Otherworld Company Chapter 6.4: I’d like to Prepare in Advance for Work if Possible

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There were cardboard boxes piled up all over the store, and although the products were on the shelves, they were just barely ready for business.



“Oh, yeah, I’m here to buy a bag for storing materials and medicine for wounds. Is that okay?” (Jiro)


“I see a bag to hold the materials and some medicine for the wound. What kind of bag?” (Shopkeeper)


“No, I don’t know what kind of bag you have, but do you have an unusual bag?” (Jiro)


“I don’t know what your definition of an unusual bag is, but there are items called magic bags. It’s a bag that ignores weight and has space expansion, so it’s convenient for dungeon exploration, but unfortunately, it’s not finished yet, so there are none of it in the warehouse yet.” (Shopkeeper)



I’m not sure if she’s telling me it’s going to take a long time.


Without looking at me, she put aside the cardboard box she was holding and moved to the counter with another cardboard box.


The vampire shopkeeper is diligently arranging things on the counter. An ointment seems to be a wound poultice. Then there’s a black light-shielding colored bottle that looks like a potion.



“I’ll confirm, how much is your budget? The lowest price for a waist-mounted pouch with a capacity of one cubic meter would be around two million.” (Shopkeeper)



Apparently, she’s the type of person who will go to great lengths to eliminate all the trouble she can.


Not only did she easily go over my budget, but she also offered me a price that I couldn’t afford for the time being, and in no time at all my faint hopes were shattered.


Still, I couldn’t see any business sense in this girl.


At first glance, this may seem strange for a businessman, but it is a reasonable action for a businessman who values efficiency.



“Oh, is there a normal bag that doesn’t get in the way of this sword?” (Jiro)


“… Ah, that’s a magical strap from the Giantess Hanz store. This can be used in combination with that.” (Shopkeeper)



Apparently, the name of the giant shopkeeper is Hanz.


The girl quickly slipped into the back of the store after looking at it.


And she came back in no time.



“A backpack?” (Jiro)



That’s the kind of thing you can find at home improvement stores to carry firewood.



“It’s more efficient to carry the small ones in a small bag and the large ones in a fixed one. A normal bag would fill up in no time, but this exposed carrier can carry more than a normal bag depending on how you put it.” (Shopkeeper)



She showed me the leather pouches and strings that were lined up together.



“The sword can also be attached to the side by adjusting the fixture. And if you put the attached pouch on the other side, you can easily take out the medicine and carry it with you.” (Shopkeeper)



Let’s correct, this vampire girl is definitely a merchant.


She made a rough estimate of my needs and budget, efficiently suggested what I would need, and then attacked me with a price that was right on the limit of what I could afford.


In a way, it was amazing that she could offer so much for two items: a bag and a wound medicine.


At least, I hadn’t thought of a small bag to divide the items into small portions, a rope to secure them, and a case to put the wound medicine in.



“The price of the wound medicine will be about this in total.” (Shopkeeper)



The price on the calculator, presented at the right moment, was a price that could be determined as a necessary expense.



“I’ll take it.” (Jiro)



I decided to buy it, but I felt a little depressed when the cash register, which made a rare jingling sound like money nowadays, told me that I had lost my savings.


The vampire shopkeeper, who is unconcerned about my mood and does her job without a care in the world, puts aside my backpack and pushes the medicine she just gave me toward me instead.



“Okay, which one do you want, for the wound medicine?” (Jiro)



I saw that there were two types of medicine: a potion to be swallowed and an ointment to be applied.



“I’m sorry, but I don’t know the difference.” (Jiro)


“The effect is not much different, but the price is higher for potions. The difference is due to the ease of use. You can drink it during battle or sprinkle it on the wound. On the contrary, you can only apply the ointment, so during battle, this one might be difficult to use, okay?” (Shopkeeper)


“I see.” (Jiro)



As expected, the name of the medicine to be taken is Potion, and on the contrary, the ointment seems to be just Ointment.


One seems to be used during battle and the other after the battle



“By the way, what is their expiration date?” (Jiro)


“Here.” (Shopkeeper)



If you look at the lid, both the potion and the ointment have numbers written clearly on them.


If you compare them, the potions are shorter, but they still have the shelf life of an energy drink.


So if you buy in bulk and forget to use it, you won’t have to worry about it.


The other thing to compare is the portability.


The potion seems to be more fragile, while the ointment seems to be tougher to break because it has a thicker container.


There are advantages to both, and it’s hard to decide what to choose.



“By the way, each has its own case and holder.” (Jiro)



A set of about three potions is inserted into a hole, fixed with a band near the neck, and wrapped around the waist. The ointment is on a small first-aid kit that you can put a bandage or another medicine along with the ointment.


By the way, both are reasonably priced.


Both are consumable items and mass-produced to some extent, so it’s not as ridiculous as in a fantasy novel, but it’s not a price you can buy willy-nilly.


Two calculators show the price of each set, and I wonder if I should consider this a necessary expense, or ignore my injuries and not buy the wound potion because I’ll be fine even if I die.



“If you buy both now, I’ll give you a discount on the set price, okay?” (Shopkeeper)




As if whispering to me, another calculator shows me the total price with about 10% of the total figure reduced.



“If you die and become traumatized, will you do it again?” (Shopkeeper)



I was vulnerable to pressure, and I loosened the purse strings. I was aware that there were Japanese people who were unable to say no, like me.


Even though I was told that I would come back to life, I had never experienced the pain of death.


Even if I die and come back to life, it doesn’t mean that I won’t be mentally scarred. And it is not guaranteed that I would not die. There are plenty of wounds that are far from fatal but can still interfere with combat.


I decided to justify this expense as a necessary expense, making such excuses in my head.



“How effective is this medicine?” (Jiro)


“If it’s just a fracture, both of them will heal completely within a few seconds after use. But if you have a hole in your body or if your arm is cut off, it will only stop the bleeding, so be careful.” (Shopkeeper)



I can judge that it’s enough. A few seconds of downtime is enough to get you moving, at least as an emergency measure.



“Three potions, a holder, one ointment, and a bandage with the case.” (Jiro)


“Thank you, I’ll wrap it up.” (Shopkeeper)



This completes all my preparations.


All I have to do is go back to my room and dive into the dungeon.


If I look at the clock, it’s about 11 o’clock.


If I had lunch and then took on the dungeon, I could meet my quota for the day.



“Thank you. Please come again.” (Shopkeeper)



I was about to leave the store after receiving the goods in a paper bag, but when I saw her return to the store after greeting me, I wondered.



“You look quite busy, why is there no other shopkeeper?” (Jiro)



She is the only one who moves around, and the size of the store is about the size of a normal convenience store, but it will be difficult for her to handle it alone.



“None sir.” (Shopkeeper)


“What?” (Jiro)



I’m definitely exposing my naiveté.



“I’m the only one who works here, since my predecessor lost his temper at the last minute and went back to the country with all the other clerks, saying he had no business dealing with humans.” (Shopkeeper)



What the hell is that?



“I tried to get them to move up the opening date, but apparently the supervisor was a relative of the previous manager and wanted to hide his failure, so they didn’t move up the opening date. I’ve been up all night for six days now.” (Shopkeeper)



I think again. What the hell is that?


I stood stunned, but she was still walking around the store, selling merchandise, perhaps that’s the reason she was a terrible conversation partner.



“… I’ll help, where should this be?” (Jiro)


“Well, on the shelf over there… what are you doing?” (Shopkeeper)


“Helping.” (Jiro)



Listening to her, I immediately set aside what I bought today, took off my suit jacket, and carried the cardboard box.



“No, there is no reason to make a customer help me.” (Shopkeeper)


“Even if there’s none, I’m already here.” (Jiro)



I haven’t worked for a black company for quite some time.


I can’t count the number of times my unreasonable boss made me work overtime.


Even though it was an unreasonable job I shrugged it off. Even if I had my doubts, I did not find answers and investigate them myself. I did not get much support, and by the time I got around and got fed up, I left that sh*t to my subordinates who had now had to deal with a boss like that.


Instead of thinking about her current situation, I felt sympathy for her, as if she was looking like me from before. Me, who had experienced the recklessness of my boss at my previous company.


I knew this was hypocritical, but I didn’t want to just turn my back on what I had experienced and leave it at that.


At first, look at the slip affixed to the cardboard box and take out the goods.



“Umm.” (Shopkeeper)


“What?” (Jiro)


“That’s two next doors.” (Shopkeeper)


“…… Please direct me.” (Jiro)


“Understood.” (Shopkeeper)



I don’t know if it was because she didn’t have enough manpower or if she thought it was useless to say anything more, but she didn’t say anything and continued to give me instructions as she worked.



“Well, we’re done for now.” (Shopkeeper)


“Good.” (Jiro)



I had finished taking out all the items, and the cardboard boxes in the corner had disappeared.


There were no more gaps in the shelves and the store finally looked like a store. The only thing left was the valuable items in the glass case, so there was nothing for me to do.


The shopkeeper, a vampire girl, was at the counter sorting out the invoices.


Having finished a job, I took off my tie, rolled up my arms, and looked at the clock on the terminal.



“Ugh, it’s already four o’clock.” (Jiro)


“I told you there’s no reason to have customers help me, see?” (Shopkeeper)


“No, you’re right, but…, you’ve been working overtime since day one. This company doesn’t have overtime hours, right?” (Jiro)



She answered me without even looking at me, silently continuing to organize the invoices.


There is a quota of at least 5 hours a day, so even if I try entering at this moment, I will be done after 9 o’clock.


What goes around comes around.


That’s all there is to it.



“Well, I’ll do something about it. Since I disturbed you.” (Jiro)


“No, you were doing it without permission, but in the end I was saved.” (Shopkeeper)


“As Shopkeeper said, I did it without permission. Well, I can’t stay any longer, so I’ll go. I’ll come back again to shop, so help me again next time.” (Jiro)



If I don’t go early, I might finish the next day.


So I leave the store with my stuff.


But I was stopped by the sound of a ton of paper slips being put together.



“It’s common practice to gather information in the area. So, I’ll tell you a little about the dungeon.” (Shopkeeper)



Looking back, she was staring at me from the counter.



Jiro Tanaka: 28 years old – Single – No Girlfriend – Occupation: Dungeon Tester (Regular Employee)

Magical Aptitude: Eight (General Class)

Job Title: Warrior


Note for the Day


Once in a while


I think it is important to prepare in advance.

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