


If you are reserved, you will lose.


The other party is in a superior position, but we must not back down.


We should use honorifics for the sake of formality, but other than that, people should be ready for a fight.



“At that time, it was an emergency situation. In addition, it was also a situation where the more forces the better, and there was the party of Hizumi, which was on the verge of splitting up. I hate to put it this way, but even from my standpoint as a third party, Hizumi’s party at that time was completely dysfunctional. It was to the point where it became difficult to work together. So I asked for some assistance to break out of the situation. I couldn’t do nothing in an emergency situation like that.” (Jiro)


“But then, shouldn’t Toru have been with you? You didn’t have to go out of your way to pull her out alone and act rashly, disrupting the situation, did you?” (Kyla)


“Unfortunately, he and I would not have been able to form a joint front. He would not have been able to make the decision to work with me, so I approached her because I thought we could work together on the spot.” (Jiro)



Frankly speaking, if Kitamiya had refused at that time, I would not have added her.


Then, if you ask me if I would have added Hizumi, I would definitely say no, now and then.


So I answer that Nostalfel’s opinion is impossible for me.


In the first place.


It is rare for a person to be able to say, “I understand,” when asked to join hands with someone who has looked down on him or her for a long time.


He has dug his grave. His expression has not changed, but the color of his eyes has changed.


They made a mistake in the way they started the conversation.


If they wanted to pull the party out of us, they had to go with a more grounded approach to the rules, not the past instances.



“In the first place, I have never asked him directly to pass personnel around or to scout for personnel instead. But it doesn’t make sense for him to come here and ask us to send personnel who have been nurtured well and are beginning to become an asset to our party, without regard to the efficiency of our work. The same goes for Kitamiya. She was a temporary party member at first. However, Hizumi himself should have said something to me about work, but he didn’t say anything to me.” (Jiro)


“But he didn’t reject it?” (Kyla)


“That is in regard to the transfer of Kitamiya, isn’t it? It doesn’t lead to a transfer from my party. I’m talking about the fact that he was late in raising the issue of his problems, and he said before that he is waiving his recruiting rights and that he didn’t have a problem. If it wasn’t a problem during his three-person party stage, then why didn’t he move at the moment the party was reduced?” (Jiro)


“Oh, that’s.” (Kyla)


“Nothing was said, no instructions, no signs. That’s exactly how we’ve been disrespected by the parties around us. I’m not so naive that I can nod my head and say yes when I’m asked to give up personnel for the sake of convenience.” (Jiro)


“…” (Kyla)



Oops, I won.


We pushed and pushed, but all’s well that ends well, and in terms of the atmosphere, we won.



“He’s right, as for the second and third of Kyla’s demands, the company can’t accept them, given their track record.” (Bastet)



Bastet came into the conversation at a very silent point.


He then spread out the documents on the table between us.



“He showed me their track record, of course, before Kitamiya joined them. The ranking system that the Demon King has in place has become a shadow of its former self due to a large number of resignations, but we do have the data. And here are the results of your party. There was a sharp drop after a certain period.” (Bastet)



The line graph shows the performance of my party and Hizumi’s party, the number of demons defeated in each level, the loot, the reports, and the overall figures written there. However, my party is on a steady rise, Hizumi’s party was higher than us for a while, but at some point, when they challenged the floor we directed, they started to stagnate and fall behind.



“Not only this, they have a good track record compared to other parties. I can’t pass a request that would break their party.” (Bastet)



At any rate, the frontrunners won out.


After glaring at me once in disgust, she seemed to have decided that she was the forerunner, brushed her hair out of her ears, and said, “Fine,” without changing her attitude.


Now, my shoulders were stiff, but the arrangements were ready.


She’s next.



Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Unmarried

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg & Memoria Tris

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Eight (General Class)

Job Title: Warrior


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You need a record to voice your opinion, and if anyone finds out that your actions are different, you will be forced to shut up!!!



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