Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 114: Reinforcements

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 While marching to Rolt Castle.



“Boy, I got a report from Shadow.” (Mireille)



 Mireille said so.


 We had decided to get reports from Shadow using [Transmit], which sends a sound to a specific catalyst engine. [Transmit] has a range limit, but since Shadow has several members, they were able to deliver information to us quite quickly if they relayed the report to several points.


 The content of the report is that the soldiers of Rolt Castle departed 30 minutes ago. The number of troops is 5,000 as expected.


 [Transmit] can only deliver simple sounds, but those who are familiar with the magic can hold a conversation.


 Mireille is very familiar with [Transmit], so I left the role of receiving messages to her.


 I tell Lemail-sama the report.



“As expected” (Lemail)


“Yes” (Ars)


“If the enemy has set out, we should set up on this road.” (Mireille)



 Said Mireille.



“The reason?” (Lemail)


“It will take too long for the enemy cavalry to rush to the reinforcements, so it’s almost certain that they’ll come through here. If they go through another place, they’ll lose mobility. It’s just a matter of destroying the cavalry deprived of mobility.” (Mireille)



 It was a valid opinion.


 This time, one of the roles is to hold off the enemy’s reinforcements, and it makes sense, given the purpose, to set up on the highway.


 Then we just need to decide where to set up.



 The enemy’s cavalry would be coming to this area in a day, so we chose a place close by.


 It wasn’t the best place, but it’s important to get the place ready as soon as possible.


 We hurriedly set up a protective fence in front of us to prepare for the enemy’s cavalry charge.


 Since we had originally prepared and carried the wood, so it was possible to create one quickly.


 The only thing left to do was to wait for the enemy to come.


 Although there are twice as many soldiers this time, the enemy is strong.


  The assault of the cavalry could severely disrupt the command of the soldiers and cause them to be killed.


 You have to brace yourself for battle because if you’re not careful, you’ll die.


 While we were waiting for the enemy to attack, the report reached Mireille’s catalyst engine again.


 Is the enemy forces close at hand?


 That expectation was completely wrong.



“… Hey, that turned out to be interesting.” (Mireille)



 Mireille who received the report grinned.


 I don’t know the message passed using [transmit], but



“What kind of report did you get?”



 I asked.


 I’m a little worried because Mireille said it was interesting.


 This woman has a different concept of “interesting”.



“We expected the enemy army to come straight to us, but they took an unexpected route. I was curious and followed them, and arrived at a place called the Dundor Plain. It seems that there is another army in the Dundor Plain that is coming to join them and head towards us.”




“Well, it seems that reinforcements will join the enemy’s side.” (Mireille)


“Reinforcement? Where are they from?”


“As far as the flag pattern is concerned, it seems to belong to the Serdora family, the mayor of Barton County.” (Mireille)



 Barton County is a county northeast of Beltud.


 It was certainly in a position to provide reinforcements to Rolt Castle.


 But according to the reports, Barton County was torn between following Clan-sama and Basamark and was supposed to be neutral at the moment.


 So they have come to the conclusion that they could not have left alone after some time…



“How many reinforcements have come?”



 It is possible that the Basamark aristocrats in Barton County just provided reinforcements privately. That would be hundreds, or at most a thousand reinforcements, so it’s not that much of a problem.



“It seems to be at least 5,000.” (Mireille)


“… what”



 Apparently, the county has come together and decided that it would join Basamark in just a short period.


 It’s an unexpected event.


 The current enemy plus 5,000, and now the numbers are even.


 I gave Lemail-sama a report regarding the reinforcements.


 Lemail-sama was quite surprised and decided to hold an emergency war council.


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