Otherworld Company Chapter 41.1: There Is Nothing More Troublesome Than Changing the Course of a Task

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Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Unmarried

Girlfriend(s): Suela Handelberg & Memoria Tris

Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Eight (General Class)

Job Title: Warrior



 I would say it is more correct to say that I had a bad feeling in this case rather than that I expected it.


 The purplish smoke from the cigarette should not have interfered with my vision, and since I have not been drinking alcohol, I am in denial that the reality in front of me is a dreamscape.


 I am aware that this is real when I feel pain in my head, which should be less painful than before.


 Yes, I know, this is the pain I used to feel along with stomach ache when I was having trouble at work. 



 “Seriously?” (Jiro)



 The words fall out along with the ashes of the cigarette, as I recall with nostalgia 30% of the feeling I had when my body was doing the work and my head was escaping reality and the remaining 70% with a feeling of biting into a bitter bug.



 “I wonder if the request to withdraw the order will pass.” (Jiro)



 I want to tell the scene in front of me to understand how it makes me want to cling to a hope that I don’t have while giving up hope that it won’t happen.


 It is too terrible. I see before me an example of how unrealistic it is to try to act heroically in reality.


 Goblins, orcs, a minotaur, and those two were in the center of the whirlpool I was in earlier.



 “Look, I could do it on my own, it will be a piece of cake if there were two of you, right?” (Jiro)



 That’s what I said to those guys earlier when they challenged me…


 I myself would have answered that the words probably contained a sarcastic tone if I were asked if I had any other intention, but I did not expect it to be this bad.


 To put it simply, it was like watching predators swarming a desperately resisting human being.


 There is a space in the center where two people can somehow act, and several layers of souls are folded around it.



 “I wonder why they are choosing to be intercepted. They should be running around there and crushing each of them individually.” (Jiro)



 The roles are divided.


 Hizumi is in the vanguard, fighting desperately against the opponents, and Nanase is recovering him.


 It is a very orthodox method.





 “Hizumi tries to protect Nanase, and Nanase focuses solely on recovery.” (Jiro)



 Hizumi’s idea of protection has dampened the efficiency of work to reduce the number of opponents, and too much of his focus has been on Nanase, which has scattered his attention.


 It’s always good to think about where you stand, but in that guy’s case, his escort style is centered on her. It’s not a style that is suitable for dungeons in the first place.


 Until now, Kitamiya was probably in that position, acting as a link between the recovery and the vanguard.


 Since they were placed in close proximity, Nanase has probably become more focused on the recovery role, while Hizumi has become more of a defender of her.


 They were dragging each other down.



 “I wonder if they need to be trained again from the ground up?” (Jiro)



 I can’t blame them for feeling superior to me, but the fact is that I am in a better position than they are, and the onus is on me to do something about it.


 I can’t just do nothing.


 If I let things end in a casual manner, my qualifications would be called into question.


 I had planned to wait and see how things would turn out, but I was already feeling a little outnumbered.


 This was the result of my naivete in thinking that since I could do it on my own, they would be able to do it too, but there was nothing I could do about it.


 I still have a lot of work to do.


 With a sigh, I walk away from the window and sit down in front of the computer.


 I decided to do it, and I will not spend time on it.


I quickly run the exit code, and the souls are transformed back into magical power.


 In the image on the surveillance camera in one corner of the computer, we see Hizumi sitting on his knees on the floor, breathing on his shoulders.


 I want to let out a sigh, but I hold it in.


The original plan was to move into the dungeon, but when I opened the box, there was a secret stash.


Well, one shouldn’t feel cheated, but that’s usually the way things go in business.


I decided to think positively inwardly that I was very glad that we were not taking on the dungeon at this point.


Then I lit a cigarette in my mouth and got up from my seat.


I’m really thankful for the magic that I don’t have to part with my cigarettes at times like this.



 “Well, what should I do?” (Jiro)



 The first thing I think about is the end, the finish line, the destination that will get the job done.


 In other words, I have to set a goal of how far I have to go to finish the job and get back to my original party.


 The outcome is the key.


 The best thing would be for them to grow up and be able to proceed with the dungeon crawl together.


 The next best would be if they can continue to challenge the current level where they are.


 Worst case scenario, I can just chop their heads off and keep them from harming me.


 I have seen the landing point.


 Then the next step is the process.


 I slowly descend the stairs of the metal scaffolding, this time with a swaying cigarette in my mouth.


 Now that my processing speed is faster, this level of pondering is a piece of cake.


 It makes me want to cry a little that I can do this kind of single-handedly at the speed I did when I really turned my head in my Black days.


 The process is, well, there are, shall we say, some secrets that will dramatically advance the process.


 That Potion Death March I did before.


 Become a magical body, accelerate time, and increase both the quality and quantity of the enemies. This is the only way to raise the status and improve it.


 But that assumes they can complete the menu I just mentioned.


 Anything less than that is inefficient.


 In short, the losses will get worse.


 If that is the case, I will have to either instruct them directly or ask my instructors, but it would be better not to immediately ask them for support.


 If that is the case, what I can do will naturally be narrowed down.


 I have no choice but to do it myself.



 “So, what’s your impression?” (Jiro)



 I go down the stairs, brush the ash from my cigarette, which is about to fall out, down into the ashtray, and away from my mouth, and although I am still some distance away, I raise my voice and ask him.


 Oh, oh, you glared at me even while you were catching your breath.



 “You don’t need to answer, or even look, to know that you’re a definite bust.” (Jiro)


 “There’s no way I could—” (Toru)


 “The person standing right in front of you did it all by himself, remember?” (Jiro)



 I don’t like it. You can’t say anything is impossible, and the higher-ups won’t be convinced if you don’t provide evidence based on that.



 “I can enumerate all the things that are wrong with you, but in this case, the problem goes beyond that. Nanase, why didn’t you use attack magic? Does this mean you can’t use it?” (Jiro)


 “Well…” (Miki)



 I guess she didn’t expect me to talk to her, so she was a little surprised and pondering.


 At that point, it’s a no-brainer from my point of view.


 I was surprised at that point, and it was a no-no from my point of view because that gesture suggested that they were acting without thinking.



 “I thought I had to give priority to Toru’s recovery.” (Nanase)


 “Okay, recovery is important, but you can’t leave everything else on the sideline. What role did Hizumi do while you were devoted to recovery?” (Jiro)


 “Um…” (Miki)


 “Attacker, defender, and magician. Three roles.” (Jiro)



 Is this typical of someone who thinks that’s all she needs to do, rather than think about it?


 I teach by holding up my finger with the intention of advancing rather than stopping the conversation.



 “She, on the other hand, is only a healer. You know what that means, right?” (Jiro)


 “Those are my roles, not hers.” (Toru)


 “Dumb*ss, you think you’re covering for her with that? Do you believe you can do everything by yourself? There are only so many jobs one person can do.” (Jiro)



 If Nanase had used magic here to protect herself and the battle that just unfolded, they would have seen a big change.


 At the very least, the roles of Hizumi would have been reduced by one or two.


 There is no sweet version of reality here where you can just play one role like in an RPG.



 “So? If you do everything, does that mean that Nanase’s role is just a moving recovery tool?” (Jiro)


 “Apologize to Miki! That word is disrespectful, no matter how much you despise me!” (Toru)


 “Hey dumb*ss, what’s with you saying when you made her that way?” (Jiro)


 “What?” (Toru)


 “She moves around doing nothing but recovering. Of course, maintaining this situation increases the work input, even though she can take on other roles. It’s not worth it, is it?” (Jiro)


 “Still, I can’t put her in any danger.” (Toru)


 “You fool, then, you should let her quit this job. While you’re doing this together, you’re making a fool of her and yourself.” (Jiro)



 What are you talking about? This guy.


 Does he want me to feel sorry for him?


 If so, I’d like to say out loud, “Screw you.” (Jiro)


If you want to argue from society’s point of view here, don’t show your feelings.


 It has to be logical, efficient, and beneficial.


 What’s the point of someone just being a healer who is constantly being protected?


I wouldn’t just give her the role of healer, I would give her other roles.


Besides being a healer, Masaru is also a cartographer-mapper with enough fighting ability to carry cargo and defend himself.


The important thing in this is that he can defend himself.


He can stall for time until we come running.


In other words, the scope of action of the other members of the team will be expanded.


The fact remains that we are protecting Masaru.


He is the lifeline of our party.


It would be crazy not to protect him.


However, Hizumi misunderstands how to protect her.


Is Nanase a princess of a certain country? If that’s the case, I’d like to tell him not to make her do this kind of work.



“…” (Miki)


“Hey, hey, don’t you have any idea what you’re doing?” (Jiro)


“Oh, well—!” (Miki)


“Well?” (Jiro)



“What should I do?” (Miki)



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