Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 152: Measures

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 We are going into battle.


 Now that we know the enemy’s plan, I certainly do not feel the need to sit back and watch.



 However, I was feeling somewhat uneasy.


 If Clan-sama were able to find out this information, it would mean that the enemy had messed up and leaked the information to us.



 Thomas was said to be a great general, but would he make a mistake like that? Maybe he is just a little careless.


 No matter how great a man is, he will make mistakes. There was a high possibility that I was overthinking it, so I talked to Mireille about it.



“I am not a perfect person, although I have my own misgivings about that, and Thomas is not a perfect person. It is possible that he has grown up over the years, as it has been a long time since I last saw him. But even taking that into account, I do not think there is any chance of him making such a mistake.” (Mireille)



 Mireille said with a calm expression.


 Although it has not happened during the time they were together, I could not help but be anxious when her relatives say so.



“The commander of the enemy is the younger brother of teacher…” (Russell)



 Russell, who was listening to the story beside me, muttered something while he is in deep thought.


 Is there anything that Russell finds suspicious?


 After thinking for a while, Russell opened his eyes as if he had come up with something. Moreover, he was shaking for a bit.



“Maybe I knew the real strategy of the enemy.”






~Thomas’ Perspective~



  —- Now, will it work?



 I thought nervously.


 I was now hiding in the woods with my soldiers.


 I was good at surprise attacks, and I was good at hiding my soldiers. There were many soldiers lurking around, but I was confident that the approaching enemy would not easily spot us.


 I carefully planned the ambush in the forest, confident that enemy troops would take the road near the forest.


 The reason why I am so sure was that I had made moves to lure them here.


 We sent a messenger to the enemy, set up some sort of weapon to make them think twice, and then deliberately broadcast the information to the enemy so that they would think they had figured out what we were planning. The enemy, thinking that there is nothing more to investigate, will surely try to prevent us from setting up traps.


 When the enemy arrives, we can ambush them.


 I was not sure how many enemy soldiers I would be able to kill with this, but I knew that if it went well, I would be able to kill enough to break through the desperate situation.


 It was a carefully thought out strategy, but there were still some concerns.


 First, there was the possibility that the enemy would take a cautious stance and not come. Even if they did, the degree of difficulty of a surprise attack would not be low. Even if I was good at surprise attacks, there was still a good chance that it would fail.




 Thomas did not know if he would succeed, but he did not doubt that his plan would be revealed.




 It never crossed his mind that his sister had tried a similar strategy in a mock battle.


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