Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 191: The Cavalry of the Sights Army

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 As soon as I confirmed the appearance of the enemy and that the enemy camp was in the range of the mages, the entire army halted all at once.


 The main unit led by me is in the center of the last row of the entire army. The troops guarding the main body on the left and right. There are not many of them, but the quality of the soldiers is not low.


 In the front row, the troops led by Ritsu and troops led by Mireille are lined up.


 Behind them is the Metro Mercenary Corps, led by Cramant.


 They will move according to the actions of the enemy forces. For this reason, they are positioned near the main army, where they can easily give orders.



 The two troops have infantrymen with shields in the front row, with mages lined up behind them.


 There are twelve large catalyst engines. The other mages are all equipped with medium and low-grade catalyst engines.


 The enemy army must have noticed us. They are on alert.



 However, they are not going to charge at us.


 Our numbers are smaller than theirs, so if the enemy army has the right amount of ether, they will not hesitate to repel us.



 However, at this moment, the lack of resources seems to be making them reluctant to act. The commander of the enemy army may not have an answer as to how best to act yet.


 At any rate, an enemy that doesn’t move is currently just our target.


 I have told Mireille and Ritsu in advance that they can act according to their own judgment to some extent.



 They are the two people who would miss such an obvious opportunity.


 I immediately sent instructions to the mages to use attack magic.


 Fire-type magic is fired all at once.



 The enemy army had not completely lost their ether. At first, they managed to defend themselves, but gradually, they were unable to do so.


 In this situation, the enemy soldiers had no choice but to advance. They were prepared to sacrifice themselves, and they charged immediately.


 Although I didn’t witness it firsthand, it seems that in this battle, the Sights army was trying to attack even at the cost of many of their soldiers.



 It may seem like an ill-conceived suicide attack, but it can be effective if you are greatly superior in number.



 In fact, that was the way they broke through at first.



 This time, the Canale army is mobilizing all available troops.


 On top of that, only we have ether.


 Although there was an element of anxiety that Charlotte was not here, I still thought that they would not be able to break through even with all their might.


 That prediction was correct. The enemy soldiers were taken out one by one by the magic of the Canale army.



 Musha’s magic was stronger than expected. Naturally, it was weaker than Charlotte’s, but it was still quite powerful.


 The value of Bravery is important for magic, but I guess aptitude is more important than Bravery.



 The instructions of Ritsu and Mireille are also accurate.


 The vanguard was able to keep the enemy from breaking through.



 The vanguard continues to attack the enemy soldiers without being breached.



 When the going gets tough, the enemy has no choice but to retreat.


 The goal of this battle is to get them to retreat first, but the enemy doesn’t seem to want to fall back. The enemy troops have taken more than their fair share of losses to get this far. It seems that they have been hit by Charlotte’s magic many times. No wonder they are so stubborn.


 But the enemy soldiers didn’t just decide to stay behind out of spite, they seemed to have a plan.


 It seemed that a large number of cavalrymen had been sent out and were coming towards us.



 The next scariest thing after magic is cavalrymen with good mobility.


 If they move at that speed, it’s hard to hit them with magic.


 It seems that the target is not the Ritsu and Mireille’s troops, but the main squad where I am.



 The cavalry is closing in on us from the right and left sides as if to pin us down.


 It is a common practice in warfare to target the general.



 I’m sure they’ve already taken measures to deal with this, so Ritsu and Mireille won’t be caught off guard by the cavalry’s movements and they begin to disrupt their movements.


 The troops I’m with don’t panic either. Russell seemed to have read the timing of the enemy’s use of the cavalry. He immediately gave the order.



“Metro Mercenary Corps support the defense of the main army!” (Russell)



 At Russell’s command, the Metro Mercenary Corps began to move. They listen when they hear the instructions properly.


 I had an image of mercenaries fighting on their own, but that was not the case.


 Perhaps the image is correct and that the Metro Mercenary Corps is just that excellent, that they follow the instructions properly.


 Cramant’s command of his troops was so good that the mercenaries moved smoothly, and in an instant, they had established defense against the cavalry.



 He placed his spearmen in the vanguard to prevent them from being charged.


 Russell also changed the soldiers to face the cavalry.


 The switch was really smooth.


 The enemy cavalry is approaching.


 I don’t know if it’s the skill of the rider or the breed of the horse, but the enemy cavalry is very fast.



 The horses were also larger than usual, so they were very powerful.


 Even so, I was not intimidated and gave the order.



“Mages ready!”



 Not all of the mages were organized into Ritsu and Mireille’s squad.


 We had foreseen that there would be a cavalry assault like this time, so I also placed them in the main corps and the Metro Mercenary Corps.


 Although there are about 20 people in each corps, the effect of magic is still quite potent.


 At the direction of Russell, mages shoot flame magic at an enemy cavalry.


 Some horses were frightened and lost control.


 When you charge with cavalry, you have to either go while defending against the enemy’s magic with your mages, or you have to train your horses very well so that they are not frightened by magic.


 Some of the enemy cavalries had been trained very well since some horses were not frightened.



 However, when some horses were frightened, they interfered with the running of other horses, so the speed of the cavalry slowed down considerably after a few horses were frightened.


 Cavalry can be quite effective if they are rushing in with speed, but they lose it if you kill their speed.


 The enemy cavalry rushed into the main corps while slowing down. With long spears, they were aimed at the riders instead of the horse and thus defeating them.


 As soon as we had disrupted the enemy’s leadership, we knew we had won. The enemy cavalry retreated immediately.



 The Metro Mercenary Corps also seems to have repelled the others safely.



 In the end, being able to read the enemy army’s movements in advance was the reason why they were able to defeat them.

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